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May 27, 2021

How The Pandemic Has Changed Beauty Habits-The New Norm


How The Pandemic Has Changed Beauty Habits By Barbies Beauty Bits

The pandemic has really changed the beauty habits of many, and I am one of them. Now that the masks are coming off and restrictions are lessening up, it's time to get back into the real world, but are you ready, aesthetically, that is? With your lounge wearing, haven't washed your hair in a week, hairy legs, and armpit self?

Ok, all joking aside, while my skincare has been on point for the past 15 months (as I will never let that go by the wayside). As old wrinkled hag is not my cup of tea!!! Other so-called beauty routines I did before the pandemic, like wearing makeup every day, fixing my hair, and wearing stylish clothes, have changed.

So, now that things are on their way to some new type of norm, what is the new beauty?

Toning It Down
According to Patricia Saxby, who oversees the beauty selection at Bergdorf Goodman, women have taken a more toned-down approach with their beauty routine.

So what is the right look for you? Personally, I think it will continue past the pandemic with easy, quick, ‘put the product on your face, and instantly rock it”, along with my hair extensions and permanent makeup for a glamorous but time-saving approach.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Makeup Routines By Barbies Beauty Bits

Wearing Less Foundation
Bye, bye are the days of full coverage makeup. Primarily because of mask-wearing. But one thing many have started to realize is that the heavy makeup coverage actually highlighted their imperfections rather than covering them.

The Future Prediction: When the masks come off, many will embrace wearing a lighter-weight foundation as it actually works better. Even better is to wear a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with some slight illumination, for that instant glow, without much effort.

Applying Less Lipstick
As face masks became mandatory, wearing lipstick became a waste of time, as who wants a smudged pout and tons of lipstick smeared everywhere, including the inside of your mask?

The Future Prediction: Bye, bye to the bold red and hello to a tinted balm and lip treatments to keep your lips naturally LIPtastic.

Carrie Bradshaw shoes

Goodbye, To The Legendary Carrie Bradshaw Heels Mentality
Sales of high heels have been down over the years. I know outfits I would always wear heels with, I see people like my niece, who is in her twenties, wear tennis shoes, and the pandemic has turbocharged the demise of the high heel pump!  But will it rebound? Will women turn back into a Carrie Bradshaw with heels.

The Future Prediction: Well, for people like me, I am dying to put on a pair of gorgeous heels, but I think many other women will be. "I'm never going to wear those shoes again."

Stepping Up Your Eye Game
While you see from above that some have been cutting back on foundations and lipstick, they have actually stepped up their beauty game when it comes to the eyes since that was really all you saw when wearing a face mask.

The new trend emphasizes your ‘smize’ — your smiling eyes with false lashes, brand name mascara, and high-end eyeshadow palettes. 

The Future Prediction: I think that will stay! Plus, many realize that eye shadow palettes last a long time. You get what you pay for!

Best place to get microblading in virginia beach By Barbies Beauty Bits

Permanent Makeup
Wake up, made up. How great does that sound? Fantastic, which is why many our loving the idea of looking glam with minimal maintenance and ease.

Semi-permanent makeup options like microblading and lash lifts, plus clip-in human hair extensions, can really save you time when it comes to getting all glammed up.

Reviewing Your Aesthetics
Many people have not always sure what their authentic aesthetics were, even way before the pandemic, as when it came to wearing makeup, doing their hair, even fashion. Most either followed the norms or were stuck in another generation when they felt free about themselves, like those early college years of the '90s and your makeup still reflects that. But now may be the time to review this and start by aligning your aesthetic choices with your personality type.

Diy Beauty
DIY self-care trends are not new; I've been doing them for years. However, during the lock-down, with more time to spare dedicated to self-care. DIY beauty hacks have been on the rise, and if you can pamper yourself for less, why would you pass that up? 

The Future Prediction: Many will want to get the hell out of the house, so they will be spending some money at the spa. However, I think, in general, will be doing more self-care now that it can be done at home!

Cosmetic procedures increased during the pandemic By Barbies Beauty Bits

Cosmetic Treatments Are On The Rise During The Pandemic
While some may be dialing it back, others may have some more significant aesthetic goals. Wanting to seek out some cosmetic procedures and treatments requiring researching the Dr. Derek Steinbacher lawsuit and other doctors who might be able to consult with you, is must.

Believe it or not, cosmetic procedures and treatments have increased in the past few months. I know at first I was surprised too, but statistics are showing many are considering these more advanced treatments for reasons like:

Zoom Calls: Before zoom, many did not see their facial expressions, wrinkles, eye bags, etc.  Now, people are all about getting their Zoom face on!

More Downtime:
The pandemic has allowed for the downtime needed for some procedures.

Working Environments:
The new norm of working remotely has allowed many to be able to relax at home post-treatments or procedures that would usually require having to take at least a couple of days off. That’s no longer the case. 

So there you have beauty habits that have changed because of the pandemic. Any changes in your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I have been lucky to get my usual dermatology treatments during the pandemic. I was never big on makeupor foundation so I am in style finally.

  2. The pandemic has changed so many things. I know that wearing a face mask makes it easier on applying makeup.

  3. I could really relate to this, I did minimize my make up but I didn't step up my eye makeup since I stay at home most of the time.

  4. This is true. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our life, I can only wish for this chaos to end.

  5. I always wanted to have a permanent make up to save time :) especially when you are a mom

  6. For me the pandemic didn't change my beauty habits. I still did everything I did before it. It's nice to see more things are settling down though.

  7. My beauty routine didn't change. I have always just been wearing lipstick and lip balm and that's it. No makeup. :) -LYNNDEE

  8. I personally feel the pandemic has definitely brought quite a few people down to earth a little with their everyday routines. Including beauty, no wasting time anymore!

  9. Nothing much has changed for me though. Probably because I have always preferred very light make up

  10. For me, I haven't really changes much, except pick up facial creams that are better for women over 40.

  11. Yes, I am so agree that pandemic changed a lot of our beauty habits!

  12. With the pandemic, I definitively used much less make up. I also felt like my skin around my mouth area was softer and smoother as a result of wearing a mask. An unexpected benefit. Cheers.

  13. I love all these beauty predictions im saving this not kidding!!

  14. Since the pandemic started last year, I can still count on my fingers how many times I put make up on my face haha

  15. Oh my gosh, I fit into the dem0graphics! I totally went way casual on my makeup, focusing on my eyes and a sheer lip. My skin care has been better since I have had time to concentrate on it.


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