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May 6, 2013

O.P.I. Nail Polish Dupes

O.P.I. nail polish dupes 2013 by Barbie's Beauty Bits

I think I could start an eBay store with all of these nail polish I’ve accumulated over the years and this past month for my A-Z nail polish name's series. However, prior to tossing some of the old  polishes that had sat in my drawer for years, I decided to see if there were any O.P.I. dupes.  Some of the polishes nailed it with similarity, while others were darker, finishes varied and some the consistence was different.  Overall, the search was harder than I anticipated, an, although I hate to admit this, some polishes were old, so it was hard to tell the actual color.   None the less, I was able to find enough colors, one for each nail, for this Mani Monday post.

Polish 1: Catch Me If You Can, By O.P.I. 
DUPE:  Charla, By Zoya
Color: Sea Green
Polish 2: Dating a Royal, by O.P.I.
 DUPE: Mesmerize, by Esse
Color: Royal Blue
Polish 3: Lincoln Park After Dark, by OPI 
DUPE: Deliciously Dark, by Rimmel
Color: Purplish black
Polish 4: That's Hot! Pink, by OPI 
DUPE: Whitney, by Zoya
Color: Hot Pink 

Polish 5: Vodka & Caviar 
DUPE: Masai Red, by China Glaze
Color:  Red

Have any nail polish dupes?  If so please share. Until next time...

* Images coming soon, my camera did not show justice in colors

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  1. Love this! OPI is so expensive in Ireland!! I really like your blog and just followed you! I found you on the Monday Beauties Blog Hop!! Here's my link if you wanna check it out and follow back! x

  2. Thanks for the dupes!!


  3. OPI That´s Hot! Pink dupe is LÓreal Color Riche nail polish in Sassy Pink. I also did a post about it last July.

    Beauty by Miss L

  4. I have a huge makeup bag just dedicated to nailpolish...At least it's organized!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great info, I am pretty lucky I can get them at trade price but still great to know there are cheaper versions out there

    Ems xx

  6. Great post! I love a good dupe especially if it is more affordable.

    1. Me too! Gives us the chance to get more. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  7. I love finding dupes for expensive polishes! Looking forward to seeing comparison photos. :)

  8. OPI Fly = Jordana Boy Oh Boy or Hard Candy Frenzy
    OPI Pink-ing Of You = Pure Ice Tickle Me Pink o
    r Wet n Wild Flirty Rose Creme
    OPI A Grape Fit = Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Good To Grape
    OPI Did It On `Em = Julep Nikki

  9. Very useful info! Thanks for sharing!


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