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June 5, 2018

Pro Is The Way To Go, Flawless Makeup With Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Pro Makeup Brush

Pro Is The Way To Go, Flawless Makeup With Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Pro Marble Makeup Brush review by Barbies Beauty Bits

Beauties do I have an exciting new product to share with you today from Michael Todd Beauty, the Sonicblend Pro Makeup Brush. If you follow my blog regularly, you know that I am a huge fan of the Michael Todd Beauty brand.

Michael Todd Beauty is the leader in skincare and beauty tool technology. They offer beauty tools designed from an aesthetic and functional perspective that allows us to not only get the most out of our skincare products but also our makeup, at any age!

Speaking of age, have you ever notice that the foundation you used in the past, now no longer works or worse yet, making you appear older than you are, as it starts to settle into your fine lines?

Well, it is not that you lost your touch, you need a different approach to fit your skin today! You see, as we get older things in our life evolve and change and our makeup is not any different!

Furthermore, most of us are not taught to replace the makeup techniques we learned in our younger years with new ones that are better suited for our current skin condition. I mean when the last time you saw a commercial or ad where makeup is being promoted on a face that is not tight and wrinkle-free? Rarely.

Review on the michael todd beauty sonicblend pro makeup brush by barbies beauty bits

So, what is a forty-year-old plus women to do? The solution…turn to Michael Todd Beauty and their innovative products and technology! There is no better time than now to revamp your makeup routine, and this goes for your makeup brushes, and Michael Todd Beauty is here to help with their Sonicblend Pro Marble Makeup Brush, found exclusively at HSN!

Thus, if you want to find out more about how you can have a flawless, airbrushed-like makeup application, regardless of your age continue reading!

The best makeup brush the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend pro marble at HSN by Barbies beauty Bits

Low-Quality Makeup Brushes Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Skin And Makeup Application
Unlike the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Pro some makeup brushes out there will do more harm than good, causing premature aging. Because of this, I feel it is important to share with you the ways a low-grade traditional makeup brush can age you!

Traditional Makeup Brush Can Cause Wrinkles 
That’s right beauties. Low-quality makeup brushes can pull and tug on the skin which can lead to premature wrinkles!

Highlight Your Imperfections 

Highlight, isn’t makeup supposed to minimize? Well, if you are not using the correct makeup brush, it will do the opposite. You see, when your makeup is not applied evenly, it can fall into wrinkles making them appear more profound. Moreover, they can cause what I call false wrinkles, by also adhering to dry, uneven skin, especially around the eyes.

Bacteria growth in your makeup brushes by barbies beauty bits

Blotching, Uneven Makeup
Low-quality makeup brushes are not going to give you a flawless look, as these makeup brushes deposit the makeup on top of your skin, which causes smudging, separation and blotchiness.

Bacteria In Your Makeup Brush

Our vanity and makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and while you can’t see these microscopic particles with the human eye, they can and will wreak havoc on the skin. Not only can they cause a flare up or infection, but the dangerous elements on the brush can also lead to a break down in collagen, causing the skin to become thinner, duller, paler and fine lines all in which can impact the way makeup looks on our face!

Soaking Up Too Much Product

Low-quality traditional makeup brushes can be product whores, (excuse my french) not only will this waste product, but it will cost you more in the long run. And besides, makeup accumulated in the brush will lead to plenty of other problems.

Yes…Pro Is The Way To Go, With Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Pro Makeup Brush

Some of you may be familiar with the current Sonicblend makeup brush, which has become ever so popular with some of the most prominent makeup artists and influencers in the world.

The Sonicblend PRO is the next generation upgraded version of the original Sonicblend, one of the world's first sonic makeup brushes with antimicrobial bristle brush heads. The Sonicblend PRO boasts a 20% increase in power versus the original brush, all of which can prevent the issues I listed above.

What The Heck Is A Sonicblend Makeup Brush
For those of you that may have been living under a rock and have not heard of the Sonicblend makeup brush. The Sonicblend is the first of its kind makeup brush that applies makeup at sonic speeds and has built-in protection against microbial contamination, so the brush stays cleaner fresher longer. No more premature aging skin like those caused by a low-grade makeup brush.

