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October 9, 2016

TJMAXX Now Sells Beauty Items Online!

TJMAXX Now Sells Beauty Items Online by Barbies beauty Bits

For a "Saving Sunday Deal," I am sharing with you TJMAXX! Being the discount queen as some call me, in searches for trying to find some deals for a friend I found out that TJMAXX, now has beauty items online for sale, how awesome is this?!

I get a lot of my hair styling tools from TJMAXX as well as some great makeup bags, but they now have cosmetics, makeup, and more available online! Plus there are free returns at the store!

While the selection is not that big yet, they do offer free shipping, when you sign up for their newsletter! Just click on the pop up their website or here, and you can get free shipping as well!

free shipping at tjmaxx by barbies beauty bits

Some of the brand names I noticed were Borghese, Lashem, L'Oreal, Rusk, NUXE, and Lancome, to name a few!

I even noticed they had some human hair clip in hair extensions! Gotta check these out!

How about you, have you shopped online at TJMAXX?

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