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April 29, 2024

Redefining Beauty: Ditch These 4 Outdated Beauty Ideas


Redefining Beauty: Ditch These 4 Outdated Beauty Ideas

Forget the rulebook because beauty is rewriting itself! Gone are the days of rigid beauty standards. Today, diversity walks the runway, acceptance graces the cover of magazines, and individuality is the hottest trend. 

We are in a time where every shade of skin, every body type, and every unique feature should be celebrated. We're finally dismantling the myth of a singular ideal and embracing the beauty spectrum in all its glorious forms.

But hold on! While the world of beauty is evolving, I still hear some outdated ideas that could be lingering in your head. 

Let's expose these myths for what they are. In this post, Barbie' Beauty Bits will discuss four outdated ideas and empower you to rewrite your beauty story. Get ready to ditch that outdated rulebook and embrace the unique you!

Why Am I Writing This? Ditch the Myth: There's One Right Way To Be Beautiful

Binge-watching Netflix's "Love is Blind" inspired me to write this blog post. In the show, couples try to build a connection based solely on personality and sight unseen. If they fall in love, they get engaged without seeing each other. One couple, Taylor and JP, when they finally met face-to-face, things went south really fast!   

I was confused by JP's distant behavior (he barely said a word, and this is a TV show where he talked all the time). We all discovered why he wouldn't speak to her: He didn't like her "dressed-up" look, with makeup and eyelashes. He even made rude comments, implying that women who wear makeup are fake—a major turn-off for him.

Seriously?! This is Love is Blind, remember? The point is to fall for someone's inner beauty, not appearance. Shouldn't JP have communicated his preference for someone who did not wear makeup without resorting to rudeness?  

Fueled by his outdated and narrow-minded beauty ideals, which led him to label everyone who gets all dolled up as fake. And this my beauties is the exact reason we need to have this conversation. It's time to ditch these tired myths and empower everyone to define their version of beauty!


Ditch The "Aging Gracefully" Judgement

The concept of "aging gracefully" often gets tossed around, implying quiet acceptance of wrinkles and the passage of time. But here's the thing: aging is a privilege, not a punishment. While appreciating the gift of growing older is essential, that doesn't mean sacrificing your confidence.

Beauty standards constantly evolve, and feeling your best at any age shouldn't be considered a rebellion against nature. 

There's no shame in exploring cosmetic procedures, whether it's a subtle tweak or something more transformative like a breast augmentation. The key lies in doing it for yourself, not societal expectations or what a significant other may think. It is your body and your decision.  

If a little nip and tuck or a touch of rejuvenation makes you feel more radiant, then that's graceful aging in its truest form – it's about embracing your own definition of beauty throughout life's journey.

Myth 2: Natural Beauty Is Superior

Everyone has natural beauty; it’s just a matter of perspective. What you may not like about yourself could be the best part about you for someone else. 

That said, the key lies in embracing your individuality, not striving for some idealized version of "natural." Whether you rock bold makeup daily, prefer to wear hair extensions, want to dye those grays, or love a flamboyant clothing style, that's what makes you.  

Beauty tips for a more confident you could include cosmetic treatments and eyelash extensions as ways to enhance your confidence and express yourself creatively. The idea that you are somehow "lesser" for not adhering to a narrow definition of "natural" is a myth that we can happily leave behind. The truest form of beauty is embracing your unique style and radiating confidence from the inside out. 

Myth 3: Expensive Products Are Always Better

"Expensive Products Are Always Better" is not always the case. And you must be happy to hear that! Sometimes, expensive products can be overhyped, contain too much of one active ingredient, or may not match your preferences. 

Do you really need a celebrity-endorsed makeup palette to look good? Not really. Therefore, it's always better to go for what works for you, experiment, and not worry if you need to pick up the discount option from time to time. You can still look fabulous.


Myth 4: Skincare Is For When You Are Older? Not So Fast!

This is a common myth that drives me crazy. And I can tell by the looks of the people's skin who believe it! But here's the truth: skincare is an investment in your skin's future, not a last-ditch effort to regain lost youth.  