Personally, I love the Sonicblend pro much more than the original Sonicblend. I think the advantage is more ideal for those with aging skin or skin conditions. When using this brush you notice your skin not your makeup, it is poreless. Plus, this automatic makeup brush applicator is so easy to use, you do not have to be a makeup pro to get an amazing flawless makeup application.  This ease is because the Sonicblend uses 3D FLAW-Fill technology, meaning that it utilizes gentle sonic micro brush strokes (sonic wave energy) per second to apply your makeup into smooth, beautiful layers without clumping or creasing in your pores, fine lines or wrinkles. Resulting in a flawless professional airbrush look every time. And if that wasn’t enough the pro has many other benefits!

The best makeup brush the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend pro marble at HSN by top beauty blogger Barbies beauty Bits

Benefits Of Using The Sonicblend Pro
    • Applies makeup at sonic speeds (it does not spin) of more than 24,000 movements per minute! That is 30% stronger than the regular Sonicblend.
    • Creates better coverage, so you use less makeup. You also save money with this brush as you can use it to apply all types of makeup, not just foundation. Additionally, you can use this brush to apply blush, contour, highlight and bronzer all in which blends to perfection.
    • The brush has built-in protection again microbial contaminations. So, no worries about that bacteria found in traditional brushes that can lead to a break down in collagen. The antimicrobial bristle brush head is shown to reduce the outgrowth of bacteria on the bristles by 99%. However, this is not an excuse to not clean your brush head. Michael Todd Beauty recommends cleaning the brush heads one time per week.
    • The Sonicblend pro can help improve the overall health and condition of your skin by minimizing clogged pores as well as irritation from rubbing and stretching the skin which can occur with traditional makeup application as mentioned above.
    • It is travel friendly as it comes with a handy dandy travel case and is rechargeable with any USB charger.

      Review on the michael todd beauty sonicblend pro makeup brush by barbies beauty bits

      In conclusion, while beauty does not have an age restriction, when we start to get older our skin does mature and go through some unwanted changes. You can however still maintain that youthful complexion with the correct makeup choices and more importantly your makeup application techniques with a brush that works for you instead of against you.  Therefore, it is so important to invest in not only your skin but also makeup and a makeup brush like the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Pro Marble, currently being sold at HSN.



      1. I've heard about Michael Todd and their skincare products, but the brush sounds cool but intimidating.

        1. Actually the brush is the complete opposite. There is barely any effort on your part as the makeup brush does all the work for you, especially with the Sonicblend pro. It blends your makeup out amazingly.

      2. Always great tips. So agree, that everything evolves including our skincare, makeup routines, and DIET! All for a better you!

      3. I need to try this brush. I wish they sold it on their website as their are some other products I want. I've never shopped at HSN.

      4. The bacteria on makeup brushes it scary, really. I know someone who got a horrible eye infection from a makeup brush. I love that this one has protection against that kind of stuff!

        1. Yes, this does happen a lot. Most people are out of sight out of mind. Clean those brushes and more so if you can find one that has antimicrobial protection, get it! That is one reason I purchased this brush from HSN.

      5. I guess I've been one of those people living under a rock as I have not heard of this brush. I love the Michael Todd brand, but I haven't purchased much from them lately. Looks like I need to go shopping. Do you have a discount code you can share?

      6. Gosh I never knew your could damage your skin with a makeup brush. Great info. shared on what makeup brushes can do to your skin. Probably best that I use my fingers!

      7. I think you're right. My mother has always been looking for beauty remedies but it turns out that she can't apply her ritual she had before when she was younger. What is HSN?

      8. Preach! I had a bad experience on a blogging project where a "Pro" Makeup Artist gave me an eye infection, and now I am paranoid about letting anyone else touch me. I have heard of this brush and would really like to try this one. Hopefully HSN can come back with a giveaway for your very interested readers? :-)

        Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

      9. I truly believe that the beauty of make up application can be achieved with the proper brush tools. I started getting rid of my old brushes coz I have a feeling there are a lot of bacterias in there already.

      10. You are the most beautiful human! I have only recently been getting into makeup brushes myself so this is very helpful!

      11. I will have to look into Michael Todd Beauty. I will have to look into this brand!

      12. Oh wow I love the functionality of the Todd brush. I definitely try to invest in good quality brushes to avoid any prewrinkle coming.

      13. What a brilliant invention! It would save so much in time and effort, I love it!


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