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April 3, 2024

Patient Loyalty And Med Spa Marketing: Are Your Clients Cheating


Are Your Clients Cheating on You? Unlocking Patient Loyalty: The Art of Aesthetic Med Spa Marketing

Now, you may wonder why we're posing such a provocative question. But take a moment to reflect: How many return patients do you actually get? 

Are you diligently following up after each visit, or are you putting all your efforts into acquiring new potential clients? Keep in mind that getting a satisfied customer to return is much easier than attracting a first-time visitor. So, why do many businesses keep focusing on acquiring new clients while ignoring the potential of customer retention (maybe subconsciously, as they take it for granted that customers will return)?

So, what marketing strategies are you using to encourage customers to return to your business repeatedly?

We know the notion of "cheating" might catch you off guard, but let's be candid—it's the truth. Your patients may have strayed, but why? Let's delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon and explore actionable solutions and medical spa marketing campaigns to reclaim their loyalty.

Memory Lapse: When Patients Forget About You

In today's busy world, patients can easily forget about your aesthetic practice without consistent reminders. While they may recall their initial visit, staying on their mental radar requires proactive engagement. The forgetfulness problem is not unique to your practice, but it is something you can address with the proper marketing plan for brand awareness. So, you may be asking "How do I market my Medspa?" Well, continue reading. 


Stay Connected Following Up With Your Patients

Reconnecting with patients after their initial visit is essential. A friendly email, personalized text message, or even a postcard can go a long way in keeping your practice on their minds. Let them know you care about their well-being and are here to help.

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Educational Content: Reminding Patients Of The Benefits Of Maintenance Treatments

Regularly sharing informative content is crucial to remind patients of the benefits of maintenance treatments and your practice's expertise. One effective way to do this is through search engine optimization SEO-friendly blog posts. Think about the questions patients may Google before getting a procedure done. If you are not participating in the game, how can they even find you? 

Patients seek knowledge about services before making decisions, which is why they read reviews or go to social media. But what if you were the resource that provided them with the answers to their questions? 

If you don't have a blog yet, consider adding one to your website. This will allow you to share valuable content with your patients and keep them engaged with your practice. You can then share this information on social media and through email marketing, which takes us to our next topic.

Leveraging Email Marketing For Effective Customer Education

Email marketing can be an effective way to educate your customers. Unlike social media platforms, where you have no control over your audience, email marketing allows you to connect with the target audience of customers who have opted in to receive information from you. This means you don't have to worry about social media algorithms or sudden social media platform shutdowns, like the one on March 5th this year. That not only affected practices but also marketing companies' social posts and Facebook ad campaigns.

Various programs, like Mailchimp, can help those in the medical spa industry to create and send monthly emails, and we at Barbie's Beauty Bits can manage these for you. By leveraging email marketing, you can ensure your customers are informed and engaged with your brand.

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The Uninformed Patient: The Knowledge Gap

Patients often lack comprehensive information about treatment upkeep and the long-term benefits, leading to disengagement. Empowering your patients through education, such as blog posts or email marking, can help address this knowledge gap.

Empower Through Education

Provide a treatment roadmap. Explain how multiple sessions lead to optimal results. Utilize before-and-after visuals to demonstrate the transformative power of consistent care. Ensure clear communication using simple language to avoid confusion or intimidation caused by medical jargon. If you do not provide your patients with this information, it empowers them to make informed decisions about their health and treatment.

By staying connected with your patients, sharing informative content, and empowering them through education, you can help ensure they remember your practice. By taking these steps, you can build stronger relationships with your patients and provide them with the care they deserve.

Better Deals Elsewhere: The Temptation Of Alternatives The Allure of Bargains 

Patient loyalty is not an accident; it requires deliberate efforts. In a world inundated with discounts and promotions, patients may be enticed by better deals elsewhere, causing their loyalty to waver. 

To combat this, practices need to be transparent about costs, highlight their unique value proposition, and emphasize the importance of long-term investment. By doing so, they can build trust and reinforce the idea that quality often surpasses fleeting bargains.

The Convenience Factor: Accessibility Wins The Battle

During their retreatment, patients tend to choose the most convenient provider, even if they were happy with their previous experience with you. To become their go-to choice, medical practices should focus on maintaining patient engagement, highlighting their location advantage, and using appointment reminders to prevent patients from going to other competitors. These efforts can help practices stay top of mind and make it easier for patients to choose them over others.


Build Lasting Loyalty: Rewarding Patients Through Innovative Programs

Existing patients represent a valuable asset, and practices must keep them returning. Practices can incentivize and nurture patients by implementing loyalty programs, personalizing interactions, and staying relevant. Rewarding repeat visits with discounts, exclusive events, or loyalty points, remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones to show genuine care, adapting to evolving trends, and offering e-commerce experiences to meet their expectations are all effective ways to cultivate patient loyalty. 

Becoming The Preferred Option Through Regular Communication

By engaging creatively with patients, staying abreast of industry trends, and consistently delivering exceptional service, practices can transform informed patients into confident advocates of their practice. The power of loyalty lies in the hands of the practice, and by implementing these strategies, they can unlock recurring revenue and build long-lasting relationships with their patients.

In Summary

In summary, remember it is much easier to get a current customer to visit more often than to obsess over driving new patients to your business. Don't overlook the importance of existing clientele—implement programs for ongoing follow-up, education, loyalty, and more. And guess what? We can help with that.

Learn more about our med spa marketing services at Barbie's Beauty Bits Group, which specializes in content marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing for medical spas, aesthetics, dentists, doctors, medical practices, skincare, and beauty brands. 

Let's work together to ensure your patients stay loyal and engaged, driving lasting success for your practice.


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