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December 3, 2016

Urban Decay Smokey Palette 50% Off

Urban Decay Smokey Palette 50% Off by top beauty blogger barbies beauty bits

Looking for some great stocking stuffers?  Well if you know an Urban Decay Fan, their SMOKEY naked palette is half off, and the cool thing is it is valid at some of the retailers that carry their product as well. 

Urban Decay Smokey Palette 50% Off Barbie's Beauty Bits

This palette is amazing for those that love the Urban Decay shadows but want to bump it up this holiday season (would be perfect for New Years).

Here are some of the places that have this on sale.  There could be more, so if you have a favorite place, check them out to see.


Where To Purchase The Urban Decay Smokey Palette For 50% Off

Shipping Costs

Urban Decay: I purchased another at Urban Decay because they have FREE SHIPPING for UD Beauty Junkies.  Sign up here! 

Sephora: If you shop here a lot I recommend getting the FLASH membership.  It is $10 for the year, but you get free shipping on all orders!

Ulta: This is the only one where you will have to pay for shipping unless you purchase something else, as they have a promo for free shipping on orders of $35 or more!



Tis The Season To Glam Up Your Beauty Routine

Tis The Season To Glam Up Your Beauty Routine by Barbies Beauty Bits and Glossybox

Need a little help with your holiday beauty look, well GlossyBox is here to help with their Holiday Limited Edition Box!  December's holiday box includes six full-size products worth over $184; now that is a gift! This box of holiday cheer contains skincare products, glitzy lipstick, eyeshadow, brow definer, and a healing cleanser that will help you to glam up your beauty routine this holiday season!

Beauty tips for the holiday season by barbies beauty bits

So let’s dive in!

Bow To The Brow
The holidays are a perfect time to show off your eyes, and your eyebrows are a key to this. Eyebrows form a frame around your eyes taking them from Plain Jane to Glamorous Brow, in a matter of minutes and the RETRO BROW – PRIME & EXTEND DUO, by NutraLuxe MD, does exactly this.  I love this product as it is an all-in-one-product.  It includes a pigmented primer that acts as a holding base and when fused with the cellulose fibers, amplifies the appearance of your natural eyebrow into full dramatic brows.

eyebrows for the holiday by barbies beauty bits

How to use:
• Step 1: Apply primer to each eyebrow.
• Step 2: Immediately follow with fibers on top of the primed area.
• Step 3: Finish with another coat of primer to lock in the fibers.
*Repeat steps 1-3 for a more dramatic look.

Now that you have framed your eyes, you are ready for the star of the night, your eyeshadow.  This month’s Glossybox Dome shadow comes in a variety of colors, and I was happy to get the burgundy color in my box as this color is a favorite of mine.  This eyeshadow has a metallic finish, perfect for the holiday season!

shimmery eyes for the holiday season by barbies beauty bits

Add A Glow To Your Skin
There were three skincare products in this box, first is the SKIN & CO ROMA KIN & CO 'Truffle Therapy' Cleansing Oil.  I’ve seen this product at Nordstrom, so to get this in my Glossybox was wonderful.  I love that it is paraben free and boy is this fancy as it has truffle extract. While it is strong enough to remove your makeup, it is gentle on the skin for cleansing.

How to use: To achieve the full benefits of the cleansing oil, shake the bottle gently to mix the two phases. Saturate a cotton pad to gently and effectively remove your makeup and impurities.

skin care tips for the holidays by barbies beauty bits

Now it is time to let it snow, glow with  Babor masterpiece ampoule set.  Low humidity and cooler temperatures can leave your skin dry, flaky, and itchy. So having a product to protect your skin from drying out in the winter is a must.

This skincare duo pairs two types of ampoules to instantly repair and protect dry or dehydrated skin.

Daytime: Use Hydra Plus Active Fluid to get an instant moisture boost.  This product has hyaluronic acid which is a premier hydrating ingredient for skin helping to smooth out your complexion leaving it feeling softer, smoother, with a radiant, hydrated glow!

Nighttime: Give your skin a boost with black truffle and black seaweed.  The active night fluid helps to regenerate your skin overnight!

Last but not least is the AVANCÉ+ INVISIBLE PORES NIGHT DETOX SERUM.  This product has multiple benefits as well; it is kind of like a nighttime primer for your skin!

primer tips by barbies beauty bits

If you follow my blog you know my thoughts on primers, they are a must.  Without them, your makeup will sit in your pores, create false wrinkles, while leaving a dull appearance...period! On the other hand, when you do use a primer, you'll find that your foundation will have a much smoother finish while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. While this is not a substitute for a makeup primer, it really helps to prep your skin for better makeup application.

This serum has some Anti-bacterial /Anti-inflammatory action to help minimizes your pores. It also detoxifies and encourages collagen synthesis & promotes cellular renewal.

Make sure your lips are mistletoe ready with bad Medina shimmery lipstick. Lips with a bit of glitz, perfect for a kissable pout!

get your lips mistletoe ready by barbies beauty bits

So, there you have it beauties, some great ways to glam up your beauty routine with GlossyBox Holiday Limited Edition Box.

