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February 24, 2013

How To Properly Use A Bobby Pin

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How To Properly Use A Bobby Pin, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

I’ve always been envious every time I go to the hair salon and see these girls leave with wonderful hair, whether a full up-do, or partial, which is all created by good ole bobby pins.  Yes, bobby pins; they've been around forever and a day! Therefore, I decided to ask my stylist, how you can do that with just bobby pins; they never seem to work for me.  Well, what she told me was so simple, and yet myself, and according to her most women she has dealt with, have been using them incorrectly. 

The correct way to use a bobby pin is to insert it into your hair with the wavy side down.  What, that is all it took?  Why didn’t I not know this; I mean I have a plethora of information, but yet this. I had no clue!  According to my stylist, the wavy side is designed so it will grab your hair and situate it properly.  The flat side, which because it was longer, I always thought was to go down, pushes the hair into the groove, holding it in place. So there, you have it, simple yet powerful.

Some Other Bits I Learned:

  • When used properly they are great for adding volume to your hair.
  • Make sure to use pins that are close to the color of your hair. 
  • Don’t cheap out when purchasing your bobby pins, especially if you have long hair, buy thicker ones. Otherwise, they can fall out.
  • X marks the spot for a stronger hold. What does this mean? Well, when inserting the pins, you want to try to cross them over each other, creating an x for extra hold.

Lastly, I wondered why we call these hair pins, bobby pins.  Well according to Fun Trivia, in the 1920’s it became trendy for women to cut their hair short and set it tightly against the head in a wavy pattern called bobbed hair. By the end of the decade, 90% of North American women adopted this new fashion trend, and the number of beauty salons in the United States had increased from 5,000 to 23,000 to keep up with demand. Until then, most people cut and set their hair at home. The bobby pin, a small flexible metal clip to keep bobbed hair in place, was invented in the early 1920s. Bobby pins were so inexpensive that everyone could afford to buy them. They were tinted to match one's hair color so that they could be camouflaged within the hairstyle.

So hair there you go, simple yet a world of possibilities!    


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  1. I never knew this either!

  2. Wow, I'll be trying that next time I use them, thanks! Did you know that here in the UK we don't call them bobby pins, we call them kirby grips. No idea why though!

  3. @ meium... I actually did know that, but not until recently. I ran across the name kirby grips in the same place I found out about the name bobby pins. It basically reads the following... The British "kirby grip" is derived from the trademark Kirbigrip, used by a Birmingham manufacturer of such hair grips, Kirby, Beard & Co. Ltd.

  4. I never knew this, I always do it the "wrong" way, I'll have to try it and see if there is a difference!!


    1. I hope it worked out well for you. I find myself using these more often now that my stylist showed me the correct way

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Looks like you're one of the few that now how to! Have a great sunday

  6. Thanks for sharing with us great tips of beauty. I really admire your tips and try to use this.
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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice complement. I hope it worked for you

  7. Wow!!! Great info. Now, I know how to get them to stay in my hair. Also, I have always wondered how to get the "bobbed" hair look. I can't wait to try it! Thanks!!!

  8. I know, make sure you use one with teeth as there are cheaper versions with no teeth, they do not work.

  9. I guess I should of listened to grandma years ago!


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