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July 19, 2013

How To Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer

How To Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer And Appear Darker By Barbie's Beauty Bits. I love dramatic and bold eyeshadow looks, especially those created for a Smokey eye look. Hence, today I wanted to share with you a short but sweet FUN FRIDAY TIP on how to make your eyeshadow intense and adhere longer! 

The best way to achieve that dramatic look is by fusing or combining together, both your eye shadow and your eyeliner.  By doing this it wears much better and the dimension is much greater than if you were to use alone.

So How To:
  1. Prime your eyes: This is one step you should never skip, using primer allows your makeup to last longer and blending is easier too.  Apply an eye shadow primer to the entire eyelid, from upper lash line to brow, and don’t forget the lower lash line if you are doing a Smokey eye.
  2. Put your eyeliner on along your upper lash line and smudge it with a short shader brush (214 Mac Short Shader Brush) or some eyeliners come with a sponge at the end to do this.
  3. Take your shadow brush an apply your eye shadow, it is important to blend it into the eyeliner; you can do this my wiggling it along the line creating a dark line of color. 
  4. For the Smokey eye look, .you want one side a bit darker than the other,
  5. Keep color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don't extend color above the crease.
  6. Repeat the process one more time, by applying eyeliner then shadow.  And don’t forget to have one darker side and one lighter side.
  7. Use a blending brush to blend out the last application of eyeliner into the shadow.
  8. Mess, there will be some shadow fallouts, but don’t worry you can wipe it off later.    
    • HOWEVER it is important to make sure that you apply your foundation after your eye shadow, otherwise you’ll end up blending the dark eyeshade into your face. 
    • To remove shadow fallout, I prefer to use eye makeup pad removers. But you can also use loose powder under the eye and wherever else some color may have dropped.  Once you have applied the powder, take a large powder brush and sweep both the powder and shadow away.


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