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July 23, 2021

How To Pick The Best Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

How To Pick To The Best Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon By Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Pick The Best Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, With San Antonio Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott J Farber And Barbie's Beauty Bits

Plastic surgery has made enormous strides since it first gained popularity in the 1960s. Surgical techniques have advanced, so they’re safer and more sophisticated, and men and women are more at ease with enhancing how they look with cosmetic surgery.

If you consider cosmetic procedures because you need reconstructive surgery, you must choose an excellent surgeon. 

Let’s review how you can find the best reconstructive plastic surgeon to meet your needs and goals.

Check For Board Certification When Searching For A Plastic Surgeon
Suppose you need reconstructive surgery on your face after an accident or the breasts after mastectomy. In that case, it is essential when scheduling an appointment to choose a surgeon who has as much skill and experience as possible.

This means you want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in reconstructive procedures that you need. You should verify that your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Remember that the US government doesn’t require that a surgeon has training in the services they offer. So, it’s possible you could have a surgeon who usually works on the cardiovascular system doing a face reconstruction procedure! This may seem hard to believe, but it’s legal. 

So, when finding the right reconstructive plastic surgeon who is qualified to perform it is up to you to ensure that your surgeon is board-certified. 

How to find a good reconstructive plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty By Barbies Beauty Bits

Check That The Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Is Skilled In Your Procedure
If need plastic and reconstructive surgery because you were in a car accident and suffered severe trauma to your cheek and nose. You want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon skilled in reconstructing that part of the face.

It’s essential to have a plastic surgeon who is familiar with reconstructive rhinoplasty so that you can breathe normally through your nose.

Some of the questions you should ask your surgeon are:
  • How much training have you had in the procedure I need?
  • How many years have you performed this procedure?
  • How many times have you done this procedure in the past three years?
  • Do you have before and after photos of past patients who have had this procedure? 

Select A Cosmetic And Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Whose Style Attracts You
Everyone knows that what one person finds attractive, another person may not. That’s why you should not seek medical advice from a friend or trust their recommendation outright about a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Instead, you should look at the results of each surgeon you see to determine if their aesthetic sense appeals to you.

San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Scott J Farber notes, “Remember that the surgeon you select will be reconstructing part of your body after trauma or surgery, so you want to have someone whose results speak to you.” 

To get a feel for the surgeon’s aesthetic sense, Dr. Farber says you should consider these points:

  • Check their credentials.
    • Contact the State Medical Board – Here patients can find out information on licensing, education, board certification.
    • Check their certification – Are they recognized by The American Board of Plastic Surgery? This is the board that is responsible for certifying accrediting plastic surgeons.
    • Find out if your surgeon’s facility is accredited – Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care or The American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities  inspects the facility of surgery centers for patient safety and care.
    • Search for them – Many surgeons are listed on The American Society of Plastic Surgeons website which provides information on procedures and ASAPS member surgeons.
  • Review their before and after photos. A great place to look for before and after photos is on RealSelf, as the pictures shown here are unedited. Then, compare each surgeon’s results for the reconstructive procedure you seek. Which doctor’s results look the best to you? 
  • One size does not fit all and that is true here as well.  Hence it is essential to look closely at the before and after photos of patients who are your size and general appearance. For example, for face reconstruction, look for patients around your age with a similar facial structure, and have some of the same issues, such as broken cheekbones and nose.
  • Check for consistency in each surgeon’s results for every patient that has had that procedure. Do the results look how you would want to look after surgery.
Best Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon In San Antonio By Bella Ritz Media

Check How The Surgeon And Staff Communicate With You
Having reconstructive surgery is a big deal, and it’s essential that you feel completely comfortable with the surgeon and the staff when choosing a plastic surgeon. After all, you will have major surgery and communicate with them for months as you recover and come in for follow-up appointments.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I enjoy talking to this surgeon?
  • Does he make me feel at ease?
  • Does he mind when I ask questions?
  • Will I be comfortable asking the surgeon questions during the entire process?
  • Am I comfortable giving my medical history to this surgeon?

Review Customer Service When Selecting A Surgeon
You should be sure when you have reconstructive surgery that you feel comfortable with everyone on the staff. After all, you will probably have weeks or months of recovery and will need to interact with many people there.

Check if the staff is helpful and friendly and whether the materials you get prepare you for the surgery and recovery. Also, you should always get a quick answer when you contact the practice, whether it’s by phone, text, or email.

Remember that going through reconstructive plastic surgery of any kind can be overwhelming and stressful. But if you are working with a top-notch, board-certified surgeon, you will be in the best of hands.


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