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July 17, 2020

Summer Beauty Tips And Deals

While we may love Summer, it doesn't always love us back. From sun-parched skin and hair, damage for chlorine, confusion on SPF safeties, melting makeup, and other summer woes. These Summer beauty tips and deals help you stay looking glowing and radiant throughout the Summer.

Summer Guide For Dry Skin By Ginjo Beauty And Barbies Beauty Bits

Summer Skincare: Guide For Dry Skin
Summer is here. And while we love the warm weather and sun, it doesn't always love us back, particularly when it comes to dry, parched skin. Not only can the climate be a cause, but other culprits are causing our skin to become scaly and dry as the Sahara Desert!

So, if you want to understand some of the dry skin culprits and how you can combat them, continue reading this guide for "Summer Skincare Guide For Dry Skin." 

Sunscreen Ingredients, More Harm Than Good By Ginjo Beauty And Barbies Beauty Bits

Sunscreen Ingredients, More Harm Than Good? And Safer Alternatives
Did you know that EWG has investigated the safety and efficiency of USA sunscreens and ingredients over the past decade? Unfortunately, due to the weak federal rules set by the FDA, many inferior products reach store shelves, touting overstated sun-protection claims, with ingredients that can be potentially harmful.

People are becoming more aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun and its links to cancer and premature aging. But the scary part is Americans have fewer choices, and notably, more inferior protection than other countries because of the sunscreen ingredient options.

So, if Sunscreen Ingredients Are More Harm Than Good, what are we to do? Obviously, vowing to never go in the sun isn't an option, but there are a lot of what we like to call "Common Sense Approaches To The Sun," and we'd like to share these alternative approaches with you today.

How To Protect Your Skin From Chlorine And Salt Water By Ginjo Beauty And Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Protect Your Skin From Chlorine And Salt Water
There is nothing like taking a refreshing dip in a nice cool pool or spending a beautiful day at the beach. But what is not cool is what chlorine and too much salt water can do to the skin. Hence you owe it to your skin to take a few precautions before jumping in if you want to enjoy that summertime fun.

Depending on what type of water you're immersing yourself in, you could be taking a toll on your skin. Let's take a look at "How To Protect Your Skin From Chlorine And Salt Water."

Tips For Healthy Summer Hair By Barbies Beauty Bits

Tips For Healthy Summer Hair
I love Summertime, weather! However, it doesn't always love us back, especially when it comes to our hair and skin. Every year, people suffer the results of the sizzling summer sun. From sunburns to damaged hair, the sun wreaks havoc upon us in many ways.

So, what is a girl to do? Like my expression, plan your tan, you need to spare the hair before the sun leaves you with none! So, if you want to find out how you can protect your hair from the blazing sun rays continue reading.

Summer Beauty Tips By Barbies Beauty Bits And Ginjo Beauty

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  1. I can always use these healthy tips. Especially with regards to sunscreen. The ingredients are key, protecting yourself from the harmful rays with a harmful substance makes no sense! Thanks!

  2. I've noticed that as the summer has gone on my hair has gotten drier and drier. I need to try some of these products.

  3. Hi it's Brenda from I don't remember my skin ever being this dry in the summer. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips. I can’t wait to check out some of these deals.

  5. We moved to a dry climate and my skin is suffering this summer. Can't wait to try some of these tips.

  6. These are a great tips and deals! I will definitely try this out.

  7. I get really dry in my t-zone, so I've been trying to be better about staying hydrated and moisturizing. Thanks for these tips!

  8. It is good to stay on top of being healthy in the summer. I am definitely concerned about the ingredients in sunscreen.

  9. Great tips, my skin is so dry right now that I can use a lit of help, will follow them to see if my skin gets better

  10. This is such a great list of tips! Summer weather takes no prisoners around here.

  11. These tips really came in handy. I have been trying to figure some things out!

  12. Yes my skin is dry especially during summer. I need to check these products.

  13. I always get dry skin in the summer, so definitely happy to have found your guide!

  14. Summer can be rough on hair and skin! I'll have to try some of these suggestions.

  15. GREAT tips! I've been struggling with my Summer skin this year!


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