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July 25, 2023

Shop LC: Embrace The Summer Vibes With Purple Jewelry And More


Embrace the Vibrant Summer Vibes with Purple Jewelry and More from Shop LC!

As the warm sun kisses our skin and the days get longer, it's time to bask in the glory of summer! What better way to embrace the season's radiant energy than with the lustrous hues of purple jewelry and various other summer must-haves from Shop LC? 

Let's explore some exquisite products that add elegance and flair to your summer style.

Shop LC: Your Shopping Makes A Difference With 15% OFF Too!

Firstly, I'd like to express my appreciation for ShopLC and their commitment to ending childhood hunger since 2017. They have a remarkable program called "Your Purchase Feeds" that automatically provides meals to children in India or the United States with every purchase. 

It's heartwarming to know that we are contributing to such a worthy cause without any additional effort by simply making a purchase. Now, let's delve into the exquisite array of purple jewelry available at ShopLC and don't forget to save my coupon code: BARBIE for 15% OFF any purchase, including sale items! 

Shop Amethyst Jewelry Deal At Shop LC

Amethyst And Multi Gemstone Cocktail Ring At Shop LC

For an extraordinary touch of glamour to your purple summer vibe, behold the Amethyst and Multi Gemstone Cocktail Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver! This show-stopping ring boasts a remarkable 6.10 carats of gemstones, featuring a captivating amethyst as its centerpiece.

The amethyst gemstone's rich, velvety purple hue captures the essence of summer's allure. Surrounding the amethyst are square-shaped Orissa rhodolite and zircon rounds, enhancing the overall beauty and adding extra sparkle!.

Crafted in platinum over sterling silver, this ring offers a luxurious and durable setting that complements the brilliance of the gemstones. Its statement size and exquisite design make it the perfect accessory for special occasions, evening parties, or even adding a touch of glamour to your casual summer outfits.

Whether you're sipping cocktails by the poolside or attending a glamorous summer soiree, this Amethyst and Multi Gemstone Cocktail Ring will undoubtedly elevate your style and become the center of attention wherever you go.

Product Link: Amethyst and Multi Gemstone Cocktail Ring - Shop LC



Shop LC's Amethyst Tennis Bracelet In Platinum Over Sterling Silver For Summer

Wrap your wrist in the beauty of the Amethyst Tennis Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver! This exquisite bracelet features stunning amethyst gemstones totaling an impressive 11.85 carats, evoking the essence of purple blooms under the warm summer sun.

Crafted with care, this elegant tennis bracelet from Shop LC showcases the brilliance of amethyst stones set in lustrous platinum over sterling silver. Its versatile 7.25-inch length ensures a comfortable fit, and the charming simulated diamond charm enhancer lock adds a touch of sophistication to the piece.

Capture the season's enchantment with this gorgeous amethyst tennis bracelet, a timeless addition to your jewelry collection that will infuse every summer outfit with elegance and charm.


Product Link: Amethyst Tennis Bracelet Platinum Over Sterling Silver - Shop LC



Hit The Beach In Style With Bamfy Laguna Beach UV400 Sunglasses At Shop LC

While summer vibes are often associated with the color purple, who says you can't rock the beach in style with a touch of ocean-inspired elegance? 

Introducing the Bamfy Laguna Beach UV400 Sunglasses with Bamboo Legs and Case from Shop LC, a must-have accessory that blends fashion and sustainability for your sunny adventures.

These sunglasses are both fashionable and protective, with a range of styles to choose from. The Hazel style reflects the sandy hues of a golden beach, while the Oceans Blue frame is reminiscent of clear, sparkling waters. The lenses, marked with the plate number UV400, offer protection from harmful sun rays, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable day in the summer sun.

What sets these sunglasses apart is their eco-friendly construction. The bamboo legs add a natural and sophisticated touch to the design and make them an environmentally-conscious choice for fashion-forward individuals.

Whether you're strolling along the sandy shores, enjoying water sports, or simply soaking up the sun's rays, the Bamfy Laguna Beach UV400 Sunglasses will be your go-to accessory. Combine fashion, function, and sustainability this summer, and elevate your beachwear with these stylish sunglasses.

Product Link: Bamfy Laguna Beach UV400 Sunglasses - Shop LC




As summer unfolds its brilliance, Shop LC invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of purple jewelry and other delightful summer essentials. 

Whether it's the calming allure of amethyst or the captivating charm of diamonds, these radiant gems are sure to make you shine throughout the season. Embrace the vibrancy of summer and elevate your style with these exquisite pieces from Shop LC! Happy summer shopping!



  1. I love amethyst in rings, necklaces and earrings. It has a beauty all of its own and pairs perfectly with any outfit.

  2. So pretty! I have always loved the color purple.

  3. Purple is my favorite color. I will have to do some shopping.

  4. I love these. Purple is such a great color. I love those pieces of jewelry.

  5. Oh these are just lovely! I could use a few new peices of jewelry or sunglasses.

  6. Love the amethyst. I have 5 cathedral geodes in front of my mantel and a huge geode coffee table!

  7. I love this gorgeous purple jewelry! Summer is my favorite season and I love to try new styles and fashion. The amethyst bracelet and ring are wonderful!


  8. Wow! These are all really lovely and pretty jewelry! This is perfect specially because my favorite color is purple

  9. I am loving the summer vibes and those beautiful jewelry pieces from Shop LC! Embracing the season with such stylish accessories is definitely a must.

  10. I love a nice pop of purple! That bracelet you featured is beautiful, I would wear something like that.

  11. Those accessories are truly beautiful, I love how Amethyst can be such varying shades of purple in one stone!

  12. I love the sunglasses the most! Lets enjoy summer. I know it can be hot but its one of the most fun time of the year!

  13. Oh I love summer. And these items make it more fun. These radiant gems are just lovely.

  14. The Amethyst and Multi Gemstone Cocktail Ring is truly a show-stopper! The rich, velvety purple hue of the amethyst and the surrounding rhodolite and zircon rounds create a captivating combination that's perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of glamour to casual summer outfits.

  15. Purple is my favorite color. I’d love to have the tennis bracelet or a small ring with a purple gem in it.

  16. This is some unique type of jewellery 👀

  17. I love that this shop gives back as well and love these purple pieces! They are so pretty and that ring is stunning! Will check this shop out!

  18. That tennis bracelet is so pretty and stunning; my fav of the things here

  19. Whew! With those sun-glasses, I am so ready for this summer, girl! Thanks for sharing the plug!


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