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June 21, 2022

Tips To Feel More Confident In The Summer

Tips To Feel More Confident In The Summer Barbies Beauty Bits

Every woman wants to feel and look her best, especially in the Summer. When you look good, you feel good, meaning you can look at the world with your chin up, so you brim with confidence.

Each woman has her own sense of what she thinks looks good and what does not. Regardless of the season, there are many ways to feel beautiful and body-confident and one of them is by wearing Women Designer wear. These clothes are specifically designed to fit well and flatter your body type, making you feel confident and comfortable.

From the clothes you wear, how you style your hair, to glowing summer skin, even how you present yourself to the world,  there is no end to what you can do to feel fantastic, look beautiful, and ooze confidence.

Let's look at just a few things women can do to feel beautiful and body confident this Summer.

Bikini Body Confidence

Even when you feel self-confident most of the time, Summer presents a self-esteem challenge with its demands for carefree body confidence. A whisper of the word "bikini," especially if you have lost weight or have a post-baby body, can trigger self-doubt. Because of this, many cannot relax and enjoy the beautiful things that Summer offers.

If you have a hang-up about how you look in a bathing suit speaking with an experienced Melbourne plastic surgeon can help you if you are looking for something like a post-baby breast augmentation. This procedure can restore fullness and youthful shape to your breasts! 

summer fashion tips barbies beauty bits

Buy Summer Clothes That Work For Your Body

Let's first start with swimwear. There are gorgeous swimsuits are out there, no matter your size. Highlight your best feature while minimizing areas you may not feel confident about.

I love what I call the Yacht suit, which is more of a black one-piece, dark glasses, and a wide-brim hat. My sister loves vintage-style swimsuits, or another love currently of mine is a high-waisted bikini bottom with fuller cupped bikini tops. All of these offer coverage.

And do not forget to accessorize with a cute bathing suit cover, a big floppy hat, and wide brim glasses.

Identify Your Summer Colors

Everyone has different tastes. Some women love plain, neutrals linens for Summer, while others prefer loud, bright, and vibrant flowy dresses. Whatever your favorite colors are, make sure you have them in your wardrobe.

If you have one green dress, you feel amazing every time you slip it on. Then maybe you need some more green in your collection. Many online articles will tell you which colors work best for various skin tones, hair colors, and complexions. However, ultimately, it comes down to how beautiful you feel in whatever you wear.

Summer Hair With Beachy Wave Curls

One of the best hairstyles for Summer is the Beachy wave curls. They are a go-to celebrity hairstyle and have been for a while, as they look great on virtually every one of all hair lengths, hair types, occasions, and ages.

However, mastering those loose beachy wave curls can be daunting. But no worries as there is a science to it. And once you get that down, you are on your way to looking and feeling confident with your new beach curls.

Summer Hair With Beachy Wave Curls Barbies Beauty Bits

Get Summer Ready Skin With Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to get your body summer ready. And it has some other benefits other than the exterior. It is a terrific way to eliminate toxins and detoxify the body as it increases the blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system, unclogs your pores, and exfoliates your entire body. It is the perfect way to get summer-ready skin.

Be Confident And Smile

The old adage "when you smile, the world smiles back" still holds true. If you want to truly feel confident and beautiful, smile when you are out and about. When you look happy and secure, you will be greeted with smiles everywhere you go.

If the world smiles at you everywhere you go, you will quickly feel more confident and beautiful in yourself. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you genuinely want to feel beautiful, you need to see the beauty in yourself, be confident in yourself and be happy in your skin when you are out in the world.

Start Strengthening Those Muscles For Summer

Starting some strength training using your own body weight can make a big difference in a reasonably short time. One because it is super easy, so there are no excuses for not having the right workout equipment. And secondly, it is less about the number (how much you weighed or lost) and more about body shape.

Make sure if you want to slim down to create an energy deficit or a negative energy balance. 

tips to eating healthy this summer barbies beauty bits

Eat To Nourish Instead Of Restricting

I'm not a fan of the word diet. Eating healthy rather than some crazy fad diet is the key. Brain-friendly foods include coconut oil, oily fish, nuts, dark leafy greens and spices such as turmeric.

With these small, everyday changes, you can nurture a new voice within that speaks positively about the way you look. When you do this, your brain-body connection will become stronger and work for you rather than against you,allowing you to feel more confident this Summer.

Personal Affirmations To Feel More Confident

Sadly, we are our worst enemies when it comes to feeling good about ourselves. There's no magic wand you can wave that will make you feel 100% confident, but there are truths with realistic expectations.  So stop the stinkin, thinkin.

First stop with comparisons, especially with those seen on social media, TV, or celebs and models. Remind yourself that most of the time, they are airbrushed anyway!

Second, start with some daily affirmations. For example, if you are working out, do a happy I just finished working out dance.

If you are implementing a new skincare routine to help with your dry Summer skin, give yourself a double thumbs up after complementing.

You got your new bathing suit and cover-up. Do that movie star kiss and wave as you look gorgeous!

While these praises may seem petty to some, it is one of the most important things you can do to fire off a positive feeling that emphasizes an optimistic view, leading to a more happy, confident you this Summer.



  1. Thanks for sharing these tips, I'm all about being confident.

  2. I needed those tips as I'm feeling a bit low lately.

  3. Confidence is the best thing we can always wear anywhere. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. It's true, we can be our worst enemies about how we feel about ourselves. We need to remember that a lot of what we see online is fake.

  5. I agree that having a bathing suit that fits properly is a great way to boost your confidence!

  6. These are wonderful tips for getting ready for summer and I for sure love purchasing new clothes... they make me feel wonderful ;)

  7. These are some pretty solid tips, and I can't get enough behind positive self affirmations!!!

  8. I think feeling confident must start with mental health and not body specific. But beyond that these could definitely help.

  9. I love the idea of identifying my summer colors. This is never something I thought about before but if I do now, there are definitely ones that go better with my complexion this time of year!

  10. I like the beachy waves. That's always been my favorite hair style.

  11. These are all such great tips! Finding a swimsuit that flatters your body is so important!

  12. Those are some great tips on being more confident in the summer!


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