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July 26, 2016

Facebook New Business Page Layout Change

Facebook New Business Page Layout Change by barbies beauty bits

When we hear Facebook is making more changes, we always seem to think of the algorithms.  While that has just happened, today I am sharing a new revamp,  the layout of a business page.

When Will This Facebook Change Take Place?
Unlike in past rolls out, Facebook is rolling this out slower on a per user basis.  So this means that I may be able to see your business page with the new look while you may not!

So What’s New With Facebook?
I’ve done a screenshot of my page below so you can see the changes.

Facebook's new business page layout by barbies beauty bits

Left Side Of Your Business Facebook Page

Profile Photo
The profile picture is no longer on the cover it is off to the left away from the page.   Off to the left is also your username and name.

Apps Menu
I like this change, as before the apps. were hidden and unless you knew where to click to find them,  a person visiting your page, may have missed them.

Center Of The Facebook Page

Cover Image
This to me is the best change as nothing is cluttering up the image any longer.  It is cleaner, there aren't any buttons, etc. giving us more room to showcase our brand.  Additionally, it is going to be more user friendly as you don't have too worry about the cover image being cut off or covered up!

Likes and Messages
Directly below your cover image, you will find your likes and message button to the left next to your call to action button, which is on the right.

Right Side Of Your Facebook Page

Call to Action Button
What is that??? Exactly.  This was something that was an excellent idea, but got lost on the old page set up.  But not anymore as it is now located under the cover image to the right and it is much bigger, so we can't miss it! 

Page Category
This located directly under the call to action button, you’ll notice my Barbie’s Beauty Bits is Health & Beauty along with my city.

Likes Area
This is below the page category along with the invite friend.

The About Section Is Next
There isn’t much change here.  But the featured video is very prominent so make sure you set that up.

Remaining Tabs On the Right
  • Apps
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Visitor's Post
  • Liked by this page.

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So there you have it, the new Facebook Business Page look.  What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

Personally, I love the new look and more in your face, as it is giving businesses the opportunity to shine!


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