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May 4, 2021

Dwellbling Moissanite Jewelry For Mother's Day


Dwellbling Moissanite Jewelry For Mother's Day

Find a statement-making ring and other moissanite jewelry for the woman who does it all this Mother's Day!

Selecting my mom a Mother's Day gift can sometimes be challenging as I always like to change it up. This year, I am giving her something different a  925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring from Dwellbing.

Whether it's a moissanite ring or other beautiful jewelry to mark the Mother's Day moment, Dwellbing has some incredible designs in their moissanite collection that are affordable.

I would never be able to afford to purchase my mom a diamond as large as the moissanite gems are, and do they look as gorgeous. But what the heck is a moissanite gem?

What The Heck Is A Moissanite Gem
Moissanite is an engineered gem created to give the illusion of similarity to diamonds, with its qualities decided by the four c's. The four Cs are Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

The Difference Between A Diamond And A Moissanite By Barbies Beauty Bits

The Difference Between A Diamond And A Moissanite


  • Diamonds are the hardest known mineral and receive a ten on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.
  • Moissanite is around 9.25, so it is suitable for everyday wear.


  • Moissanites exhibit a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do, as their faceting pattern is different.
  • Diamonds reflect light in three different ways; moissanite has a higher refractive index.


  • Moissanites are labeled as "colorless."
  • Diamonds have a natural color resulting in a dazzling, bright white appearance.

Moissanites Are Responsibly Sourced
Because they are engineered in controlled environments, there is no mining involved.  Compared with natural diamonds, the lab-created moissanite has a smaller carbon footprint and less environmental impact, making them responsibly sourced.

Price Of Moissanite Is Cheaper Than A Diamond
The most significant difference is the price. Moissanite is less expensive per carat. Hence allowing me to purchase my mom a gorgeous ring without having to take out a loan.

Moissanite Rings By Barbies Beauty Bits

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  1. I've never heard of Moissanite before. Sounds like a great, cheaper alternative.

  2. I had never heard of moissanite before but it does look like a great alternative to diamonds. I do love diamonds but I am happy to recieve the next best thing.

  3. I hadn't heard of this before. But it looks pretty! I'd buy something.

  4. This post is really informative. This sounds like a wonderful alternative.

  5. This was interesting to learn the differences. I tend to like diamonds.

  6. This is a very informative post to help us understand more about Moissanite jewelry. What a great idea for mom's day gift.

  7. I have a few pieces of moissanite jewelry and I love them! Of course not like diamonds but still very pretty!

  8. I have an older piece of moissanite. I absolutely love its antique feel. Gorgeous!

  9. It looks really great, I don't wear accessories often but I appreciate the beauty of this one.

  10. I am not a diamond connoisseur, but it's great to find a product that is very very similar to a diamond.

  11. All I care about is how it looks on my hand. Gorgeous/

  12. Great gift idea. I would love a bracelet with this stone

  13. Such a beautiful ring. Thank you for letting me know about this company. I'm going to look more into them as I need some new pieces in my collection.

  14. This is cool that this stone also goes by the 4'cs. I thought this was only with diamonds, but I not a diamond connoisseur. To me if it big and blings is all I can about. Rather bigger than anything.

  15. Wow, it's shining shimmering! It's so pleasing in the eyes! This is a perfect gift to your love one!

  16. That is such a gorgeous ring. I think anyone would be lucky to get one. I love pieces like these. They are so lovely.

  17. Moissanite gems look like a beautiful (and affordable) choice for jewelry.

  18. Those are gorgeous pieces! I like that they are more sustainable than regular diamonds.

  19. Oh wow! These rings are really gorgeous yet very affordable! Love the style so much.


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