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November 11, 2020

Achievable New Year's Resolutions To Renew Yourself For The New Year


Achievable New Years Resolutions To Renew Yourself For The New Year By Barbies Beauty Bits

Oh my, can you believe New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, which means some New Year's Resolutions! One thing with me is not to set goals that are never achievable. Heck, if you haven't done it, you probably won't, which is why I focus on New Years Resolutions that Are Actually Achievable New Years Resolutions To Renew Yourself For The New Year

Many people do not realize your life's quality mostly depends on you and how you see yourself. How you live with the cards you are dealt with, so to speak, can and is one of the secrets to living your best life in 2021 and beyond. So without further ado, here are some achievable New Year Resolutions you need to add to your list.

The-Benefits-Of-Drinking-Infused-Water-By-Beauty After Forty

Drink More Water
I am horrible at this, and water is a must for the fountain of youth. If there is one thing we should be doing to take care of our bodies, it is keeping ourselves well hydrated. And a great way to do this is by drinking infused water instead of plan ole boring water.

So what are the benefits of drinking infused water? Well, let’s start by helping you to stay hydrated, as proper hydration is a must for the health of your organs and your skin. Likewise, if you're dehydrated on the other side of the spectrum, your heart’s health can be affected. Your kidneys can get weaker, your body can’t metabolize fat, and you will also start to see damage in your skin’s moisture barrier.

Focusing on the health of your teeth for a new years resolution by barbies beauty bits

Focusing On The Health Of Your Teeth
Your smile can be one of those things that you feel very self-conscious about. There can be many reasons why you think this way. It might be that you don’t like the way they look, or perhaps you want to focus on whitening them so you can feel more confident. Many different dentistry experts can offer teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments for your teeth. Over time, this can help you to feel more at ease with how you look and feel.  A healthy smile can help you feel and look younger, and who wouldn't want that for a New Years Resolution?

Giving Yourself A Makeover With A New Hair Do  By Barbies Beauty BitsGiving Yourself A Makeover With 
A New Hair Do

Your hair, much like your teeth, can be a great way to help you feel confident. And if you feel good about yourself, you are usually more confident, helping live a happier life and a better career.  

One thing to help with this is a new hairstyle. Your hair is a great place to start because the right hairstyle can leave you looking and feeling sophisticated, sexy, and confident.

Our hair is a big part of our identities. Don't believe me? Well, it is scientifically proven. That is a right; a study carried out by researchers at Yale University found that "bad hair days" increase self-doubt and personal criticism. Therefore a way to kick start 2021 might be something as simple as changing your hair color or trying a new hairstyle! Or maybe you want to invest in hair extensions and make your short hair much longer. A change of color can also be a great idea, and websites like Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for new hairstyles and colors.

Skincare resolutions with TreCeuticals  By Barbies Beauty Bits

Commit To A Skincare Routine
Beauties skincare does not have to be complicated. And boy does TreCeuticals realize this, which is why they've created a skincare line with three powerful active ingredients, achieved in three simple steps, three minutes a day.
This simple 3-step skincare routine combines three highly effective active ingredients to exfoliate, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Plus, their secret sauce, which is CBD oil.

The Benefits of beauty sleep for younger looking skin by barbies beauty bits

Get More Beauty Sleep
Beauty sleep is real; to look and feel our best, we need rest, and more importantly, we need the right kind of bedding, which goes for your pillowcases. Many of us spend time on night creams, but our beauty sleep can either age us or make us younger. And when it comes to our pillows, it can be a skin aging culprit, especially if you are not sleeping on silk pillowcases.

Ways to pamper yourself this new years By Barbies Beauty Bits

Pamper Yourself To Some Beauty Treatments Outside Of The Home
Pamper yourself in 2021; you deserve it. Throughout the year, tons of people focus on others and put themselves on the back burner. There is nothing like a day of pampering, whether you are treating yourself to getting your nails done, to getting some new nude makeup, or how about saying goodbye to all that quarantine hair with a laser hair removal service.

This is an excellent solution to removing your unwanted hair, where shaving is either too complicated, too time-consuming, causes skin problems, or isn't something you want to shave.

Eat Healthy For Healthier Skin
Many of us know the problems with not eating the proper diet, but did you know that a crappy diet can lead to unhealthy skin?  This is why you should Eating Your Way To Healthy, Glowing Skin.

You see, healthy, glowing skins starts with the nourishment within our body. Fruit and vegetables are excellent foods for a healthy complexion and the best way to hydrate your skin from the inside.

tips to eating better in the new year  By Barbies Beauty Bits

Exercise Daily
The benefits of exercising are enormous. Ever hear the expression "A runners high." Well, this isn't a myth; that sense of euphoria is real. That feel-good boost you get from those positive feelings washing over you is what you experience with the runners high and a sense of accomplishment.

You see, exercising releases endorphins and has many benefits for your body's health both physically and mentally, like:

  • Boosts self-esteem by helping you look younger as working out brings more oxygen to your skin cells, leaving you with skin that's nourished and firmer
  • Better sleep
  • Decreases anxiety and stress levels
  • Gives you more energy
  • Physical shape
  • Enhanced sex life

Stay Away From Negativity Online
While social media is a great way to stay connected with the world and with friends, if you want to live your best life, you need to stay away from being a social media troll. Subconsciously this negativity can be mentally toxic. 2020 has been shitshow for this; let's not repeat this for 2021! So when you post and engage, keep it positive.

So there you have it, my  "Achievable New Years Resolutions To Renew Yourself For The New Year." Do you have any achievable New Years Resolutions you want to share? If so, share them below. 



  1. I know that exercise and dental care is such a smart way to start the new year but why wait until January. I will get on these especially a new skin care routine.

  2. These are some great tips that are easy to do anytime! We could start doing them now!

  3. I think if you're goign to set a resolution, it should be one you can actually stick to. These are great ideas, and they'll serve us well.

  4. I plan to make my dental health a priority in 2021. I have a phobia of the dentist and I really need to just make an appointment and go.

  5. I like this I normally don't make resolutions as I never keep them because they are never made for the right reason. Something sensible like just flossing though is a good one.

  6. I'm not one to stick with resolutions but one year I said I was going to floss daily. That's the only resolution I have kept!

  7. I will definitely try a new hair cut next year.

  8. I make goals instead of resolutions and drinking water is always on the list. :) -LYNNDEE

  9. I love all of these tips. I will be getting a new haircut and I love infused water! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I tend not to make resolutions as it's not easy to keep them. I am working on getting more sleep though as I don't rest enough.

  11. These are all such great ideas. I need to focus more on eating healthier and exercising. It has always been something I've been working on.

  12. I have had a rubbish year both physically and mentally, so going to try to really improve myself next year.

  13. I need to pin this post and to re-read it at least once a month during all the 2021 year. I am sure it will help me a lot!

  14. I need to get started on my resolutions. This year has to be better.

  15. Ice Cream n Sticky FingersNovember 16, 2020 at 8:49 PM

    This year has been hard. I really need to start drinking more water. It is my downfall. Exercising is a bit harder since I have major hip issues.

  16. These are all great and I think I will try to adopt some of these ideas now instead of the new year.


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