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April 7, 2020

Top 6 Benefits Of Lavender Water

Top 6 Benefits Of Lavender Water By Barbies Beauty Bits

So, what is up with lavender water? I'll tell you what's up; it is has become my secret weapon for my skin while being quarantined and supplementing my beauty regimen with products that have multiple uses.

What Is Lavender Water Used For? The origin and history of floral waters are nothing new. Did you know that ''Lavender'' comes from the Latin word “lavere,” which means "to wash."  The use of lavender water can be linked back to ancient Thrace as nature was people’s answer to grace and beauty. It still is now with its purity and perfection in beauty products.

The many benefits of lavender water for the skin and hair by barbies beauty bits

One product I've been using these past few weeks is Thracian Bio Lavender Water, made from steam-distilled premium lavender blossoms, with nothing else added.

Thracian Bio Lavender Water is 100% pure essence of premium lavender from the highest oil-producing lavender blossoms in the world, Bulgarian lavender. Bulgaria has overtaken France as the world's largest producer of lavender and is famous for its lavender plantations!

Lavender is not only fantastic for the skin and hair, but it has plenty of health benefits, including being therapeutic and detoxifying.

And beauties, that's not all it can do! Check out some more benefits on why lavender water is a secret weapon to glowing, radiant skin and healthy hair.

Imagine a beauty product that can do it all!
The Many Benefits Of Using Lavender Water
Lavender Water Acts As A Toner
A toner is that in-between skincare step that a lot of people forget to include in their skincare routine. But trust me, adding a toner to your skincare regime is a must. Not only does lavender rebalance and hydrate the skin. It is excellent at removing any stubborn dirt or leftover makeup after cleansing, leaving your skin ready to absorb your other skincare products.

Minimizes Enlarged Pores
When the skin produces too much oil, it can mix with dead skin cells and dirt in a pore. This oil and dead skin get trapped, causing the pore to become inflamed.  Lavender water is very effective at exfoliating the dead skin cells, unclogging, leaving your complexion tightened and radiant.

The Many Benefits Of Using Lavender Water By Barbies Beauty Bits

Lavender Is Rich Of Vitamins And Minerals
Lavender is a source of vitamin A, helping to speed up healing and supporting the skin's immune system. This means its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are excellent for acne-prone skin.  It has some other significant calming effects on the skin like reducing redness while fighting and preventing further skin irritations.

Most Popular Anti-aging Herb

Our skin is continuously exposed to tons of environmental factors that are harmful to our complexion, preventing cellular turnover. Aggressors like UV rays, dirt, pollution, even makeup can settle into our pores, dulling our skin's radiance. But lavender is here to the rescue as it contains powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals that can lead to premature aging, including a loss of collagen and wrinkles.

The benefits lavender has on the hair by barbies beauty bits

Helps To Achieve Healthy Hair
Lavender has amazing antiseptic properties that aid with a dry, itchy scalp. If you have oily hair, it will keep the production of sebum in check. On the hair itself, lavender water restores, moisturizes, and softens dull, dry hair.

Lavender improves blood circulation, which is why some people use it to give their hair that extra boost towards growth and thickness.

A review on Thracian Bio Lavendar water by barbies beauty bits

So it all adds up to this
The benefits of lavender water are abundant – making it one of the easiest and cost-effective ingredients (which we all need right now) to add to your beauty routine.

For a deeper dive into the magic of this fantastic flower, check out Thracian Bio, as they are dedicated to bringing you only the best in skincare.

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Top 6 Benefits of Lavendar Water by Top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits


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