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February 14, 2022

4 Ways To Stay In Shape Despite A Busy Schedule

4 Ways To Stay In Shape Despite A Busy Schedule, Barbies Beauty Bits

Ways To Stay In Shape Despite A Busy Schedule? Yes, you read correctly as it is possible.

We at Barbie's Beauty Bits get that the busy life that everyone is living today, it's an all-too-common struggle to find the right time to exercise. I've been there too with work getting in the way, life gets too hectic, chores are piling up, and of course, raising a family.

Whatever your situation may be, exercising may be the last thing on your mind. It's not just about the time constraint, but after a long day, perhaps you're stuck feeling like you have no energy left even to move a muscle.

However, during those busy days when it's even more critical for you to have some exercise. Even just half an hour of exercise can drastically improve your mood, health, well-being, and most importantly, keep you in shape.

Keeping fit can be challenging when you have a busy and demanding schedule. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money on a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals. In this post, I will share with you some of the most effective and convenient ways to exercise at home. But if you prefer some additional guidance and motivation, there are some great virtual personal trainer options out there that you can access from the comfort of your home.

Top Four Ways To Stay In Shape Despite A Busy Schedule

No. #1: Do Some Stretches To Stay In Shape

As soon as you wake up in the morning, what's the very first thing you do? If you immediately reach out for your phone, perhaps you'd like to consider changing that routine to something better, like doing some morning stretches.

The best thing about this type of exercise is you can do it anywhere. Even right there, you can spare a few minutes to do that exercise in your bedroom. Yoga, for instance, is one of the most popular forms of stretching you can do.

Even though stretching is not high intensity, it has profound effects on keeping your body in shape and helping you to stay fit. It also makes sure your limbs and muscles are loose. When your job entails a lot of hard physical work, stretching can go a long way in preventing your from hurting yourself throughout the day.

workouts for the busy person, barbies beauty bits

No. #2: Embrace A Walk During Your Lunch Break

This may not be feasible depending on your job or where you live. But if you do not need to look so dolled up at work, I highly suggest making the most of your lunch break by taking a walk. In just 30 minutes of walking, you can walk about a mile in half and burn roughly 150 calories depending on how far and fast you walk and your weight.

Suppose walking during your lunch break is not feasible. Reconsider your parking by parking as far away as possible to burn a few extra calories when arriving at work. Another thing I like to do is opt for taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

No. #3: Make A Schedule To Exercise And Commit To It

When you plan out your schedule for the day for work and all your house chores, you may also want to schedule your workouts and or dedicated time to exercise, even if it is only for 15 minutes. Write that down on your calendar, so it's easier for you to commit to it. Make no excuses.

Most importantly, writing that schedule down on your calendar also ensures you don't schedule any other activity overlapping it. If you have friends in town and they invite you for an afternoon out? Schedule that after your exercise time.

This is a matter of making it a commitment to show your body some love. Once you've made it a part of your routine and lifestyle to exercise, no matter what, you'll eventually get used to it.

And do not forget about advancements in non-invasive body contouring technologies making it possible for individuals to sculpt their bodies without resorting to surgery.

No. #4: Purchase A Punching Bag To Help You Stay In Shape

Some high-intensity interval training can really get you feeling cathartic, but when it comes to stress-busting, it's hard to beat unleashing some frustration on a punching bag. I used to do this every Friday, and boy, was it a great way to release stress. Plus, it offers a chemical endorphin boost that makes your body feel ever so good. Letting loose on a punching bag is also a fantastic way to relieve muscle tension, which can build up due to stress, or a great way to let off some steam from a bad day at work.

With the ways above, you can see why we at Barbie's Beauty Bits say there is no excuse for not staying in shape despite a busy schedule. Plus, it's no secret that one of the essential things in life is to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Staying in shape, reducing stress should be a part of your routine, as no matter how busy your days, you always have time for some physical activity.



  1. Yes, schedules are a must! I make sure to jog every morning!

  2. I need to get better at scheduling in exercise! I can probably squeeze in stretches more though!

  3. These are great tips. Fitness is important to your body even when you are busy.

  4. Love these ideas. If I had things at home, I'd be more likely to work out.

  5. I go for a walk while I'm on a break in the office and its a great way to stay in shape when you are busy.

  6. Purchasing a punching bag is a great idea. I might buy one at home.

  7. This is really helpful. I am considering getting a punching bag for myself and my kids to use.

  8. It is important to make an effort to fit fitness into our schedules, no matter how busy. Health issues can easily catch up with you.

  9. These are all really great tips I really need this thanks for sharing I really enjoy reading this article

  10. I love your tips on staying in shape even though you might have a busy schedule. I enjoy going for a short walk when the weather is nice. It allows me to take a break from my work and think about other things.

  11. My number one problem is commitment and the will to be consistent. We bought a punching bag for almost a year and we still haven't find a way to install it.

  12. Great tips. I always have the excuse that I don't have time for exercises. But I should try to find solutions!


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