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January 9, 2020

Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Beauty Products

Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Skincare Products By Barbies Beauty Bits

Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Beauty Products!
Do you, like most women, have a daily skincare routine, or if not daily, almost every day without fail? For some, it’s a simple cleansing and moisturizing, and for others, like myself, it’s much more extensive.

Whether you are a person who only focuses on skincare when you can or a die-hard everyday person like yours truly. One thing we all need to be taking into consideration is how much we are spending on our beauty products! Yes, for those skincare junkies like myself, this sounds like a question my boyfriend asks me! But in all seriousness, I do spend wisely!  This is why I am here today to share with you some practical ways you to can save on your daily skincare routine without losing your shine.

natural skin care homemade by barbies beauty bits

DIY Beauty Routine
Yes, beauties, don't be afraid to do it yourself. Now, this isn’t a suggestion that you get the chemistry set out and try to recreate every product that’s in your beauty arsenal. However, there are websites like Wellness Mama that can be an excellent source for some DIY natural beauty recipes.  This site has a plethora of information from DIY face scrubs and masks to providing details on which ingredients are best for you and why.

Never Go Without A Discount
Okay, so perhaps you’re not entirely willing to give up on your favorite brands for the homemade approach just yet. However, that doesn’t mean you should always, or ever, pay full price for your beauty and skincare products.

In today's technology, there are tons of online places that curate coupons, vouchers, and discount codes from just about every retailer. One of my favorite sites for saving money has a great selection of discounts on everything beauty from makeup and skincare to even Bath and Body Works Coupons for when you want to treat yourself to some spa day pampering!

Ways to save money on makeup by barbies beauty bits

Look For Recycling Deals From Beauty Brands
Aside from offering deals, beauty brands are always looking for ways to reward their loyal customers, especially those who are a little more sustainably minded. Many of these companies will even recycle your empty containers to help fight the waste of plastics and packaging rife in the cosmetic world. Some of them will also offer a little bonus for those who decide to recycle! Like a free item with your next purchase or some extra savings-now, how cool is that?

How cosmetic procedures can save you money in the long run by barbies beauty bits

Choose A Long-term Beauty Solution
Beauty treatments tend to be more expensive than beauty products. However, when you compare the long term effects, a cosmetic treatment might end up more cost-effective. This is one of the big reasons why some women opt for botox, laser resurfacing, or even fillers, as when it comes to looking youthful, these treatments can get you more bang for your buck than anti-aging cream, alone.

How to get free beauty products from brands by barbies beauty bits and influencers wanted

Get FREE Beauty Products
Sounds like a skincare junkies dream come, doesn't it? Well, it can be a reality as if you’re willing to try new brands (some of which you may never have heard of) there are plenty of influencer platforms out there that you can join, and get products in exchange for a review. You may even want to consider writing a blog or starting a Youtube channel to share your love of beauty.

So as you can see, feeling and looking great does not have to cost an arm and a leg! As the more you save on beauty products, the more you can get. Now that came from the skincare hoarder in me, sorry!

Until next time!

Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Beauty Products By Top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits


  1. I didn't realize you could recycle empty makeup containers at some stores. I always recycle glass bottles, but compacts and stuff went into the trash.

  2. Getting free products is such a great idea. I do not have a regular line I buy so if i could save on these less expensive brands I will try them

  3. I love these ideas. I'll tell my daughter. She loves to save when she buys makeup. She usually goes in with coupons or only buys if something is on sale.

  4. this is such a great article to help with some beauty favorites ive been thinking of :) def taking these and pinning some later.

  5. I think going for treatment with long term results would be more cost effective. However, something far better is starting to care for your skin even before problems arise.

  6. These are some wonderful tips - I have so many bottles stored up for a recycling deal I really should make it to the store soon I'm missing out!

  7. I am all about saving money! Thanks for sharing these great ways to save money.

  8. I try not to spend much on beauty products. I don't use much makeup, but things like sunscreen and other preventative care are so important too.

  9. I am a know cheapskate and loving finding ways to save money on beauty products and things I need around the house. I’m working on a way to come up with a place to store my stockpile. My house is lacking storage.

  10. I would love to review beauty products if I knew I got to keep them. That sounds like a fun way to score some awesome products!

  11. These are some great tips to save money on beauty! I wouldn't have even thought of these tips, glad you shared them.

  12. This list is definitely very helpful. I might share this blog with my wife and her female friends.

  13. Those are some great tips on saving money! I wish some of my favourite beauty brands at Sephora went on sale!

  14. Great tips! I never pay full price for any item that I buy online. I always wait for great deals.


  15. These are all great ideas. I always go with the discounts when I can. That or getting coupons as well. That way you can save a lot.

  16. Mama Maggie's KitchenJanuary 14, 2020 at 8:10 PM

    I love beauty products and it's really great to know the ways on how we can save money buying them.


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