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July 30, 2013

Maybelline Tattoo Pure Pigments Review

Maybelline Tattoo Pure Pigments review by Barbie's Beauty Bits

I try to stay away from posting negative reviews, but this one I felt was necessary, as I think that a lot of people may want to give this product a try for the same reasons I did.  If you are a frequent visitor to my site, you know I love MAC eye shadows and pigments, so when I heard about Maybelline Tattoo Pure Pigments I was excited.   The name to me screamed, long lasting, heavily pigmented, bold, oh, and maybe I can find a MAC product (not color) dupe. NOT! It was upsetting to say the least.  In my opinion, this product needs to go on Spikes, Tattoo Nightmares, as it needs a lot of help!


Product: Maybelline Tattoo Pure Pigments

Cost: $5.99

The Skinny: 

  • This product comes in 12 different shades, with claims, they last 24 hours.  The 24-hour  part, I really didn’t believe, so honesty it wasn’t the deal breaker for me.  But I expected at least to surpass some cheap drug store products, which it didn’t.
  • There was not consistency with the colors; some lasted about 4 hours with primer, while the Brash Blue stained my eyelid making me look like I was punched in the eye.  The color was on there for a few days, so thank goodness for my MAC Carbon; I could cover my eyelid.
  • The colors were very flaky, sheer, difficult to blend, applied patchy, and needed lots of layering, urghh.  Unlike the original color tattoo products where they were long wearing cream shadows; this product was a loose powder, which contributed to a lot of fallout, scary if you ask me.  Something promising to last 24 hours, but has such extreme fallouts, so that means it could stain elsewhere (leading to my bruised eye look). 
  • Over all, the pigments were muddled.   While unlike other loose color pigments, where they are highly concentrated enabling you to create a subtle or intense color; these colors each had a mind of their own, making it a grueling process to know what it was going to look like.

Love it or hate it: HATE IT 

The Fine Print: I do not accept money for product reviews of any kind. Nor am I a representative or an affiliate of these products and or companies, unless otherwise stated.  All reviews are from my personnel experience of these products. 


  1. These products are so massively over hyped so it is refreshing to see another take on them :)

  2. ahhh such a shame these were disappointing. Lots of people will be drawn to them sadly because of the success of the cream shadows xo

    1. I agree, I know how popular the cream shadows are. I really wanted to like this, especially because of the price. I guess, I'll have to stay with the MAC pigments, unless you know of a non cream you could suggest.

      Well thanks for stopping by!


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