Think about it—it is much easier to maintain than repair. The sooner you start, the sturdier and healthier your skin will be in the long run.

Like a car needs regular maintenance to prevent major repairs, consistent skincare helps protect your skin from daily aggressors like sun damage, pollution, and environmental stressors. Starting early helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation down the road.

While many skincare products and gadgets are available, don't be overwhelmed. Begin with the basics: cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. These skincare tips for beginners create a foundation for healthy, resilient skin. 

Plus, good skincare helps your makeup perform its best. Imagine applying foundation without settling into fine lines – that's the magic of a consistent skincare routine. It's not about covering imperfections but creating a canvas that allows your natural beauty to shine through.

The Bottom Line: Embrace Your Definition of Beauty

We've explored and debunked four outdated beauty ideas, hopefully empowering you to define beauty on your own terms. It's important to remember that preferences exist – some people might prefer a no makeup  while others love a bold makeup look. There's no single "right" way to be beautiful.

The key takeaway? Embrace your individuality! Whether you love rocking your lash game or want to try some cosmetic procedures, it's all about feeling confident and expressing yourself authentically. Beauty comes from self-love and celebrating what makes you unique.

So ditch the outdated beauty rules and embrace your own version of beautiful!



  1. I'll keep these in mind. I have found some non expensive stuff that works as well as the cheap.

  2. Expensive products are not always the best. I use argan lotion on my face and it does better.

  3. I always hate it when everything things the more expensive something is the better it is. That certainly is not true at all. Some less expensive things can be just as great.

  4. It is good to keep these things in mind and be realistic when it comes to beauty expectations. I think a lot of people spend way too much on beauty products, thinking they are much better than cheaper products.

  5. totally agree that we each need to embrace our definition of beauty, whether it be being happy with our gray hair or wanting to color it up, having procedures or none at all...

  6. Let's keep rewriting the beauty rulebook and encouraging everyone to define beauty on their own terms!

  7. Thank you for this! I watched that season of LIB too and was repelled by JP's reaction. It wasn't his right to tell her what kind of makeup to wear or not wear. Yuck! So glad that you also stated that aging is a privilege. It is! I get so sad when I hear all these anti-aging terms thrown around. The alternative to not aging is a sad one. Thank you for promoting more empowering messages about beauty!

  8. I agree people need to learn to embrace beauty however they wish. I know so many folks spend a lot of money on high class beauty products and many who spend less get the same results. I say that to say less expensive products works just fine.

  9. My mantra for beauty is "you do you". I might now want fillers, but if someone else does, go for it. We all have to feel good in our own skin!

  10. I wouldn't necessarily call aging gracefully a myth. I think it's good to remove the stigma and shame over the effects of gravity and time while cultivating self acceptance and love as you grow older. Not that there is anything wrong with seeking procedures if it's harder to do but certainly there is beauty still in those that forego it. Everything else I can absolutely get behind!

  11. I use DIY natural stuff for skincare. I really don't want to try any expensive stuff because I'm afraid of what toxic ingredients might be in them.

  12. Exactly! There are many definitions of beauty. We just need to pick one and stick to it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Expensive products definitely are not always better! I've tried so many expensive creams and moisturizers and ended up finding that the best one for me is a $10 one that lasts month (which I buy at my local drug store).

  14. Yes!! Spending tons of money on products for your face/beauty doesn't necessarily mean that it's better than the dupes and cheaper options that are out there. I know this from personal experience. :)

  15. Yep, to me these all seem like myths that need to be debunked. You've done a good job of this.

  16. I really like your takeaway because I believe also on that the line you have there where we should embrace our own definition of beauty. Because beauty is just a social standard.

  17. I love that you mentioned expense. Sometimes the more expensive products ARE fantastic, but that is for sure, not always the case.

  18. These are great myth busters! Expensive products are not always better and I don't think there's anything wrong with some slight maintenance here and there.


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