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January 18, 2016

No More Turkey Neck With Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream

Turkey neck is for the birds, but unfortunately, if you are like me, the neck seems to be one area I have forgotten about when it comes to my skincare regimen.  But not anymore as I have been given the chance to try out Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream


The Best Anti-aging Cream For Your Neck and Décolletage

Now before I get into Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream, I think it is important that you understand that you’re best anti-aging facial cream may not work on your neck area, sucks I know!   You see most of these facial products are formulated to target wrinkles that occur on the thinner skinned areas, like our face.  The lines on our neck and décolletage are usually deeper, and the skin is much thicker.  Plus the older we are the skin can become looser.  Hence, the term turkey neck and this sagging skin area is so darn hard to treat. The key to addressing this zone is to select a product that has agents that help to firm and tighten the skin. In addition to tightening, the product should also penetrate deeply, which is why a facial cream will not work on your neck!

 Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream By Barbies Beauty Bits
This product retails for ONLY $78

Gobble, gobble, the ingredients are what make the Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream more effective.  This product contains multiple elements that help to restore firmness in the fragile neck.  This potent neck firming cream contains CitraFill®, NeoGlucosamine®, Lipo-Amino Acid, and Apple Stem Cell Extracts that helps to correct signs of UV overexposure and aging.  These ingredients also help to…

  • The CitraFill® help encourage a healthy collagen network
  • NeoGlucosamine® provides a gentle exfoliation to diminish the appearance of uneven pigment and dark spots
  • Apple Stem Cell Extract helps preserve healthy skin cells


How To Use Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream? 

This product works best when it is smoothed over neck and décolletage, twice daily.

How To Use Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream By Barbies Beauty Bits
Other Benefits & Features:
  • Developed exclusively for the fragile neck and décolletage. 
  • The cream is fast absorbing.
  • Restores tone and definition to the neckline.
  • NeoGlucosamine®, a component of skin's natural filler, helps build the underlying support matrix*, plumping and lifting slack, lined skin. 
  • Smooths out the neck creases from the inside out revealing a more even skin tone.

Exuviance Age Reverse Neck Cream as seen in New Beauty, Dermascope, Bazaar and more by Barbie's Beauty Bits


As you can see from above, there has been a lot of good press on this product.  But for myself, I want first to start off by saying I am a big fan of the Exuviance brand, and this is why was happy to try this neck cream. The Exuviance products are expertly developed to visibly transform the skin by combining formulas with the best state of the art technologies available in dermatology today. Every one of their products that I have tried,  I've been pleased with the results and continue to use them in my skincare regimen. And the Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream will be no different. 

Now, don’t forget before I tried this neck cream,  I am ashamed to admit it, but I neglected my neck area. So any treatment is going to show some improvement. I am happy to say that over the short period I’ve been using this, I have seen a difference in my skins texture and appearance, especially in the décolletage area.  While I don’t have many wrinkles on my neck, yet, I sure don’t want to abandon it any longer, as this area ages just as fast as the face!

So there you have beauties a new product that I have added to my skincare regimen and so can you by going to Exuviance's Website! And I don’t know about you, but the only place for a turkey neck in my world... IS ON A TURKEY!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of  Exuviance.
All opinions are my own and were not influenced in anyway.

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