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July 3, 2020

Simple Ways To Relax And Relieve Stress

Six Simple Ways To Relax And Relieve Stress, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Your inbox is loaded with tons of emails, you have more zoom meetings then you can count, you're kids are over the pandemic, mom just called to tell you she is out of toilet paper and can't breathe with her mask on, and if you go to social media, the world seems like it may just go up in flames at any minute, aka "HELL IN A HAND BASKET." 

Boy was that a mouthful, but it is also many people's reality right now. And to say we all might be a little stressed and over it is the understatement of the year! However, dealing with this is can be frustrating and places a toll on our body and mind. And what's worse, many just do not know how to relax!

So, if you are looking for some simple ways to relax and relieve stress, continue reading!

how to relief stress from your life by barbies beauty bits


Ways To Regain Focus To Help Relax And Relieve Stress

Having too many things on your to-do list can increase stress levels. From managing working at home, the kids, daily chores, and those honey do's that are on the backburner, it's easy to feel like, any time you try to relax, your mind gets bogged down about everything you need to do, and you start to feel guilty. Hence, you want to focus on what you can control and learn to prioritize. You can't do everything, and that is OK!

Top ways to pamper yourself By Barbies Beauty Bits

Find Your Me Time-And Enjoy It
Whether you have a family to take care of or spend a lot of your time working (or both), it can often feel like you rarely get a moment just to yourself. However, taking some time just for yourself without having to deal with anyone else is essential if you want to be able to function appropriately in the long term.

Something as simple as spending only 15 minutes alone every day, without distractions, can be a savior to those who feel overwhelmed. It can be things as simple as...
  • Taking a walk
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Reading a book
  • Making the perfect bubble bath
  • Meditation
  • Watch a movie

You Need To Learn How To Say No
One of the things that many of us seem to find incredibly tricky is being able to say no when people ask something of us. Now, a lot of the time, this isn't a terrible thing. After all, being able to be there for people is an excellent quality to have. But if you're trying to be everything for everyone, then you're just going to end up with some serious problems down the line. The truth is that there's nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. If you can't prioritize your own wellbeing, you're never going to be able to do anything for other people.

How to learn to say no By Barbies Beauty Bits

Clutters Causes Choas
Did your mother ever use the phrase "a tidy house makes a tidy mind" to get you to clean your room? Well, get ready to feel seriously irritated because it turns out she was right. If your environment is in chaos, then being able to turn off your mind and relax will be a lot more complicated. The truth is keeping a tidy and clean home is going to allow you to get into the mindset of relaxing far more quickly than if you are surrounded by clutter.  Staying on top of things like chores isn't exactly the most exciting or fun thing in the world, but it can make your life more comfortable in the future.

Clutters Causes Choas By Barbies Beauty Bits

Exercise To Help Relieve Stress
Working out releases endorphins and has many benefits for your body's health both physically and mentally, like: 
  • Brings more oxygen to your skin cells, leaving you with skin that's nourished and firmer
  • Better sleep
  • Decreases anxiety and stress levels
  • Gives you more energy
  • Physical shape
Why you need to learn to ask for help by barbies beauty bits

Learn To Ask For Help
Medical professionals often identify social support as a critical component of strong psychological health. Unfortunately, many have difficulty asking for help, or even having someone we can vent too. You should not be ashamed to ask for help. Having a close friend or a loved one to lean on, gives you a chance to bitch, cry, hug, or even find ways to laugh about your problems.

This close group can help in other ways besides offering a lending ear, for example

  • If someones offers support, take it
  • When they ask what they can do for you, tell them
  • Take the kids to their grandparents for the weekend, (heck they raised you)
  • Let your husband cook dinner
  • Have a girls night of wine and pampering

The reality is that none of us can get by without at least a little help from those around us, and you must take advantage of that fact.


The Takeaway
Stress is a part of our everyday lives, but that doesn't mean you should let it get the best of you. It's all in how you learn to deal with the cards you're dealt,  take charge, and control your stress by learning how to relax.


  1. Good ways to relieve stress are always welcome especially now. I try to exercise once a day and this breaks up the day, keeps me in shape and does relax me.

  2. Good commen sense ideas to get through these days. I would like to clear up the clutter and exercise is always a good relief.

  3. Exercise has been such a stress-reliever for me. And meditation too. Just the purposeful action of breathing in and out helps a lot.

  4. These are some great ideas. I know I always read when I'm stressed and it helps a ton.

  5. I cherish my me time at night! I had to learn to speak up and make it clear that I really needed it. But it always does help me feel better.

  6. Clutter does cause chaos to me! I can't stand clutter and it makes me feel frustrated. Those are all good tips on dealing with stress.

  7. You're right, learning to say no is actually very essential. This will help you in so many aspects of life.

  8. Do what my daughter does and call me grandma! I'm her wits end survival kit lol.

  9. When it comes to relieving stress, my go-to option is exercising and exploring the web for amazing fashion and beauty finds.

  10. These are a good idea and I like the idea of me time. It's really important to have me time, it'll make you feel better.

  11. Listening to music is a stress reliever for me. And I hate clutter too. It's such an eyesore. -LYNNDEE

  12. I feel like I am stressed out a lot, and it is good to have ways to help find a balance. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  13. I agree with these. They are some really good ideas. I personally love walking and reading. Those are two of my favorites.

  14. These tips are exactly what I need right now! I have a stressful period right now!

  15. This is a really informative post. I can’t wait to implement these steps.

  16. I like idea of not worrying that you can't do absolutely everything. It does get overwhelming to try and that is an area where I struggle.

  17. Yes excercise is stress reliever, nowadays we are walking that helps to be with nature and stress free for some time.

  18. These are helpful! I find it hard to have alone time especially when the lockdown started.


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