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April 4, 2017

A Beauty Bloggers Insider Secrets To Saving On Makeup, Hair, Skincare And More!

A Beauty Bloggers Insiders Secrets To Saving On Makeup, Hair, Skincare And More With Dealspotr by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Got A Beauty Makeup Addiction? I got deals! That's right beauties; I have the insider secrets to SAVINGS, COUPONS, SPECIAL OFFERS at Sephora, Ulta, Itcosmetics, Michael Todd Beauty, and more!

Many people ask me “How can you afford to purchase all of the beauty items you have.” Or make comments like “I can’t afford high-end products like you.” Well, that is not accurate as today I am sharing with you one of my shopping secrets, Dealspotr

The key to smart shopping is finding the best deals, duh, right?  But a lot of people find coupon or deal sites frustrating. Hence, they end up not making a purchase or worse yet paying full price for something they could have gotten on sale!  I rarely pay full price for anything and now so can you, by having quick, reliable access to all the best beauty deals and more at

Now there are plenty of deal sites out there and trust me I have tried them all. The key word here is TRIED as most of the times, posted deals on sites like Retail Me Not or Goodshop, don’t work half the time, but not on Dealspotr, they always work! So, if you want to find out my insider secrets to saving on Makeup, Hair, Skincare and More, continue reading!

Deals at sephora by barbies beauty bits and dealspotr

Top Reasons Why I Love Dealspotr For My Beauty Deals

Deals That Actually Work
Unlike other coupon sites out there, the deals that are on Dealspotr work! No trying tons of coupons codes to be let down as the darn things do not work. You see, accompanied with all deals on Dealspotr is a screenshot that demonstrates that the code works. This way you can be assured that all the codes are real, plus you can see where to enter the code and get some coupon restrictions up front before using them.
Best deals for Itcosmetics at Dealspotr by barbies beauty bits
best makeup deals for itcosmetics at dealspotr by barbies beauty bits

No Hidden Information
Dealspotr’s philosophy is to give us as much information as possible in a transparent way so we can successfully find working codes to buy all the beauty items or anything else you want to purchase! Speaking about anything else, this brings me to my next reason why I love this site.

One Stop Shop
While I have been talking about beauty, this site is not just beauty, it has everything from computer deals, to grocery, to hosting coupons from sites like Groupon and Amazon.  Therefore, I call them my one stop shop as they have something for everyone and anything you want!

Deals at whole food by barbies beauty bits

Like Google For Deals
There are tons of deals posted on the internet every day, but these other sites make it difficult to locate them, hence a lot of us resort to going to the website of the actual product hoping to find a legit deal, but that can also be a fail! But on Dealspotr, you can see which 3rd party merchants are offering discounts on what you want to buy.

Say your daughter has wanted to get some products from Itcosmetics and you haven’t had any luck going to Itcosmetic's website for discounts.

Well on Dealspotr, they share 3rd party deals offering current codes you can use for discounts on the Itcosmetics makeup your daughter so desperately wants. Dealspotr is the only coupon site in the industry that does this.

25% off at itcosmetics on dealspotr by barbies beauty bits

Real People Are Sharing These Deals
Dealspotr is the world’s first crowdsourced savings site. All the deals are curated and edited by the Dealspotr community, that is made up of bargain hunters, couponers, bloggers, influencers, and shoppers just like me and hopefully you too one day!

My Personal Shopper
I look at Dealspotr as my own personal shopper because unlike other sites where you must scroll through pages of deals you'd never be interested in, Dealspotr has an excellent personalized deal feed that shows you deals based on your interests and favorite brands; now how great is that!? You can even follow a deal blogger, like myself to see what deals I am sharing to my feed every day!  Just Subscribe here.

Ways for beauty bloggers to make money at dealspotr by barbies beauty bits

Get Paid To Share
This is the best part; you can get money back to feed your beauty addiction!  I know you’re like where can I sign up for that.

So how this works is Dealspotr, gives you the opportunity to earn points daily by posting, editing, sharing or simply just by verifying that the deal works! The verifying option is great as it gives you the chance to earn points on an already posted deal.  This comes in handy, especially when you go to post a deal and find out it is already there, and if this is the case you can still earn points, by simply validating that the deals work.

Also, when you first join Dealspotr, you get 1000 points. You can then cash out all your points for an Amazon gift!

best ways for bloggers to make money at dealspotr by barbies beauty bits

Blogger Opportunities
In addition to earning points from posting deals, if you're a blogger or social media influencer, you can collaborate with Dealspotr through their Influencer Network and get access to paid projects and cross-promotional opportunities.

If you join Dealspotr through my referral link, you will be awarded 5000 points, instead of the 1000 for joining on your own.

And if that wasn’t good enough, once you sign up, you too will have the chance for referrals.  As when you refer others to Dealspotr, you will gift them 5,000 points when they join and complete their new user checklist and post their first valid deal.  Plus, you earn 20% of their points for the lifetime of their membership.

coupon codes

Sound good? It’s better than good, so what are you waiting for? Click here and sign up today to start saving and earning! And make sure to use the code BARBIESBEAUTYBITS to get your 5000 points

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