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September 10, 2021

How To Prevent And Treat Under Eye Wrinkles At Home

How To Prevent And Treat Under Eye Wrinkles At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits

Preventing and treating under-eye wrinkles at home have been on the rise. As the last year and a half, it has have been all about the eyes. That's right; our eyes are taking center stage, but are your eyes ready to be the center of attention?

Mask wearings and the Zoom meetings forced many to look at themselves with unfavorable lighting and awkward angles, noticing some features that make you look older than you are.

Think about it. It is one thing sitting in a boardroom meeting, but it is another sitting in a meeting starring at yourself on a computer screen for hours on end. Before the pandemic, a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror in the bathroom was all we saw. But now, with the close-up from video conferencing, people are like:

  • Oh my, I never noticed all the eye wrinkles every time I smile or talk.
  • Why do I look so tired?
  • Where did those under-eye bags come from?
  • Why is my makeup creasing under my eyes?

It's no wonder so many of us are getting a complex about our features, AKA, the Zoom Boom, with an increase in cosmetic procedures with Eyelift surgery, in particular, reporting a 167% increase in inquiries.

The pandemic has had a ripple effect on another industry: The beauty industry, particularly at-home skincare. Specifically to combat dark circles, puffiness, under-eye folds, and crows feet. Their cause is linked to many factors, from tiredness to thinning skin due to a loss of collagen. And if you ask me a perk me up is in order, wouldn't you say? And ALIVER Skin is here to help with just that!

Before discussing ways to banish those eye issues needle and knife-free, using skincare from ALIVER, I think it is essential to understand the causes and preventions to address aging eye skin adequately. 

best vitamin c serum for the eyes by barbies beauty bits

The Common Places We See Wrinkles Is Around The Eyes
You look in the mirror, and what are those crinkly areas around the eyes that you see? Crow's feet! While we may say the eyes are the windows to our souls, they present a clear picture of something else; premature aging, as unfortunately, this thin, delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first to show signs of aging.

Most Common Reasons We Get Wrinkles Around The Eyes

No 1: Facial Expressions Main Cause For Eye Wrinkles
These pesky wrinkles appear from facial expressions like smiling, furrowing your brow, or squinting but fade when the expression stops. However, if these habits become continual, the creases become more profound and permanent because the skin loses its ability to snap back into place.

No. 2: Exposure To Free Radicals Create Premature Aging
Two of the most visible effects of free radicals are wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen. While avoiding total exposure to free radicals is almost impossible. It is possible to delay the process by limiting our exposure to unnecessary free radicals and several external culprits like pollution, overexposure to the sun, even ingredients in makeup that can cause early signs of aging.

No 4: Everyday Habits Can Lead To Eye Wrinkles
Several other factors, including our daily choices, can also influence the aging process of our skin:

  • Sleeping on your stomach with your face buried in a cotton pillow
  • Staring at a computer all-day
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Squinting
  • Eating processed foods
  • Not wearing sunscreen daily
  • Smiling all the time
  • Roughly removing your eye makeup
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Not wearing sunglasses
  • Lack of sleep
  • And more

No. 5: Aging
When we age, our skin gradually loses collagen and elastin. When you squint, for instance, your muscles contract – fold – and straighten out again. The elastin in your body is responsible for returning this action to its original state. But when the production of collagen and elastin slows down, your body will eventually not be able to snap back, eventually leading to crows feet, under-eye wrinkles, and wrinkle folds.

Best Anti-aging Eye Creams
While we touched on many ways to prevent wrinkles above, there are some other tell tail occurrences around the eye area that can make us look older.  So I thought it would be best to share two skincare products with you that would address wrinkles as well as sagging skin, loss of collagen, and puffy eyes.  

The cliche term, which is so true, applies here: ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ And that is where great skincare like those from ALIVER come into play as while we all know aging may be a fact of life, but these eye creams I'm getting ready to share are pretty great at hiding it!

These formulas are ultra-effective and specifically made for the skin around the eyes, which is thinner and more delicate than the face. So, if you are ready to elevate your eye-treatment experience in the comfort of your own home, continue reading!

best anti-aging eye cream by barbies beauty bits

Look For A Nourishing Vitamin C Serum For The Eye Area
While a cup of coffee may be great for a wake-up call for yourself in the morning. When it comes to perking up fatigued skin and brightening up your tired eyes, it's time to call in a better reinforcement from one of my favorite skincare ingredients, Vitamin C- one of the vital active ingredients in ALIVER anti-aging eye serum.

Vitamin C ranks among the best active ingredient to use around the sensitive eye area and is loved by dermatologists. It is an excellent source of antioxidants that protect the skin and combat free radicals that lead to premature aging. It also has some extraordinary abilities to:

  • Firm and smooth the skin by stimulating collagen production
  • Brighten the skin by increasing cell turnover
  • Even our skin tone and skin texture
  • Minimize dark spots and discoloration by inhibiting melanin production
  • Increase hydration to effectively reduce the appearance and severity of:
    • Crows’ feet
    • Fine lines
    • Deep wrinkles
    • Eye bags

Some More Bits: If a thick, rich eye cream is not your thing, a serum like this is just for you. I personally love that this serum feels weightless on the skin but can still plump fine lines and wakes up tired eyes.

best eye masks by barbies beauty bits

Best Eye Masks
I am saving the best for last with this ALIVER Collagen Gold Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Mask! A natural collagen boost for your eyes, the ALIVER Collagen eye mask is formulated to target dark circles, eye bags and reduce the appearance of fine lines, giving your eye area an overall refreshed look.

These under-eye masks include Hyaluronic Acid, a star skincare ingredient for any anti-wrinkle routine. So yes, it is my secret weapon to visibly softens fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin hydrated, plump, and radiant.

And if that wasn't enough, this fantastic eye mask is carefully formulated with a rich blend of some other powerful natural active ingredients to restore, soothe, and improve elasticity under the eye. Ingredients like nicotinamide, pearl powder, micro gold flakes, Vitamin C, grape seed, and pomegranate extract, to name a few.

I love to use these before a Zoom call; they are ultra-moisturizing and excellent for treating wrinkles under the eyes. (The number one cause for that makeup you and everyone else see creasing and settling into fine lines)! 

Bonus Tip: I like to keep the under-eye masks in my skincare fridge. Not only does storing them in the fridge help the masks to last longer, but the cooling sensation is perfect for bagging puffiness, reducing wrinkles, and brightening a tired appearance.

To Sum It Up
Depending on the cause of your aging eye issues, you can take adequate steps to healthy skin by minimizing some of the causes and everyday occurrences I shared. And remember, no matter your age, one fact stands true, skincare for the eye area should have a firm place in your beauty routine. And with the above home remedies, you will be on your way to successfully prevent and treat under-eye wrinkles without having to spend a lot of time or money!



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