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April 25, 2019

Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Wrinkles Caused From Tech Neck

Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Wrinkles Caused From Tech Neck By Barbies Beauty Bits And Spencer Barnes LA

Have you ever noticed the reflection of yourself in your computer screen or cell phone and unexpectedly see a double chin when looking down at your computer? Or worse noticed some fine lines and wrinkles on your chin and neck, because of how your neck and head are positioned? Well, this happened to me a few months ago, and I was like oh my goodness that looks horrible do I look like that all the time when I am at my desk.  And the answer is 90% of the time, yes because of how my computer is positioned, and this could be you too!

Since the creation of the smartphone, internet, and online technology, more and more people are keeping their heads down a lot more. Spending hours upon hours hunched over, looking down from responding to emails, posting on social media, texting, blogging, reading, working or in my case since I work online, all the above. Unfortunately, because of this, the skin on my neck and chin have taken a toll, all from looking down at my laptop, hours a day, every day and now I have Tech Neck.

how are cell phones are causing wrinkles by barbies beauty bits

What The Heck Is Tech Neck
Tech neck pertains to pain, stiff neck, aches and in my case the wrinkles (on my neck and chin) that are caused by spending all that time on a computer and phone. As you bend your neck down to use these devices, the positioning, creases the chin, neck, and chest, causing wrinkles that get worse over time.

WT?? Yes, it is horrible to come to this realization. Especially me, since I work in the skincare industry, I take great care of my skin, and it sickens me to think I never paid attention to this. I mean who has a mirror in front of them while they are working? Not many.

So, what are we to do? 

The Top 7 Ways To Treat & Prevent Tech Neck
While you could go to a dermatologist and pay money for Botox, microneedling, fillers, and skin tightening treatments, these can be costly. So, before you go an invest in those, there are some preventive measures and nonsurgical methods to help with your tech neck wrinkles.

No. 1 Skincare Products
The neck seems to be one area many forget about when it comes to their skincare regimen. But treating your neck is just as important as treating your face. This means, applying sunscreen, moisturizers, a retinol, or even an anti-aging cream that is formulated just for the neck and décolletage.

Skincare tips to help with tech neck wrinkles by Barbies Beauty Bits

No. 2 Skincare Devices
If you follow my blog regularly you know I am all about skincare devices as there as some great ones out there that deliver exceptional results and are much less costly than going to a Dr. Plus, I like that I can use these in the comfort of my own home.

One new device that I have seen out on the market is Spencer Barnes LA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand. I’ve been so excited to try this product as I love Spencer Barnes. For those of you who may not know him, he is a celebrity make-up and skincare expert based in Hollywood, working with many women you may have seen on the red carpet!

When I saw this device online, I thought this device is perfect for tech neck as the wand targets the thinnest and most fragile areas of the skin...the neck, chin, and jawline. I love that it is specifically designed to sculpt and define the neck, chin and jaw area in a nonsurgical way.

So How Does The Spencer Barnes LA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand Work?
The wand contains an antimicrobial smooth, flexible stainless-steel ball that sculpts and defines the areas most affected by tech neck.

Each wand includes 104 doses that delivers the same amount of product each time you click the device. The formula contains ingredients that build collagen, lifts and relaxes the skin! As well as providing a lot of much-needed hydration so the collagen and elastin can function to keep your skin taut and plump.  The sculpting wand also…
  • Contains a combination of nourishing ingredients, proprietary technology, and encapsulated peptides
  • Offers immediate and cumulative results and benefits
  • Starts penetrating the skin in about 3-5 minutes
  • You can feel it working as you will feel a mild tingling sensation to a warm feeling in the neck and chin area. But don’t worry this is normal, it means it is working
  • Skin will begin to desensitize, and the initial tingling and warmth will cease after the first few days of use
  • Evens out skin tone to achieve brighter, tighter and hydrated skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Gluten free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Vegan
While I have not had the chance to try the device myself, they were kind enough to offer my followers and myself a discount on this wand, which I will sure be using and so can you. Simply use code BARBIESBEAUTYBITS, and you will get 10% off your purchase, now how cool is that?

Spencer Barnes Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand review by Barbies Beauty Bits

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to be able to try this revolutionary Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand! It’s time to say bye, bye tech neck and hello younger looking skin!

No. 3 Keep Your Computer Monitor At Eye Level
This is one of my most significant changes and most beneficial to reduce neck flexion. I decided to purchase a new computer instead of using my laptop all of the time. I also bought a monitor stand for my computer and set the stand up so that the screen is at eye level or slightly higher.

Things To Change To Prevent Tech Neck By Barbies Beauty Bits

No. 4 Set An Alarm
I try to have one go off every hour, for me to get up, stretch and walk around. There are some apps. that you can download to set the time how you would like.

No. 5 Face Yoga
The premise behind face yoga is the same as what yoga does for the other parts of your body, to tone and relax the muscles. While some people may think these are a bunch of bull, to me, it can’t hurt. Check out some of these series of face yoga movements here.

No. 6 Neck Workout
One good thing about working out of my home is I can do these during the day, without others looking at me like what the heck, get back to work.  Check some of them out below.

Kiss The Ceiling: Not literally, but to do this, you want to bend your neck in an upward motion, tilt your neck back and pucker your lips in a kissing movement. Doing this will work your neck muscles.

Neck Rotation:  Move your head from one side to the next and hold for a few seconds.

Streching techniques to help with neck issues by Barbies Beauty Bits

No. 7 Stretches
There are some positions you can implement to help stretch the neck muscles and train the body to keep the head in correct alignment. See some of them below.
  • Cobra positions
  • Face Down with Scaption
  • Upward Facing Dog
So, there you have it beauties, the many ways you can treat your tech neck! Until next time!


  1. Okay I am going to have to start doing some of these thing you mentioned. Totally know what your talking about

  2. This is such a real problem that I face and I was ignoring until you reminded me of it. I have got to get that wand and do those exercises and minimize time scrunching my neck.

  3. Thanks for these tips on dealing with tech neck. I think it's a common problems nowadays.

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  9. I looked down to check mine. Glad it's just the double chin that I have.

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