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June 17, 2018

Luxury High-End Makeup Brushes That Won’t Break The Bank With Miracos Makeup

Luxury High-End Makeup Brushes That Won’t Break The Bank With Miracos Makeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

Yes, you read right, beauty does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I tell this to my friends all the time when they are like “I wish I could afford half the stuff you have.”  Well, guess what beauties, I am going to let you in on a secret of mine, which is Miracos Makeup brushes.

Micaros Makeup is the leader in providing high-quality professional makeup brushes, makeup tools, and cosmetic products! Allowing everyone the chance to achieve a flawless makeup look that won’t break the bank and especially today with a fantastic deal, of 30% Off Plus A Free Makeup Bag!

30% Off And A Free Makeup Bag From Miracosmakeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

Now before you get overwhelmed and wonder what makeup brushes do I need to purchase as there are a few to choose from, the trick is to buy a set. While Miracos has a variety of sets to choose from, I am going to share one with you today that is not only luxurious and affordable but also functional.

So, if you find out more about how you too can acquire this affordable makeup brush set for under $20 continue reading!

Miracos Stilettoes Limited Edition- Essential Luxury Cruelty- Free Brush Kit

I am offering you the chance today to take home Micaros Makeup STILETTOS LIMITED EDITION Brush Kit with a 30% off special pre-order offer that also includes this gorgeous blinged out bag. (use code FREEBAG at checkout)

I am so in love with the luxurious "Cartier Pink Gold" design. Furthermore, this glamorous set includes every basic brush you need to create a gorgeous full-face makeup look.

The brushes are also synthetic which is excellent as they soak up less product than a brush that is made from natural hair.  And the best part is they can be used in conjunction with both cream, liquid and powder-based products, which means you will save even more money.

Miracos Stilettoes Limited Edition- Essential Luxury Brush Kit By Barbies Beauty Bits

Brushes Included In Set And How To Use Them
Oval Powder Brush
A soft, luxurious brush with a full, domed head that is great for helping you to apply booth loose and pressed powder evenly. And when it comes to pressed powders THROW AWAY THE PUFF that came with it as you do not want to be using these.  Instead, you want to dip this brush into your powder making sure to tap off the excess before using in sweeping motions for a perfect application.

There are a few options as to where to apply, for a more natural look only apply in your T-zone area or if you’re like me and like to set your foundation, use it everywhere. It is also excellent for creating the summer glow as it can also be used for bronzing.

Blush Brush
This brush tapers to a rounded tip and is perfect for applying your favorite blush with diffused color and controlled placement, as no one wants to look like a clown.

Flat Concealer Brush
Got blemishes, under eye circles or skin imperfections?  Then this brush is the one that can help to conceal those. Create a flawless look with this rounded-tip, tapered concealer brush.  This brush is also great for great highlighting. Brightens your look instantly in the under eye area, giving you an instant lift appearance.
The only makeup brushes you need and how to use them by Barbies Beauty Bits and Miracos Makeup

Eye Shadow Brush
This brush is an all-Over Eye Shadow Brush, that enables you to apply powder and cream shadows evenly. Additionally, the stiff densely-packed bristle conforms to your eye allowing you to pack on color for maximum pigmentation but has just enough thickness for blending out the edges, so no harsh lines with this baby.

Blend Brush
A fluffy domed shape blending brush is a must for a seamless eye makeup look. Blending brushes offer so much when it comes to eyeshadow perfection, like...
  • Defining your crease
  • Darkening the outer corners of your eye
  • Offers better control, so less mess
  • Helps diffuse harsh lines for a smooth transition color
  • Great for creating a Smokey eye

Dual-End Eyeliner & Brow Brush
Bring eye-catching depth and dimension to your eyebrows and lash line with this angled brush. I know some get afraid when they think of filling in their brows, but fret no more when using this brush as you will not get that harsh drawn on look you can get with an eyebrow pencil. Using a brush will allow for more precision and control, giving you the option of a bold or natural brow.

Angled brushes are also a godsent for creating a flawless cat eye as it allows for more accuracy to create clean, defined lines.  It works great with shadow, gel liner or cream.

Finish your look by grooming your eyebrows into place with the spoolie. The spoolie is also fantastic at helping to tame, comb and declump your lashes.

30% Off Miracos Makeup Brushes and a free makeup bag by barbies beauty bits

Free Makeup Bag
Travel in style with this FREE cosmetic bag, perfect for your carry-on make-up, jewelry or any other small necessities. The white and gold design is a neat and easy match for your casual wear and office style look as well! And if that wasn’t enough, keeping your brushes safe and organized is key to longevity and a makeup bag is the spot-on solution.

Now that I have shared with you quality brushes that won’t break the bank, a quality brush can last even longer if you take care of it correctly.

How To Take Care Of Your Makeup Brushes By Barbies Beauty Bits and Miracos makeup

How To Take Care Of Your Makeup Brushes
Not only is taking care of your makeup brushes by adequately washing them is essential, but it also necessary for the health of your skin. You see our vanity and makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and while you can’t see these microscopic particles with the human eye, they can and will wreak havoc on the skin. Not only can they cause a flare up or infection, but the dangerous elements on the brush can also lead to a break down in collagen, causing the skin to become thinner, duller, paler and fine lines all in which can impact the way makeup looks on our face!

Clean your makeup brushes regularly: Depending on how often you use your brushes will depend on how often you wash them. I recommend washing them at least once a week with a gentle brush cleaner. You can also clean with baby shampoo or mild antibacterial soap.

The brush handles:
When cleaning your brush, you want to focus on the brush head, not the brush handles, as getting these wet can loosen the glue that holds your brush bristles in place, causing the brush to shed and possibly fall apart.

How to dry: When you’re all done cleaning, you want to let them air dry, preferably on a flat towel or hang them like this. But whatever you do, never hang your brushes upright as water can get into the handles and ruin your brushes.

So, there you have it beauties, Luxury High-End Makeup Brushes That Won’t Break the Bank with Micaros Makeup.

30% Off And A Free Makeup Bag From Miracosmakeup By Barbies Beauty Bits


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