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October 14, 2020

Top Beauty Tips For A Busy Career Woman

Top Beauty Tips For A Busy Career Woman By Barbies Beauty Bits

Beauty tips for a busy career woman can be on the back of their morning to-do list. But looking the part is an essential element to being successful, whether you like it or not. Instead of fighting it, why not embrace it with these top beauty tips for a busy career woman.

Women Hold More Jobs Than Men
Why am I bringing this up? It shows you there is a real need for beauty tips for busy career women! A 2019 report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that women hold more jobs than men, representing 50.4% of positions.  In other words, women are juggling the high demands of a Boss-girl career and home demands, especially if you have kids.  Luckily, I am here to help you discover some quick and simple beauty tips you can use as a busy career woman. More importantly the reasons, not just do this!!!

Premature Aging Caused From Your Office
WTF, am I joking here? No, I am not. Have you ever noticed that your skin isn't looking as great as it did when you walk out of your house, only a few hours later? The culprits of this skin battle kick in as soon as you walk into your office, one being the overexpose the recycled air. From heat to the air conditioner, they both can suck the moisture out of your skin, which can lead to a dull, dehydrated complexion, prone to premature aging and wrinkles.

How Your Computer Is Causing Wrinkles By Barbies Beauty Bits

Skin Damage Caused By Your Office Computer  

You got SCREEN FACE!!! A second enemy is the long-term blue light energy, a.k.a. high-energy visible (HEV) light that omits from your computer screen. This can cause skin damage, including inflammation, wrinkles, and even weakening of the skin's surface.

Skincare Products To Block Premature Aging Caused From Your Office
In terms of technology harming your skin, you want to look for blue light blocking skincare. Seek out products high in antioxidants and products formulated to defend our skin against free radicals caused by blue light and other environmental stressors.

Lastly, always apply a skincare product containing zinc oxide, a physical UV skincare blocker that will block and reflect UV and blue light to prevent skin damage!

An Easy Skincare Routine For The Busy Career Woman

An Easy Skincare Routine For The Busy Career Woman
Skincare does not have to be complicated. One brand that I am a big fan of is TreCeuticals Skincare.  This company is all about inspiring busy career women to feel more beautiful and confident in their skin but letting us know that skincare does not have to be complicated.  But using three highly effective active ingredients to exfoliate, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Plus, their secret sauce, which is CBD oil.

Using a few skincare products that contain medical-grade ingredients, you can quickly renew your skin's youthful glow while reversing the damaging effects of sun exposure, stress, and other environmental factors, in the comfort of your own home.

The Solution To Finding Time For Makeup And Other Beauty Essentials
I found that you need to prioritize this, and the best way for me is to keep all the things I need to get ready for work all in one place. I have so many beauty products, and trying to go through them all when you're short on time is a nightmare. Hence keeping a work beauty drawer by storing all your essentials in that place makes getting ready much more accessible.

Easy Makeup Tips For A Busy Career Woman By Barbies Beauty Bits

Use Makeup That Has Multiple Purposes
Did you know that everyday makeup products have multiple uses? Exciting, isn't it? Plus, it can also help you save money and time, especially if it's one of those days you need to get out the door quickly while still looking like a million bucks!

  • Face Primer: No need to purchase three different primers. Purchase one and use it on your lips, face, and eyes.
  • Bronzer: This one is a winner for me! As you can use it to contour, apply to cheeks, use as an eye shadow, cover grays, and more.
  • Blush: Aside from the obvious, which is applying to your cheekbones, this little beauty works wonders on your lips. You can mix it with a gloss or even layer it with another color to create a shimmer lip color. It also works fabulously as an eye shadow.
  • White Eyeliner: This can be used as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, corner of the eyes, and waterline.
  • Mascara: This has a lot of purposes, as well. Like using it on your eyelashes, eyebrows. It is also great for covering grays.
  • Lipstick: You can wear lipstick both on your lips and on your cheeks for blush.  
  • Eyeliner Pencil: You can use a simple eyeliner to shape your brows, as an eyeliner, and for a lighter color, you can contour your nose with it.

Quick Hair Tips For The Busy Woman By Barbies Beauty Bits

Quick Hair Tips For The Busy Woman
Washing your hair daily is not needed, and more so, it is not healthy for your hair. While I wash my hair in the evenings, I use dry shampoo to give my hair a few extra days before the next wash. Not only does dry shampoo absorb the oil, but it also adds volume to your hair, so it is still looking fabulous!

Use Clip Hair Extensions
Clip-in hair extensions are a savior to me. Basically, your hair is already ready in a few snaps. Some of the benefits of using clip in hair extensions are...

  • You can pre-style them ahead of time, and they are ready in a snap.
  • A great style that can last a while with minimal upkeep is natural-looking beach waves that can be easily achieved by curling your hair extensions using a rotating hair curling iron.
  • Hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to style and color. Just make sure you are using human hair extensions.
  • They add that finished glamourous, full looking hair whether you are wearing your hair up or down.  
  • Easy to clean with a grooming brush that uses an ultrasonic spray technology

best leather tote bag for business women, barbies beauty bits

Behind Every Successful Woman Is A Fabulous Leather Tote Bag 

We’ve all been there with our hectic schedules: dragging around a handbag, a tote bag, and an extra laptop bag because we could not find the right business bag to carry all our daily essentials in style. The best work bag for us girl bosses should be a tote handbag that's stylish, versatile, durable, and functional.

When it comes to carrying your daily essentials, the easiest solution is to have some leather tote bags that can easily match almost any outfit!

To Sum It Up

Through no fault of theirs, busy career women have little time to commit intensive beauty routines regularly. The above list concentrates on speed and efficiency, while focusing on achievable, hair, makeup, skincare, and other skincare cleansing tips.  If you follow these, you will look beautiful in no time, literally!

If you are currently looking for a new job, give Jooble a try!

Beauty Tips For A Busy Career Woman By Barbies Beauty Bits



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