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August 13, 2022

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips, Barbies Beauty Bits

It's a beauty truth that bad hair days suck away your confidence! Yep, according to a Redbook poll 74% of women say a crappy hair day does not make them feel confident. Indeed, when your hair is healthy, it looks better, and when it looks good you feel good!

So what can you do to keep your hair healthy? Well, the Beauty Spotlight Team is here to help with some Sunday Funday hair and beauty tips to help you feel confident to start the week out with a bang! 

Transforming your locks to look fuller and healthier may seem impossible, but it is possible with Barbie's Beauty Bits tips on how to make your hair look fuller and healthier.

The new paradigm shifting self-cleaning CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a definite game-changer, and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog declares that it is covet-worthy.

Some other tips to gorgeous, healthy hair

  •     Before you shower, brush your hair.
  •     Correctly condition - and with care.
  •     Don't forget to take time for hair masks.
  •     Make sure you pay attention to key ingredients.
  •     Maintain a healthy diet.
  •     Your shower should be set at a lower temperature.
  •     Don't let the sun damage your strands.
  •     Don't forget to wash your scalp

Now that your hair is in check, why not try some other activities for a Sunday Funday Of Beauty!

Party In Your Lounge Wear

Evening pajamas are not for sleeping; they're for partying! Wear them while hosting a dinner party (whether indoors or on the patio), for a romantic evening at home, or for so many other events. Angie at Your True Self Blog explains how to look glamorous in evening pajamas with outfit combinations and the places to wear them.

Treat Yourself To Some Skincare And A Movie

Thinking of heading back to the movie theater? Check out the new comedy, Mack & Rita, starring Diane Keaton and the film debut of City Beauty's Multi-Action Sculpting Cream! And to celebrate, City Beauty is hosting a half price sale on that anti-aging cream that's one of Allison's faves! Get the deets on Never Say Die Beauty.


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