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December 9, 2013

How To Get Your Eyeshadow To Stay On All Day

How To Get Your Eyeshadow To Stay On All Day, By Barbie's Beauty

I get asked this question a lot, so here are my makeup Monday tips, you can stick with! Bottom line, it takes more than just luck to get your eyeshadow to stay.  If you follow these steps, you too will have eye-shadows that will stick around all day.


  1. Products:  You do get what you pay for.  Although, I am a heavy dupe promoter, if it not at least an 85% dupe, stick to the higher end products.
    • Shadow should be heavily pigmented.
    • Minimal fallout .
  2. The Brush:  You must have the right brush(s), if you want the right look. 
    • Stay away from brushes that come with the drugstore brands, they are low quality & the bristles usually fall out on your eyelids.
    • You want to make sure that you avoid sponge applicators, as they absorb a lot of product.  You goal is to get the product on your eye, not the applicator. (in the long run, brushes end up saving you money)
    • Make sure your brushes are cleaned regularly too.
  3. Primer:  I explain primer in makeup, the same way, I would with a house.  Similar to primer that you would apply to a wall prior to painting, you want to do the same with your eyes.  Primer allows the color to adhere better, last longer, with little transparency and minimal fading.  Also, if you have a great primer it will prevent creasing and false wrinkles.
  4. Layering:  Using an eyeliner or a white eyeliner on the eye and then build with color. This will make the colors bolder and darker.
  5. Application:
    • Blending correctly is very important.
    • Where to apply the color: For starters, I recommend the 3 piece look. AKA, the lid, crease, and brow bone.
    • You can make the color more vibrant by getting it wet. IMPORTANT: You want to mist your brush with water, not the shadow. 

So there you have it, my makeup Monday tricks on how to make your eye shadow stay on all day, until next time!


  1. Hi Barbie,
    I am visiting for the first time from the bloglovin hop. Thank you for this hop am having a ball.
    I am visiting for the fist time and love your blog and am following in all ways I can.
    I hope that you have a wonderful day.
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