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September 1, 2021

Help What Color Is My Hair Color, Really

what color is my hair color, really by barbies beauty bits

I saw this gorgeous photo of my hair taken by my stylist, Laura at Dupres Salon And Day Spa and was surprised at my hair color. While it is the color I wanted, I realized when looking at this photo that my hair looks different in every mirror, in every room in my house, at work, at a restaurant, and at different times of the day. So one of my friends was like, so is the color I see not your real hair color, and I answered, no, it is not.

So what color is my hair, really?

Well, according to my stylist, nature never lies. Hence, the best way to see what your highlighted or colored hair actually looks like is to go outside with a mirror in the natural sunlight. Or, in this case, as close to the outdoors as possible, when Laura took my photo.

why does my hair color look different in different lighting, by barbies beauty bits
My Hair, Leaving Dupres Salon And Day Spa In Virginia Beach

Why Does My Hair Color Look Different In Different Lighting? 

Ever wondered why your hair color seems different in every single room of your house and every darn photo? If so, then read on.

Many of us are aware of this when it comes to photos, but it can fool the eye, when sitting right in front of someone. I've noticed a few times after getting my hair colored my hair seems to have a yellowish undertone in my new house, which results in a brassy look when reflected on the hair. 

See the photo below of me. I was doing a photoshoot for Goli's Gummies after getting my hair done. But you will notice the coloring difference. And yes, this was on the same day. I was so surprised, as I actually thought my hair color was the color in the Goli image, which is a bit brassy when truthfully, my hair is more of an ash hue. What the heck?????? That is a big difference, wouldn't you say?

Some other lighting effects on the hair you may not have known about.

  • While in warmer, orange-based lights, your hair will reflect a warmer, honey to brass color.
  • Under cold white or blueish lights, your hair will appear to be more ash-blonde.
  • Outside... The true color

different hair color based on lights by barbies beauty bits

Hair Products To Keep Your Colored Hair Looking It's Best
Wanna keep your colored hair at its best? Then make sure to use products that are perfect for anti-frizz, maintains scalp health, helps reduce hair loss, and promotes healthy hair growth! So what products can do this? Kimtrue. With the meanings KIM -- brilliance, TRUE -- real, accurate. Kind of funny speaking of this post of what is my true, real, accurate, hair color.

Shampoo And Conditioner For Colored Treated Hair
I am so loving this Kimtrue Sea Salt Shampoo and Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner. Aside from ingredients that actually work, they are sulfate-free, and the brand is sustainably focused. 

Kimtrue hair product review by barbies beauty bits
Same Week, Hair Color Looks Different

Hair Treatments To Use Between Hair Appointments
Looking for a hair treatment to hold you over in between hair appointments, then I suggest trying Kimtrue's Repair Hair Mask With Macrocystis Pyrifera. This mask treatment is eight times that of Seaweed Essential Conditioner, which means it has eight times the repairing energy of facial cream. What?? Yes, this is like skincare for your hair.

Also contains:

  • Panthenol- Which can help the hair maintain a certain amount of water, moisturize and increase toughness, protect the split ends of the hair, and deposit the hair to resist external damage.
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin- Collagen, silk peptides, intercellular lipids, and ingredients that promote hair shine and restore elasticity and toughness of the hair.

And there you have it. So next you wanna snap a photo of what your hair looks like, try outdoor lighting for the best, true, accurate picture, until next time!

Shop below for some Kimtrue hair products and as a reminder as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



  1. I will have to try this. Right now my hair has a lot of gray, ack. It used to be a darker brown but I color it now.

  2. I feel like my hair ranges from dark brown/red to black depending on the light and I'm always like "huh?". I'm loving the color of your hair though!

  3. My hair is pretty dark. A lot of people say its black but it's dark brown. I used to have natural red highlights when I was younger.

  4. I couldn't make a guess, but that's a really nice color. Love it

  5. I have really dark brown hair but it gets a little lighter when I look at it under the sun.

  6. My daughter has been toying with the idea of dying her hair but I have little experience with it, this is helpful.

  7. I have red hair, and even mine looks different in different lighting. My hair is red no matter what though. I personally love my hair color and won't dye it.

  8. I haven't noticed how much different lighting can reflect the color of ones hair. I will check it out

  9. My hair is naturally a very dark brown but outside the natural highlights shine.

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  12. Thanks for the tip! I had my hair dyed once or twice with a different brand and I wasn't able to achieve my desired color.

  13. I might need to try to color my hair, I stopped last year, and I actually like the color I have now, but change is always good


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