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March 16, 2018

Reveal That Younger Looking Skin With These Top Anti-aging Tips

Reveal That Younger Looking Skin With These Top Antiaging Tips With Reviv Serums, Ultimate Serum and Barbies Beauty bits

When people hear the word anti-aging, a lot think of someone in their forties, but that is further from the truth.  As when it comes to preventing wrinkles, damaged skin, lackluster complexion and more, making smart lifestyle approaches is what can really help your skin from aging before its time.

So, if you want to find out how to reveal that younger looking skin than continue reading!

Reviv Serums, Ultimate Serum Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Skincare Products
I am starting with the first one most are curious about which is skincare products. I have tried a lot of skincare products, and while skincare and anti-aging can be a blog post on its own, I am going to share with you one of my all-time favorite skincare products which is Reviv Serums, Ultimate Serum. When selecting a great skincare product, you want to look for ones that have antioxidants, skin replenishing and restoring ingredients as well as humectants & moisturizers and this serum has that and more!

The Reviv Ultimate Serum is not only my favorite because of the results that I get but also because it is a product that addresses every concern of aging skin and is the ultimate rejuvenator; an all in one skincare serum...Oops, actually eleven!

The Reviv Ultimate Serum is 11 different products in one:
    • A brightening product
    • An antioxidant serum
    • A firming and tightening product
    • An anti-inflammatory
    • A peptide serum
    • A green tea complex product
    • A vitamin C serum
    • A sebum controller
    • A collagen stimulator serum
    • A growth factor serum
    • A moisturizer and light emollient
      Additionally, it contains PhytoCellTec stem cells, growth factors, peptides, tripeptides, hexapeptides, antioxidants, emollients, sebum-controllers, anti-inflammatories, collagen producers, phytosterols, glycolipids, and polyphenols, making it stand up to its name by being the ultimate cruelty-free, physician recommended skincare product.

      Exfoliating Your Skin
      If you want healthy, glowing skin, you should also be exfoliating your dead skin cells! Especially for those that are over thirty, as the process of desquamation slows down, meaning that our body is slower to shed dead skin cells and produce new ones.

      This buildup of dead skin cells (regardless of your age) can have an adverse effect on our complexion leaving it looking dry and dull or worse this accumulation can result in excess oil production and clogged pores, which could lead to problematic skin. Additionally, this build of dead, dry skin can not only make you look older than you are, but it creates a barrier for our skincare products. So those serums like the Reviv Ultimate Serum and other products that you're spending all that money on can't get to the fresh new skin which is hidden below this barrier of dead skin cells.

      Hence, exfoliation is here to help speed up the process of shedding old skin and making room for new skin to emerge. That is right if you are correctly exfoliating your skin, you do not have to rely on your body’s natural rate of desquamation to keep your complexion looking radiant and beautiful.

      Antioxidants food for a more youthful complexion by barbies beauty bits and reviv serums

      Your Diet
      You are what you eat is a true statement. While we can indulge, there are some foods that can help with the skin. One important food to add to your diet are foods that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are a must for a more youthful complexion as they help to protect the skin against free radical in the environment which can lead to premature aging. Why do you ask? Because these environmental factors can break down the collagen and elastin of the skin, causing you to age more quickly.  However, when you have a diet rich in antioxidants, they work to prevent these free radicals from damaging the skin.

      Some foods rich in antioxidants, include...
      • Dark Green Vegetables
      • Berries
      • Nuts
      • Sweet Potatoes
      • Whole Grains
      • Fish
      Tips on getting plenty of rest for essential for skin renewal by barbies beauty bits and reviv serums

      Getting Your Beauty Sleep
      Getting plenty of rest is essential for skin renewal because as we sleep our skin rests, recovers and renews. There are a few hormones in our body which can help safely with sleep as well as bad.

      Let’s start with the good, with melatonin. Not to get too technical here, but I found out that the sleep hormone melatonin begins to rise a few hours before bedtime as we start to wind down. This hormone not only helps with making us sleepy, but it also helps to fight those skin-damaging environmental factors we have exposed ourselves to during the day, hence repairing our complexion as we sleep.

      On the other hand, with a lack of sleep the stress hormone cortisol, can cause skin collagen to break down causing the skin to lose its elasticity, firmness, smoothness and more.  Yes, a lack of sleep not only can affect your physical appearance instantly but can have a long-term negative impact as well.

      Getting the correct hours of sleep is also essential. The goal is to have 6-8 hours of sleep a night as lacking sleep can cause other issues with the skin like dark circles under the eyes and bags! Oh, and don't forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed as makeup can clog your pores which can lead to irritation and blemishes!

      Some additional sleeping tips to help with antiaging include sleeping on a silk pillow and sleeping on your back.

      How stress can aggravate skin conditions by barbies beauty bits and reviv serums

      Not only does stress show up in our face, which can potentially aggravate skin conditions and cause premature aging, that physical stress can also cause our body to produce more of that darn stress hormone. And as we mentioned above, it can break down collagen and elastin, ultimately leading to wrinkles! So, find your Zen time!

      The importance of water and antiaging by barbies beauty bits

      Drink Plenty Of Water
      This is one area I am not great at, the task of drinking 13 glasses of water a day can be daunting.  While I am not dismissing the importance of drinking this many glasses.  If you are like me, you can get some of your needed h20 intake from some of your fruits, vegetables, and some other liquids like green tea.

      So, there you have it my top anti-aging tips to help reveal that younger looking skin for people at any age. And remember the best time for a new beginning is NOW, and that goes for your skincare! So to kick-start your regimen make sure to check out some more details on my all-time favorite skincare serum, Reviv serum, ultimate serum, plus right now you can get 12% OFF a purchase of $50 or more by using code LUCKY13

      Reviv serum, ultimate serum review by barbies beauty bits


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      1. Stress, water and enough sleep and so true. If I do not get enough sleep at my age, it shows on my face.


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