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February 4, 2022

Tips To Finding The Best Salon

Tips To Finding The Best Salon, Barbies Beauty Bits

Finding the best salon can be a daunting task, and I am actually going to have to venture this soon as I am out of the area. Whatever the reason, whether you're starting from scratch or looking for a trendy new place with some great successes, finding an actual talented hairdresser to go with a great salon can be a bit difficult. But fret no more as I am here with these helpful tips to find the best salon. 

What Is Your Hair Goal
When looking for a salon, there are many things to consider as not all salons are created equal, more importantly, nor are the people working at the salon. The first tip is to have a clear goal. Understanding your hair goals is the first step in finding the best salon for you.

The next step is to research any reviews. Google my business is excellent and, of course, social media too. And if you have a friend whose hair you love, find out where they go to get their hair did. See as I explain these more in detail below.

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Looks At The Reviews For Local Salons
I always say you find more truth in what others say about a business than what a business has to say about itself. While they must have a salon website, that is not the only place to find the best hair salon. There are so many places nowadays to look for reviews. From Yelp and Google My Business to the best place, social media. Instagram especially has so much hair inspiration from cut and color, hair stylings, hair care, long hair, short hair, and the one I love gorgeous hair extensions. Social media also allows you to track down the hairstylist responsible for the look.

Word Of Mouth Still Wins
Old school word of mouth is always the best way; ask around. And in the process of finding a stylist, make sure to look at that person's hair you are speaking with, as while hairstyles can be a personal fit, a quality dye job is not. If you are looking to get your hair colored, you need to make sure the place you are going has a qualified hair color specialist. Unless you want to look like you dyed your hair from a drug store box, any ole person will not do.

Schedule A Consultation
Once you've completed some of the above tips, you need to make sure the stylist or salon you are thinking about visiting is right for you. So schedule a consultation. Once at the hair appointment, ask the right questions (you will see this below). And most importantly, does their personality fit yours? 

My sister has a hair stylist she loves. I went to see her for a consult, and I did not feel comfortable with her responses to my questions, and the vibe was just not there.

As for me, I'm blunt, honest, and to-the-point, and the stylist was not, aside from letting her child dictate her work hours which would affect me as a potential client (big red flag, when people's personal life impacts their work). Our personalities clashed, and I could not wait to leave as she definitely was not in my tribe and a formula for a bad relationship.

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Ask The Right Questions During Your Consult
During your hair consult, it is a good idea to ask the right questions and see the response are they open to them, direct, etc? I prefer a stylist who is up front and honest, not a yes man and then back pedals after the fact. Secondly, always request photos with before and afters. Remember, years of salon experience is not all; they also need to be continuing their education. Staying up on the latest trends keeping up with the ever-changing hairstyling world is a must for someone who is qualified. Trust me, the last thing you want is some salon trying to highlight your hair with grandma's highlighting cap. That is so 80s! Remember, you want dream hair, not dated hair.

To Sum It Up
Finding the best Salon takes time. Do not be impulsive, do your research and think about it before making your actual hair appointment. Until next time!



  1. I am so glad I found a fantastic stylist. It took a while but I finally found an amazing one!

  2. Thank you for sharing these tips. Finding a salon can be challenging.

  3. Yep, I found mine through word of mouth and I have been pleased with her for over ten years!

  4. These are great tips for choosing a hair salon and stylist! I haven't been too choosy in the past as I usually try to just get the cheapest cut, but if I ever dye my hair, I'll be more selective.

  5. I do like to get personal recommendations and check reviews. I had a few hairdressers do what they wanted rather than what I asked.

  6. These are all really great tips! I really need this one thanks for sharing! This is so helpful

  7. Such great ideas to finding the best salon. I am sorry that salon wasn't a good fit for you. But better to find out beforehand than after it was too late.

  8. It's so hard to find a stylist. I usually go off personal recommendations.

  9. I moved to a new city last year, but I still drive for 3 hours to go to my previous salon. But I'll use your tips to find a local salon. Thanks!

  10. yes, it's important to find the right salon. It's not easy to be understood and to have the results I want. Thanks for these tips!

  11. Great tips! I have been going to the same salon for years now. -LYNNDEE

  12. I've done my hair for the past 2 years because of the pandemic, so it's a rough road to find someone new that knows my preferences. I used the same stylist for years before, so I forgot how to tell them exactly what I wanted. This is super helpful!

  13. I can so relate with finding the best salon for my hair needs, thanks for the tips!

  14. It can definitely be tough to find just the right salon. We had to try a couple times to find a good one for my daughter. This is a useful resource.


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