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July 3, 2023

Top Makeup Trends To Watch Out For This Summer


Top Makeup Trends To Watch Out For This Summer

Want to be a trendsetter this summer? Discover the must-try makeup trend for 2023 and be the envy of all your friends. Don't miss out on these exciting beauty trends brought to you by top beauty blogger Barbie's Beauty Bits!

Cloud matte skin, metallic lids, bronzed skin, and layers of blush are probably already taking over your social media, as they're some of the biggest beauty and makeup trends for summer 2023, and now you can be the envy of all your friends, with these summer 2023 makeup trends.

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The Cloud Trend- The Glow Within Makeup Look For Summer

Trends come and go. Yep, it is precisely that—cyclical. This means nearly everything that goes out of style will eventually find its way back into the cycle again. 

And after a years-long love affair with dewy, glassy skin, it looks like the beauty community is finally coming back around to a glow within with this summer’s “must-have look” cloud skin. This soft, matte look has put a definitive end to the glassy complexion fad. 

Mind you, cloud skin has very little to do with the “ultra-baked,” flat matte look of the mid-2010s. This is a relief since that look only worked for people in their 20s with flawless skin, and it made those of us over 40  look older by emphasizing imperfections.

Instead, it sits midway between matte and dewy, with a softer, more natural focus achieved by blending textures and using powder wisely but sparingly. 

The result is a hazy, beautiful, smooth complexion that seems to “glow from within.” Of course, this is just one of many summer trends to be aware of!

The Underpainting Makeup Trend For Summer

Celebrity makeup artist, Mary Philips, has popularized a new trend called “underpainting.” The technique involves applying your blush and contour before applying your foundation. 

The result is an ultra-blended, smooth look you would otherwise have to spend around half an hour of blending to achieve. This look has a second feature that appeals: it is ultra-minimalistic, which fits in with the current penchant for all things natural.


The Sun-Kissed Summer Makeup Trend

Bronzers always play a starring role in the summer; this year, it’s no different with L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion. This remarkable beauty product is your secret weapon to achieving a radiant and sun-kissed glow all season long. 

The Glotion's lightweight formula blends effortlessly onto your skin, providing a luminous and natural finish. Its subtle bronzing effect enhances your complexion, giving you that coveted summer bronze look. 

Whether hitting the beach or attending a rooftop party, L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion is your go-to for the ultimate summer makeup trend. Embrace the season's warmth and let your skin shine with this essential must-have beauty.

The Metallic Eyeshadow Trend This Summer

Nothing says “summer” like an evening cocktail poolside soirée—one in which Louboutins, sparkly dresses, and pops of color with metallic eyelids set the scene. 

Blue, orange, and violet metallics are the shades to opt for, though any foiled shade will work, provided you pair it with daily natural-looking eyebrows, colorful eyeliner, and lip colors. Let your eyes capture all the light and attention, and you’re all set. 

Whether you are into big-name or private label cosmetics, opt for deep cleansers that can efficiently remove every last trace of shadow from your eyes at the end of a long night out.

Metallics can be more resistant than average powder shadows, so an oil-based cleanser is the order of the day if you want to sleep with 100% clean skin.


Cream Blushes For Mid Tone Blushing

Cream blushes are a major trend in summer makeup for 2023. One of the current popular trends, referred to as "mid-tone blushing" on TikTok, involves seamlessly blending your blush and under-eye makeup for a flawless look. 

To achieve this technique, follow these steps: Gently bake your under-eyes using a soft blending brush and a sheer setting powder after completing your makeup routine. 

Next, apply a second blush, a shade lighter than the initial one you used, along the edges to diffuse the translucent powder into your blush. This process creates a harmonious and blended effect, ensuring a seamless finish for your overall makeup look. Stay on-trend and experiment with this technique to achieve a flawless mid-tone blushing effect.

 Ultimate Summer Makeup Trend With The Combination Of Concealer And Serum

Experience the ultimate summer makeup trend with the combination of concealer and serum using IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Dark Spots Concealer and Serum. 

This innovative beauty product provides exceptional coverage for imperfections and dark spots and delivers the benefits of a nourishing serum. As you apply this dual-action formula, you'll notice the lightweight texture effortlessly blending into your skin, creating a flawless and radiant complexion. 

 With its long-lasting formula, you can confidently rock this concealer plus serum combo throughout the warm summer days without worrying about it melting or fading. 

To Sum It Up

Don't hesitate any longer! These sizzling summer makeup trends for 2023, brought to you by Barbie's Beauty Bits, are all you need to stay on top of your beauty game!

From the matte complexion with cloud skin. To adding a touch of bronzer to embrace that coveted sun-kissed radiance. To becoming the belle of the poolside party with captivating metallic eyeshadows and the two trending blush techniques: underpainting and mid-tone blushing, we have you covered.  

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make heads turn and leave a lasting impression this summer!



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