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January 6, 2016

This Weeks Beauty Deals At Ulta

Now that the holiday season is over I will be back to sharing with you the weekly beauty deals.  The holidays were crazy, and while I tried my best, it was hard to keep up with all of the freebies, steals and other deals.  But luckily some of the lovely readers were able to keep me in the loop, so a big thank you to those that kept me up to date.

So without further ado, the beauty deals for the week is with Ulta.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links 

A Ulta Coupon: $3.50 off $10. (use code: 306213).  Shop NOW by clicking here

Image Source Ulta's Website

"I Was Meant to Sparkle 74 Piece Collection"  is on sale for $14.97. BUT if you use the above coupon you can get this 74 piece collection for only $11.47 (use code: 306213)

"I Was Meant to Sparkle 74 Piece Collection"  is on sale for $14.97 by barbies beauty bits
Image Source Ulta's Website

The Glowing Skin Event: 50% Off Skincare Products. January 3rd- January 23rd.  Now's the time to try out some new skincare products out! Shop here!

Well, this one was a short one, stay tuned for next weeks  freebies, steals and other deals of the week!

And as always if you know of any deals let me know!

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  1. I love keeping up with all the deals in the online and local shops when it comes tro fashion and beauty! great deals!

  2. I love a good deal esp. at Ulta...I can't wait for my Birthday to go to Ulta! :)



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