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September 13, 2021

4 Different Types Of Liposuction Available Today

4 Different Types Of Liposuction Available Today Written By Barbies Beauty Bits

Learn More About The Different Types Of Liposuction Procedures With This Liposuction Guide

Many people work hard with diet and exercise to achieve their aesthetic goals. But between aging, genetics, pregnancy, and other factors, some parts of the body still may have more fat than we like. That’s where liposuction can make a dramatic difference when it comes to fat loss.

However, with all of the different types of liposuction and tons of liposuction reviews, understanding the benefits of liposuction can be overwhelming. So, I got with Dr. Aric Aghayan from Portland, Oregon, to see if he could discuss the four different types of liposuction available today. Let's see what he had to say!

Which Type Of Liposuction Is Best For You?
With this popular procedure, your plastic surgeon can sculpt your abdomen, love handles, hips, rear, or thighs to give you the body contours you’ve dreamed of. There are many different types of liposuction for fat loss available today, ranging from Traditional Liposuction to Tumescent to Ultra-sound liposuction and Laser Assisted, we have you covered with this liposuction guide!

Which Type Of Liposuction Is Best For You By Barbies Beauty Bits

#1 Standard Liposuction
This is the oldest type of liposuction. First, the surgeon makes small incisions in the area that needs treatment. Then, a cannula is inserted to remove the fat cells.

This type of liposuction can be used on the abdomen, thighs, legs, back, arms and rear. However, it’s not the best choice for small areas, such as under the chin, because it isn’t precise enough.

The primary reason this type of procedure is used today is it’s the least expensive option. It also has been used for years and has been proven to be safe and effective.

However, traditional liposuction causes more swelling and bruising. Also, it’s the least precise type of lipo, so there is a higher number of people with dimpling and lumpiness. You may even need several treatments to get the desired result. 

#2 Tumescent Liposuction
This has been the "gold standard" for liposuction for the last 20 years or so. Your surgeon makes small incisions in the target area, then injects lidocaine and epinephrine to swell the fat and make it easier to remove. The lidocaine and epinephrine also reduce bleeding and swelling, which makes a recovery easier.

Next, your plastic surgeon inserts a small cannula through the incisions and removes the desired fat cells. About four or five pounds of fat and liquid can be removed in one session.

Tumescent liposuction works well on most body parts, and the swelling and bruising usually fade in about a month. But it can take at least three months before you see the final results.

The most significant advantage of tumescent liposuction is it minimizes bruising, swelling, and bleeding. It also is one of the less expensive liposuction procedures.

ultrasonic liposuction vs traditional liposuction by barbies beauty bits
#3 Ultrasound Liposuction
Ultrasound technology has been used for 40 years, but cosmetics surgeons now use it for liposuction with good results.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses sound waves to dissolve fat cells, making them easier to remove with a cannula.

This form of lipo is often used in body areas with denser fat, such as the male’s chest, on the back, and the hips. Recovery is the same as tumescent liposuction, but some patients may have minor burns or blisters.

Ultrasound liposuction is a good choice for those who want to remove a large amount of fat or need to remove tougher fat from the chin, male breasts, or back. 

#4 Laser-Assisted Liposuction
This type of lipo is similar to ultrasound, but it uses a laser to liquefy fat. Your surgeon will insert a laser probe with the cannula, which breaks down the fat into oil. Any fat that isn’t removed is eventually absorbed by the body, making this a highly efficient procedure.

This type of liposuction uses a tiny cannula, so it’s the most precise option. It also requires small incisions that don’t leave scars.

Laser-assisted liposuction is an excellent choice to fine-tune areas of the body, such as the abdominal muscles. It even can be used to remove small amounts of fat from the face. Some surgeons use this procedure to tighten the skin, as well.

This type of lipo does involve a longer recovery, and patients occasionally get burns from the laser. 

liposuction for fat loss by barbies beauty bits

Is Liposuction For Me?
Men and women undergo liposuction every day to achieve their aesthetic goals. For example, some may want to look better with their shirts off, while others want to look more attractive in a bathing suit. And some desire that their stylish clothes fit more comfortably.

If any of the following apply to your situation, talk to your plastic surgeon about liposuction today:

  • You have extra fat in certain areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen, sides, chin, neck, rear, or thighs.
  • You believe that some parts of your body are out of proportion with the rest.
  • Your skin elasticity is good, and you don’t have issues with loose or sagging skin.
  • You’re close to your ideal body weight.

However, if you have loose skin in some treatment areas, liposuction will only accentuate the problem. Therefore, you may need a tummy tuck as well as liposuction for ideal results.

Also, remember that liposuction isn’t for losing weight. This procedure can enhance your contours and make you look slimmer, but it is not meant for weight loss. You should be near your ideal weight before considering this procedure. 

Dr. Aric Aghayan working with best cosmetic procedure blogger barbies beauty bits
More About Apres Plastic Surgery
Dr. Aric Aghayan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is pleased to serve his patients in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area at his practice, Apres Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Agahyan earned his medical education at the University of Missouri, followed by an eight-year plastic surgery and general surgery residency at Oregon Health & Science University. His years of training and experience help Dr. Agahyan blend art and science for the best results in his patients.

To learn more about Dr. Aghayan, please visit Dr. Aric Of Apres Plastic Surgery today.

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