Want to get whisked away with your own GLOSSYBOX, well you can by getting your very own subscription. The cost for a GLOSSYBOX subscription is anywhere from $17.50 a month to $21, depending on which payment plan you choose!

December 2016 glossybox holiday edition by barbies beauty bits

So what are you waiting for, this month's box had 6 totaling over $184 in products, so treat yourself today!

November 20, 2016

The Best Tips To Better Looking Skin

The Best Tips To Better Looking Skin With Michael Todd Beauty And Barbie's Beauty Bits

When you see someone with beautiful skin, do you wonder how they keep their skin looking so radiant and healthy? Was it surgery, good health, their diet or a slathering of some great skincare products?

Well, to be honest, it is probably a combination of most of those, with surgery being the least common.

You see, great looking skin involves a healthy lifestyle and great skin-care habits enabling you to produce glowing, radiant looking skin. Hence,  what you put in your body is equally as important as what you put on it.

So, if you want the best tips to better looking skin continue reading! 

Maintain A Balanced Diet 
While eating some of those prepackage foods may be convenient, they are not always best for your skin.  Too much-refined foods, such as sugar, or that with a lot of added salt can drain the body of essential vitamins and minerals. This, in turn, encourages wrinkles and premature aging.  Instead, you want to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts.  Nuts like walnuts are great for the skin and fruits like Papaya are also fantastic!

How your diet effects your skin by barbies beauty bits

Working out brings more oxygen to your skin cells, leaving you with skin that's nourished and firmer. Exercise also helps to reduce stress.

As most of us know, stress shows up in our face, which can potentially aggravate skin conditions and cause premature aging.  A recent visit to my dermatologist also confirmed that physical stress could produce more cortisol,  a hormone in the body that can break down collagen and elastin, ultimately leading to wrinkles! So, find your zen time!
The importance of beauty sleep and your skin by barbies beauty bits

Beauty Sleep
Beauty sleep is real! The goal is to have 6-8 hours of sleep a night as lacking sleep can cause a lot of adverse effects on your skin, like dark circles under the eyes, bags, and that darn stress hormone can get elevated hurting your skin's quality! Oh, and don't forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed as makeup can clog your pores which can lead to irritation and blemishes!

Use Natural Skincare Products
The most revolutionary skin-care products today merge nature with science. For example, Michael Todd Beauty, this brand represents a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits. The result is a unique skincare experience that enhances the complexion for years to come without the use of potentially harmful ingredients so common in many other brands.

Look At ALL The Ingredients In Your Skincare Products

While the packaging might be pretty, what comes on the inside is key!  Synthetic fragrances and other harmful ingredients can aggravate the skin and lead to premature aging.  Hence you want to stick with a skin care line that pays attention to the ingredients they add and once again Michael Todd Beauty is great at adding only the best organic ingredients to their skincare products.  The fragrances they use are real, no synthetic fragrances or colors are ever added to a Michael Todd Beauty product.  Instead, they use natural aromatic extracts scents that are much kinder to the skin.

Ingredients like…
Minerals: Charcoal and Kaolin Clay for their purifying properties.

Oils: Refreshing essential oils such as olives, jojoba, neem, seabuckthorn seed and tea tree are also used.

Butters: Altra-rich moisturizing butters like cupuacu, shea, and mango
 … all in which are excellent for the skin!

Organic Skincare products for Better Looking Skin With Michael Todd Beauty And Barbie's Beauty Bits

Another key component to a beneficial skincare product line, like Micheal Todd Beauty,  is to make sure that there are also anti-aging ingredients added, as simply rubbing a piece of fruit on your face isn't going cut it!

The success of Michael Todd Beauty line is that they combine the right blend of organic and natural ingredients and specific minerals, peptides, EGF, DMAE, beneficial acids with other extraordinary anti-aging and skin clarifying ingredients to help promote balance, protect the skin’s youthful look, giving us a healthier more radiant looking complexion.

The best sonic cleansing device by michael todd beauty and barbies beauty bits

So as you can see, while whipping out your credit card and purchasing some great products may seem significant, you need to realize that a great looking complexion is more than skin and wallet deep!

Speaking of wallets, Michael Todd Beauty is having a Thanksgiving sale, with 40% off everything, Click here to start shopping and use code TNX40 during checkout! 

40% off Michael Todd Beauty Thanksgiving Sale by Barbies Beauty Bits


November 18, 2016

Register To Win A $350 Gift Card To Sephora And MORE

What a great way to kick off the weekend than with a contest!  That is right beauties, I have partnered up with some other beauty bloggers to give you a chance to win some goodies!!!

We are giving away the Natasha Denona Star Palette, a Sephora Favorites Kit, AND a $350 gift card to Sephora or Ulta (winner's choice)!

This is an Instagram Contest, and the rules are listed in the Instagram post! Click here to enter!

Good Luck Beauties! 
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