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March 31, 2024

Egg-cellent Easter Beauty Tips: Fragrance, Skincare, Fashion And Lavender Water


Egg-cellent Easter Beauty Tips: Fragrance, Skincare, Fashion And Lavender from the beauty spotlight team. 

Welcome to an egg-cellent Easter edition of beauty tips! As the beauty spotlight team cracks open the season of renewal, it's time to freshen up our routines with fragrances that uplift the spirit, skincare that rejuvenates, and fashion that transcends age boundaries. 

Discover the enchanting scents of LAVANILA's Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Sugarcane, the timeless elegance of leggings, and the wonders of lavender water for radiant skin. Let's dive into this season's blooming beauty together!


Easter Beauty Tips

Seeking the perfect fragrances for spring? Lola's Secret Beauty Blog waxes poetic about the beauty of LAVANILA The Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla and also in Vanilla Sugarcane. They are uplifting gorgeous scents that are a treat to the senses.

Do you think women of a certain age should no longer wear leggings? Actually, age doesn’t matter. Angie at Your True Self Blog has two tips that show you why. These style tips will make you look classy in leggings.

City Beauty is having a $35 Sale on a new skincare product launch as well as on about 10 selected products including Allison from Never Say Die Beauty’s favorites: Lid-Lifting Treatment, MicroBiome Mask, City Lips & Lash Bundle and more! Now through March 31.

In Barbie's Beauty Bits' spring-themed post, she unlocks the secrets of lavender water benefits. Discover how this magical flower rebalances and hydrates skin, removes makeup and dirt, and primes it for other skincare products, unveiling a radiant glow.

As you celebrate Easter and spring, try these egg-cellent beauty tips to enhance your natural radiance and embrace the season's blooming beauty.


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