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March 23, 2021

Top 5 Tips To Get That Perfectly Chiseled Jawline

 Top 5 Tips To Get That Perfectly Chiseled Jawline By Barbies Beauty Bits

Boost your beauty with a perfect jawline. A chiseled jawline is what many seek, even jealous of those who may have been blessed with a perfect jawline naturally. This isn't only an envious desire, for some it can be more than that as they may have a serious jawline issue like masseter enlargement.  Either way, today, I will share with you my top five ways to help you get the perfectly chiseled jawline you've always dreamed of.

What Causes Masseter Enlargement
For many women, the masseter, the two bulky muscles on each side of your jaw that help you chew, greatly impact your jawline's shape. When enlarged, these muscles can create an undesired square jawline, chubby cheeks, even a masculine appearance. For most people, normal muscle movement does not cause masseter enlargement. The most common causes for this enlargement are genetics, teeth grinding, and unconscious jaw clenching. In some cases, frequently chewing gum could also cause the masseters to enlarge.

Others and I am so guilty of this, unconsciously clench their jaw or grind their teeth because of excessive anxiety and stress. You may not realize you are clenching or grinding until you see that your jaw has become more square or notice jaw soreness.

Tips To Creating The Perfect Jawline
Here's what you need to do to get the kind of chiseled jawline you've always dreamed of.

Tip 1: BOTOX® Cosmetic
One of my favorite cosmetics treatments for jawline slimming or shrink masseter muscle reduction can be achieved with BOTOX® Cosmetic. This treatment is non-invasive and relatively simple, which is why it is so popular.

For people like myself, this relaxer can help you avoid any harmful behaviors that caused an enlarged masseter in the first place. It will help prevent you from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw as much without impacting your ability to chew.

BOTOX® Cosmetic does not freeze the muscles or interfere with chewing but rather relaxes the masseters, so they are not overexerted in daily activities.

Always make sure that you are going to the most qualified injectors to ensure that your treatment will be safe, discreet, and highly professional.

Review on Masseter Reduction By Top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits

Tip 2: Exercise Your Jaw
This makes me laugh as it makes me think of my mom when I was a kid doing mouth yoga exercises or and I can't forget this one-the over pronunciation of our vowels... A, E, I, O, U... For example, say A and extend your facial muscles (mouth opened) for about 4-5 seconds, move to E, repeat the same method with all the vowels. Crazy as that may sound, it does help.

Oh, and a new device called a Jaw Exerciser is designed to help chisel your jaw and help with tech neck by exercising your jawbone, making your face look younger and healthier. You can get these easily on Amazon.

jawzrsizer review by barbies beauty bits

Tip 3: Smile
This isn't your basic smile, but some overextended smiling. I like to set an alarm for this while sitting at my desk. I do this along with some of my tech neck exercises!

Tip 4: Learn The Art of Contouring To Help Create The Perfect Jawline
Contouring can work wonders to alter your face shape and help refine your features. Indeed, many contouring makeup tricks actually help shape not only one's facial structure but also the nose, lips, cheeks, and brows. Using contouring and highlighting techniques can provide impressive results, but you will probably need to keep practicing to get it just right. 

Jawline Contouring By Top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits

Tip 5: Try A New Hairstyle To Define Your Jawline
If you are looking for something less dramatic, something as simple as a haircut or just trying out a new style for a night can affect your jawline. Hair can be used to soften hard lines or hollowed faces," says stylist Jon Reyman, founder of Spoke & Weal salons. "It can [also] work to draw attention from a drooping chin or aged neck."

The hairstyle that you choose can actually impact the appearance of your face. Certain face shapes are better suited to specific hairstyles. If you have a round face, you may better suit a long hairstyle to help elongate your face and balance your face's circular shape. In contrast, if you have a long, rectangular face shape, you should avoid long hairstyles, which could make your face appear even more elongated.

Finding the perfect haircut to match your face shape can help balance your face by keeping it in proportion.

Wondering if Masseter Reduction (Slimming The Jawline) is right for you? Check with RealSelf, Your Go-To Advisor for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures to find out.



  1. Oh gosh, I probably won't ever have a nice jawline. I'm too afraid of botox and I'm awful with makeup.

  2. I had no idea that there was such a thing as facial exercises. It makes sense, though. If you can work the other muscles in your body, why not those?

  3. I have this issue. It's probably time for me to consider botox.

  4. I'm not much of a makeup or a botox kind of girl. I like my jawline though.

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips, I found this post really helpful.

  6. Haha yah I remember that jaw exercise too, if it really helps I better do that when I'm all alone hehe

  7. These are great tips. I have never thought that a smile and facial exercises can help you have a perfect jawline.

  8. I am seeing so many benefits of Botox lately! I had no idea the amount of benefits it had.

  9. Love these tips. I'm working on exercising my jaw muscles more. I think it really makes a big difference.

  10. I don't think I could ever do botox honestly. I would try the makeup though. I'm not to good with makeup though, but I'd love to try.

  11. I want to learn how to contour! It looks so cool! On my list of things to learn!

  12. I never really thought about my jawline before. I should probably exercise my jaw more.

  13. Awesome tips! I need to improve my jawline. I hope that exercises and smiles will help!

  14. I like my jawline and have never given it much thought. Great tips here for those interested in enhancing their jaw line.


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