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October 14, 2019

Skincare Sins; Dirty Pillowcases

Skincare Sins; Dirty Pillowcases By Barbies Beauty Bits

Our first post in our Skincare Sins Series Is Dirty Pillowcases. Beauty sleep is real, to look and feel our best, we need rest, and more importantly, we need the right kind of bedding, and this goes for your pillowcases. So if you are ready for some dirty pillow talk, literally, continue reading! 

A lot of us spend time on night creams, but our beauty sleep can either age us or make us younger.  And when it comes to our pillows, it can be a skin aging culprit.  So, let me ask you: "Are you using a clean pillowcase, is it silk?"

A Regular Pillowcase
The moisture pulled into the pillow can draw in dirt and bacteria, causing damage to the skin.

Also, the dirt on the pillowcase exposes the skin to oxidative stress from free radicals. And free radicals can cause premature aging as it breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin.

These yuckies breed on your pillowcases, especially from the dead skin cells on your scalp and skin!

Silk Pillow Cases  
Sleeping on a silk surface means less moisture will be taken from your skin and hair, so less is pulled into the pillowcase. One silk pillowcase that I like a lot is the Slip, silk pillow that can be found at Sephora.

How Often Should You Wash Your Pillowcase
Once a week, if using a silk pillowcase. Non-silk about every three days.

The best antiaging silk pillow by barbies beauty bits

Do Beauty Pillows Work
This has been an argument by a lot of people.  But the truth is cotton pillowcases can pull and tug on the skin, which can cause premature aging. While silk pillowcases, on the other hand, glide over your face, reducing the stretching and pulling that can cause lines and wrinkles.  So to me, redefining my beauty sleep by anything that can minimize without harm, I'm all for implementing into my skincare routine.

Nighttime Skincare Routine
To help your skin at night, stick to a great skincare routine, and do not forget to remove all of your makeup before you go to bed! Until next time, sleep tight!

best silk pillowcase for acne by barbies beauty bits


  1. Thanks for the awesome tips. It is so important to wash pillowcases and sheets at least once a week!

  2. I have to say, the silk pillowcase actually looks really soft and luxurious to sleep on. I had no idea before that your pillowcase could be causing skin issues.

  3. This is such an informative post. Plus, a great reminder to keep those pillowcases in washday rotation.

  4. i really need to invest in one of these pillowcases- ive heard such great things about them!

  5. I've been wanting silk pillowcases for so long because I know there are so many benefits. I still have to convince my hubby that we need them for our bed!

  6. Wow, this isn't something I had ever considered, but it totally makes sense! What would you recommend as a good silk alternative? I find that silk makes me really hot, for some reason.

  7. I remember as a little girl that my mom would sleep on a silk pillowcase. For her, the silk wouldn't flatten her hairstyle. I can see it had other benefits, too.

  8. I've been considering buying a beauty pillow! Thank you so much for reminding me about this. Currently, I wash my cotton pillowcases 3 times a week. I like to keep things fresh!

  9. I've been wondering if a silk pillowcase would be better for my hair, I didn't even think about what a pillowcase could be doing to my skin.

  10. It's really important to change your sheets especially your pillowcase at least every week. I think this is a good reminder for everyone. We might not notice how it affects our skin, but it's a contributing factor!

  11. Wow, this is such an eye opener. I knew about this but was not too keen about it. This is a huge factor when it comes to good skin care.

  12. Oh, my! I wash our pillowcases like only every two weeks so that's like twice a month. Yikes! Thanks for the tips.


  13. I never thought about this before but it makes sense. Time to go pillow shopping. (Rena)

  14. Even though I regularly wash the pillowcases and sheets, I always forget how much skin we shed

  15. I never gave my pillowcases much thought. It makes sense to wash frequently. I have heard that silk is also good for hair.

  16. I've heard great things about silk pillowcase. I need to get one to prevent wrinkles on face!

  17. I had no clue about silk pillow cases being so health for you. Looks like I need to switch out my pillow cases.

  18. This is an interesting post. I had no idea! I really like that silk pillowcase!


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