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April 20, 2021

The Beginners Guide To Healthy, Glowing Skin

The Beginners Guide To Healthy, Glowing Skin By Barbies Beauty Bits

Ok, who is ready for healthy, glowing skin?

With the warmer weather amongst us, it’s time to shine. But if you have problematic skin, acne, photo-aging, dullness, never used skincare in your life (oh my). Then achieving a beautiful glow (not just a sweaty one) can seem complicated. But no worries, as I have put together this beginner's guide to healthy, glowing skin.

What The Heck Is Glowing Skin?
We hear this word tossed around frequently in the online beauty community, from Instagram to Tik-Tok, but what the heck is it?

According to an esthetician friend of mine, glowing skin is soft, subtle, and moist. Moist??? Yeah, I know the word moist makes many people cringe. But to take it a step further after she laughed at me for saying, no, not moist. "Miss Barbie, glowing skin is characterized by small pores, an even skin tone that is clear, healthy, and without blemishes."

Also, achieving healthy, glowing skin is not just about skincare; it is about a healthy lifestyle. But since this is a beginner's post I will go over the basics to help you kick start a fantastic routine for healthy, glowing skin. 

Skincare Ingredients For Healthy, Glowing Skin By barbies beauty bits

Respect The Skin
R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what that means. It means do not overdo it. Scrubbing harder is not the key to make your skin glow; it will actually do the opposite. You have to respect the skin’s microbiome as disruptions to it can lead to a host of problems. And for those who think you have to scrub your face aggressively to get rid of acne, find that hidden glow, or must get a tingling sensation, you are doing the opposite by compromising the skin barrier. When your skin barrier is compromised that can lead to irritation and sensitivity. Not glowing, healthy skin!

Skincare Ingredients For Healthy, Glowing Skin
Continuing from the above discussion of respect is the ingredients in your skincare. Harsh ingredients, especially those causing a tingling sensation, is your skin telling you it’s being compromised, not helped!

The most common ingredient that causes a tingling or burning sensation on the skin is SD alcohol. But tingling isn't always bad. Yes, I know I am confusing you, but sometimes a product’s tingly effect might very well mean it’s working in some way. Again, it goes back to the ingredients. Some ingredients that can lead to this good tingling sensation are typically exfoliants like Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid), which are ok. You just have to take baby steps and check the ingredients before using them, also to test for sensitivity.

If you see ingredients like glycolic acid or retinol, you can expect there to be a healthy tingling sensation as the product works to exfoliate your skin. If you see ingredients like alcohol, menthyl lactate, and eucalyptus, this is something to avoid.

In choosing your skincare products, go for reliable products like Revinia skincare products that do not contain harmful chemicals and are known to give excellent results by nourishing from the inside out. (rejuvenating your skin at the DNA level).

Why bar soap is bad for your skin By Barbies Beauty Bits

Your Face Is Not The Same As Your Butt, So Use A Different Cleanser
What?? You should not use the same type of soap to wash your face as you would your butt. PERIOD!!! And if you are using a bar of soap to cleanse your face, that is precisely what you are doing, so stop!!!!  The binders that hold the bar together are highly alkaline with a high PH balance that strip all the moisture from your skin and make it dull, dry, and far from glowing. (kind of like a chapped A$$) ~ oh, I make myself laugh!!    Hence,  invest in a gentle face cleanser for glowing healthy skin.

Implement An Easy To Follow Skincare Routine
For your skin is to look radiant, you would need to find a skincare routine and follow it religiously. Remember, achieving smooth, glowing skin is a journey, but that doesn't mean it has to be a 10 step skincare routine.  One of my favorite skincare lines is TreCeuticals, which has got it figured out with their power of three concept...Three powerful active ingredients, three simple steps, three minutes a day is all you need!!!

daily skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin By Barbies beauty bits

The Proper Order To Apply Your Skincare Products For Glowing Skin
While having a dedicated skincare routine is a crucial part of healthy, glowing skin it’s only part of the battle. You also need to know the correct order to apply your skincare to get the most out of your skincare products.

Like anything in life to be successful, there needs to be a plan of action, with rules and guidelines, and your skincare is not any different. As when it comes to using skincare it needs to be in a systematic order, but what the heck is that?

Tip 1: Prioritize the most active ingredients in your products. The rule of thumb is the more critical the component, the sooner you should use it.

Tip 2: The trick to remember is to start with the thin products first and work your way to the thicker ones.

  • Liquids
  • Lightweight serums
  • Creams
  • Finish with oils

Tip 3: Properly layer your skincare products

  • Cleanse (Preparing the skin. Skincare works best with a clean canvass)
  • Tone (Prepping the skin)
  • Serums: Apply treatment focused skincare (above prioritize)
  • Moisturize (Protect and support)
Achieve healthy glowing skin with Antioxidants By Barbies Beauty Bits

Use Antioxidants For Healthy, Glowing Skin
If you want healthy, glowing skin, then antioxidants are a must!  Antioxidants play an essential role in the skin's health as they fight the signs of aging by protecting, preventing, and restoring the skin from oxidative stress.

The easiest way to get your dose of antioxidants is to look for skincare products with them.  Another way that many people may not think of is eat your way to healthy glowing skin!

Time and time again, you may have heard the phrase "you are what you eat." Well, it is true! A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables provides your body with vitamins and antioxidants, which help give you radiant skin. For example, antioxidants are known to protect your skin against UV rays responsible for hyper-pigmentation. Studies have also shown that healthy fats from fish oils and nuts like walnuts contain ellagic acid, which helps the skin achieve a healthy glow.

Exercise For Healthy, Glowing Skin
Exercise offers numerous ways to help you achieve the smooth, glowing skin you want. The sweat you experience when you exercise enables you to release toxins from your skin. You also improve the blood circulation throughout your body when you work out. This, in turn, gives you radiant skin as oxygen and nutrients are effectively distributed in the body, there is sufficient production of collagen, and new cells are generated.

So, whether you are going to the gym or working out at home, you can start experiencing the benefits of exercising regularly on your skin’s health and bonus...weight loss.

There you have it beauties, my beginners guide to healthy, glowing skin. Once you have this down, make sure to check out some of my other skincare tips for beginners.



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