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May 24, 2013

How To Ease The Itch Of A Mosquito Bite

A Fast Friday Fun Tip… 

A cure to reduce itching & swelling of a Mosquito Bite by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Here is a great cure that my mom used when we were kids, and with all of this rain, I think we need to get rolling with this one.

Ailment: A swollen irritated mosquito bite.

Cure: Roll-on Antiperspirant. Yes, you read right! If you're in the pits with an itchy skeeter bite, pull out your antiperspirant and dab it on your pit BITE!

Why does this work? Antiperspirant contains aluminum salts that assist to absorb the fluid in the bite, helping to lessen the itching and decrease the swelling.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea. I am always covered in bites, especially when on vacation and sometimes it is so painful. Thanks for the tip.

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