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April 5, 2017

13 Plus Genius Techniques To Make Your Thin Hair Thicker

13 Plus Genius Techniques To Make Your Thin Hair Thicker by barbies beauty bits

As we get older, the appearance of our hair changes.  It gets dryer, turns grays and worse, thinner. On average, we lose about 50-100 hairs daily, seems like a lot, doesn't it?  However, if this is happening while you are growing your hair back that’s OK.  But, what if you aren't? Especially, with this modelesque generation portrayed in magazines and reality TV shows, for women, it can be a real blow to your self-esteem.

Despite this thinning hair, it does not sentence you to a life of dull, lackluster tresses. In fact, there are several things that you can do to help your hair appear lush and thick, just by the way you style it and with the products you use.

So, if you want to find out how you can have fuller, lush hair continue reading!

Get With A Stylist
There are many ways to create the illusion of thicker hair. First is to find a stylist, by searching for a hair salon near me, once you find you both can come up with a HAIRtastic plan of action.

how color can make your hair appear thicker by barbies beauty bits

Hair Styles
Add Layers To You Hair: One of the best ways to conceal thinning hair is with a hairstyle that will add a lot of texture and layers, as this can create volume. This may mean trying a shorter style, as the weight of longer hair can pull your hair down and draw more attention to those thinning areas.

Coloring: There are many things you can do with coloring your hair. Your stylist can educate you on the different color options that would be best for you.  But in the meantime, know that color catches light in a variety of ways that can create the illusion of fuller hair, so you most certainly want to discuss all the possibilities with him or her!  For Example...

Go Ombre: Having a darker top portion to your hair and lighter ends is a great trick to helping your locks appear lusher! 

Highlights or Lowlights: One-dimensional hair can make your hair look dull and flat, so by using a combination of lowlights, highlights, or even some color accents, your stylist can do wonders for your hair!

A Part: Having a defined part can draw attention to your fine hair, therefore try a style that does not have a prominent part.

Add Hair Extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are great, they are an easy non-permanent way to add length and volume to your hair.  Additionally, clip in extensions does not damage the hair, unlike other hair alternatives like bonding which can weigh down the hair and cause breakage or even prevent hair growth.  Quality is important when it comes to hair extensions, so if you are looking to get some, you can get $10 off with my link, for Luxy Hair Extensions.

longer fuller hair with luxy hair extensions by barbies beauty bits

Hair Products
There are some great hair products out there that do live up to their claims.  The key is using them the correct way.

Dry Shampoo: While dry shampoo works amazingly on oil absorption, it is also perfect for adding volume and lift.  The key is to apply the dry shampoo at the beginning at the roots.

Protectors: Hair breakage is a significant contributor to thin hair and combine that with a hot styling tool, your hair is doomed! A quick way to prevent your hair from getting damaged is to apply a heat protector on your hair. In addition to a heat shield, you should invest in a UV protector along with some Moroccan or argan oils.

Hair products that can make your hair fuller by barbies beauty bits

Mouse: A lightweight mouse applied to the roots of your hair can give you a full look! Add that with blow drying your hair upside down at the crown, and you will be the queen of the full hair!

Using Products With The Wrong Ingredients: You want to stay away from products with sulfates in them as these are harsh and drying on the hair and scalp.

Clarifying Shampoo: We all get build up product and by implementing a clarifying shampoo into your beauty regimen, not only will it remove the residue build up but can help to make your hair appear thicker.

how to protect hair from heat damage by barbies beauty bits

Stop Overdoing The Do  
Conditioner:  While conditioner is a necessity if you don’t wash it out thoroughly you can weigh your hair down, and on top of that it can make your hair look oily.

Washing Your Hair Everyday. Keeping your hair clean is important, but washing it too often can thin your hair.  The longer you can go without washing your hair the better!

Don't Over Dry: Blowing drying your hair all the time can cause your hair to become brittle and flat.  Partially air drying your hair will allow your hair to be stronger. Over exposure to heat on your hair can make your hair look dull, as the heat from the dryer causes the cuticles to open, which can lead to frizz and breakage.  A tip to save on drying time, don’t apply conditioner to your entire hair, only apply to the ends of your hair.

Don’t Over Bleach:  While adding color for dimension is essential, over processing your hair will cause it to break off. Hence you don’t want to be bleaching your hair with each visit to the salon.

As you can see, none of these thinning hair remedies are difficult. Simply by learning how to best style your thinning hair while learning to use the correct products, you can do a great deal to give your hair the boost it needs to make it look like it is both voluminous and thick.


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