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July 31, 2021

Summer Beauty Tips To Try


Summer Beauty Tips To Try By Barbies Beauty Bits

Summer beauty tips to try. From summer cocktails, to cute summer outfits, beauty products, and some much needed pampering for moms, the Beauty Spotlight Team has you covered!

Summer Cocktails

It’s summer time and the living is easy. I love to game-up my summer sipping with lighter in alcohol, healthier options. Read more about The Culinary Cures favorite summer sips that dial down the sugar and dial up the flavor. 

Cute Summer Outfits

One of this summer’s trends is chain jewelry. Chains can be light and minimal on hot days, they can be layered, they can give edge to an outfit and they go with everything. Angie at Your True Self Blog explores how simple chains add instant flair to your outfits. And she includes a style tip, too!

Summer Household Goodies

After her beautiful soaps melted away in the shower and made a mess on the sink, Allison from Never Say Die Beauty swears by the game-changing SoapStandle. You gotta check out this efficacious, affordable, clever, and low profile device! 

Summer Beauty Products

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog recently discovered the MERIT Brush No. 1 Tapered Blending Brush, and absolutely loves it. This brush buffs and blends liquid, cream and powder products to perfection, and its cruelty-free synthetic bristles are densely packed and incredibly soft. This is an affordable and effective brush that is truly covet-worthy!

The cosmetic world is loaded with wonderful serums but sometimes one stands out above the rest. For Cindy of Prime Beauty that one is The A Method Vitamin C Serum Antioxidant Gel 20%. Even in a short time she’s seen the difference that this serum can make in brightening her skin.

Summer Beauty Tips For Mom

Beauty Tips For Moms – You spent all summer running around with the kids, but summer is almost over, meaning they’ll be back to school. And for you mommies, this means you can pee in peace and no more having to hide in the pantry for some alone time! It’s time to spoil yourself with Barbie’s Beauty Bits back-to-school, pamper you beauty tips for moms. Girl, you earned it!


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