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March 3, 2018

Why The Heck Do I Need To Add Venofye Bee Venom Products To My Skincare Routine

Why The Heck Do I Need To Add Bee Venom To My Skincare Routine By Barbie's Beauty Bits And Venofye

This is my 4th post in my what the heck series, and today I am going to be talking about Bee Venom and the benefits of adding it to your skincare routine!

Now if you are a friend of mine you probably think I would be the last person that would add this to my skincare regimen as I am scared to death of bees!

While I know honey is fantastic to add to your skincare routine as it is loaded with antibacterial properties and packed with nutrients and healing compounds all of which can help your complexion. Bee venom shares some of these same qualities, plus some other added anti-aging benefits.

The Many Benefits Of Adding Bee Venom To Your Skincare Regimen  

"The advantage of adding Bee Venom (Apitoxin) to your skincare to routine is its ability to trick the skin into believing that if you have been stung, thereby increasing the production of collagen and blood circulation," says Natalie Zinder, a product developer who works with Venofye. This rush of blood may also help the skin's appearance and lead to a gentle plumping and tightening sensation that will diminish the signs of aging.  And if that wasn’t enough Bee Venom is also known to be comprised of 21 naturally occurring components such as enzymes, amino acids, and peptides.

So, if you want to find out what the BUZZ is all about by adding “Nature’s Botox,” AKA Bee Venom to trick your skin into thinking it’s been stung which causes it to plump and tighten continue reading.

The Many Benefits Of Adding Bee Venom To Your Skincare Regimen By Barbies Beauty Bits and Venofye

For this post, I partnered up with Venofye, one of the brands capitalizing on the power of bee venom. Venofye sent me some products in their Queen Bee Collection, which consists of a moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, facial peel, and eye cream.

Now, I’ve been using these products for about two weeks and while at first I was a bit scared to try them as I am allergic to bees I was interested in the effectiveness of these products, and I must say that I am loving them.

Venofye Queen Bee Facial Peel
First up is my all-time favorite in this skincare line, the Queen Bee Facial Peel. This stuff is the bee’s knees! It literally sloughs off your dead skin cells which you can visibly see when using it. I was very intrigued by this sloughing action and did some research on it. While this is called a peel, it is actually a gentle physical exfoliant, like a scrub, not a chemical exfoliant, as that would probably burn the skin! So no worries this is safe on the skin.

So how does this work? The fibers that form from the ingredients "ball up" with the rubbing motion on your skin.  This combined with the oils, dirt and dead skin cells are what is creating this balling action, it is pretty cool. While it is intense, it is gentle on the skin, leaving my skin feeling refreshed, brighter and rejuvenated.

I am hooked on this product and will most certainly be adding this to my weekly skincare routine.

Venofye Queen Bee Facial Peel Review With Bee Venom By Barbies Beauty Bits

Venofye Vitamin C Serum
The changes our skin has over the years requires a great skincare must-have product, and for me, it is the anti-aging superstar, Vitamin C serum!  You see, the younger we are the more vitamin C we have in our skin.  But as we get older our skin changes, aside from natural aging and stress, we are also exposing ourselves to tons environmental factors!

Some of these factors include dirt, dust, makeup, sweat, parabens and other products and preservatives that can severely disrupt our body’s natural processes, which leads to premature aging.  However, by adding a vitamin C serum to your skincare routine, you can help protect our skin against these age provoking dangers.

And the remarkable thing about the Vitamin C serum from the Queen B collection is that it’s formulated with two forms of Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Ascorbyl Palmitate). These ingredients combined with the bee venom further strengthens our skins durability, enabling us to achieve a better, healthy complexion as well as helping to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Vitamin C Serum and moisturizer that contain Bee Venom By Barbies Beauty Bits and Venofye

Venofye Day Moisturizer
This daytime moisturizer is lightweight and works in combination with the Vitamin C Serum.  Due to the rare combination of ingredients in this moisturizer and the cost, I did not want to waste it. Hence,  I applied it with my Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro as the last thing I want to do is to waste this fantastic moisturizer on my fingers. 

I will tell you that with this moisturizer I could feel a tingly effect of the bee venom, but it left my skin with a luminous glow.

Venofye Royal Jelly Bee Venom Eye Firming Cream By Barbies Beauty Bits
The Royal Jelly Bee Eye Firming Cream
It’s time to be treated like royalty and help get rid those designer bags, as I call them under my eyes with this eye firming cream.

This firming eye cream is formulated with some other excellent ingredients like caffeine, Shea butter, vitamin E and green tea all in which help to energize the skin under your eyes and diminish the look of puffiness and other issues you may have. This too I could feel some tingly and tightening when using, which to me is a plus, as I could feel it in action.

Now if Bee Venom wasn’t crazy enough, this skincare line has a special guest to join the bees… A snake! Now, no worries as there are no bites involved, but just snake venom, that can help in preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  So stay tuned, as I will be sharing with you some details on this Viperlift product on my Instagram page!

The best bee venom skincare products by Barbies Beauty Bits and Venofye

So, there you have it another post in my what the heck series. And beauties, for those of you who want to feel like the younger queen bee, then come spoil yourself with the Venofye Queen Bee Collection

Oh, and no worries there are no bees harmed while extracting the bee venom. Venofye is 100% animal-friendly and is entirely against any cruelty towards animals, and none of their products have been tested on animals.

Have some questions on Bee Venom and the benefits, make sure to leave them below or check out Venofye FAQ here



  1. Thanks for this very interesting post! I had no idea that adding bee venom to your skincare routine will increase the production of collagen and blood circulation.

  2. I have never heard of using bee venom, or snake venom, as part of a beauty routine. I found myself wondering if the bee venom scent is pleasant.

    1. Not sure if the venom itself has an unpleasant smell. This skincare line mixes it with other ingredients, like Shea butter, vitamin E, green tea and some other key ingredients, so I'm sure these impact the smell. The skincare line does not have much of a scent, thank goodness as heavily scented products do bother me.

  3. Wow- I have *never* heard of using bee venom (or snake venom as mentioned!) like this before. I'm going to look into those products- definitely unique!

  4. Wow, this is actually my first time to learn about this product. I am curious and seems like its a good one. I hope this is available in my nearest beauty shop so I can try and see how this will work on me. - Anosa Malanga

  5. That is very interesting! Especially since you have a bee allergy. I was curious to see how you would react and what it feels like, and it's good that you didn't have discomfort or a reaction. I haven't heard of these products before but it would be interesting to try them out.

    1. Yep, I did as well. This is why they recommend doing a small patch test, which I did. I do feel the tingly every time I use it. Some of my friends who have tried it have not, so I think it depends on your sensitivity.

  6. What rock have I been under that I never heard of this? Either way, I'm totally checking this brand out.

  7. I've heard about bee venom but didn't know much about it until reading your post. Thanks for the breakdown because it's sounds like something I should try for my problematic skin areas.


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