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November 5, 2012

How Coffee Can Prevent Your Clothes From Fading

Coffee's on, Your Clothes That Is!

Pouring coffee on your clothes, is not something that sounds like a good idea.  But, I beg to differ.  Here's a great  Pantry to Pretty Bit on bringing your faded black clothing to looking new again!   Hey, we can all use a shot of espresso, even our clothes!

How To Brew Up Some Great Looking Clothes: 

1. Make a fresh pot of coffee
2. While your coffee is brewing, add a small load of black clothing to the washing machine. 
3. When it comes to the rinse cycle, add the pot of coffee.
4. Complete the cycles & you’re black clothes, will be revived and looking great

**Keep in mind that after the completed cycle it is best to air dry them. In which after, you should wash in cool water to remove any coffee smell.**


  1. Will they also smell like coffee when they're done? :P

  2. Yes they will, therefore you'll need to wash them later=)


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