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June 23, 2018

Miracos Makeup Brushes For The Perfect Selfie, Plus 30% Off And A Free Makeup Bag

Miracos Makeup Brushes For The Perfect Selfie, Plus 30% And A Free Makeup Bag By Barbies Beauty Bits

Hey Beauty Lovers! Looking for the best way for the perfect selfie? The answer is applying your makeup with fantastic makeup brushes!

Your brushes are just as essential as the makeup, but they do not need to cost a fortune. And especially today with this fantastic offer I want to share with you!

Yep, you read right, and that is why I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine... Micaros Makeup!

Micaros Makeup is the leader in providing high-quality professional makeup brushes, makeup tools, and cosmetic products! Allowing everyone the chance to achieve a flawless makeup look that won’t break the bank and especially today with this deal, and the release of some of their must have Stiletto makeup brushes!
Miracos Essential Brush Kit Plus Makeup Bag By Barbies Beauty Bits

Essential Brush Kit Plus Makeup Bag

30% Off Plus A Free Makeup Bag
As if pink gold, stiletto styled makeup brushes aren’t enough to cause a makeup lovers orgasm- Miracos Makeup is also offering pre-order promos on these gorgeous makeup brushes!

So how does the deal work? Well, if you order any of Miracos Makeup Stiletto Collection brush sets before June 30th, you will get 30% off your purchase AND a free cosmetic makeup bag ($19 value). Use promo code FREEBAG when you place your order and let the celebrating begin! Be sure to add both the bag and your new brushes to your cart for the promo to work.

The Limited Edition Makeup Brush Stiletto Line
Not only is Miracos Makeup releasing one set, but they are also offering their limited-edition brush sets this summer (and a bunch of single brushes to go along with them)!  Modeled after every girl’s date night staple, these brushes are a must to included in your makeup arsenal. 

This luxurious brush collection includes two must-have kits, perfect for beginner beauties and makeup mavens alike. The Essential Eye Brush kit includes all the tools needed for a perfect smokey eye, and the Essential Brush Kit is a one size fits all! The two kits together equal a fully stocked, drool-worthy MUST HAVE makeup kit.

So, what are you waiting for! Add both sets to your collection by clicking here for a slay-all-day makeup kit.

Miracos Essential Eye Brush Kit Plus Makeup Bag By Barbies Beauty Bits

Essential Eye Brush Kit


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