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August 13, 2022

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips, Barbies Beauty Bits

It's a beauty truth that bad hair days suck away your confidence! Yep, according to a Redbook poll 74% of women say a crappy hair day does not make them feel confident. Indeed, when your hair is healthy, it looks better, and when it looks good you feel good!

So what can you do to keep your hair healthy? Well, the Beauty Spotlight Team is here to help with some Sunday Funday hair and beauty tips to help you feel confident to start the week out with a bang! 

Transforming your locks to look fuller and healthier may seem impossible, but it is possible with Barbie's Beauty Bits tips on how to make your hair look fuller and healthier.

The new paradigm shifting self-cleaning CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a definite game-changer, and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog declares that it is covet-worthy.

Some other tips to gorgeous, healthy hair

  •     Before you shower, brush your hair.
  •     Correctly condition - and with care.
  •     Don't forget to take time for hair masks.
  •     Make sure you pay attention to key ingredients.
  •     Maintain a healthy diet.
  •     Your shower should be set at a lower temperature.
  •     Don't let the sun damage your strands.
  •     Don't forget to wash your scalp

Now that your hair is in check, why not try some other activities for a Sunday Funday Of Beauty!

Party In Your Lounge Wear

Evening pajamas are not for sleeping; they're for partying! Wear them while hosting a dinner party (whether indoors or on the patio), for a romantic evening at home, or for so many other events. Angie at Your True Self Blog explains how to look glamorous in evening pajamas with outfit combinations and the places to wear them.

Treat Yourself To Some Skincare And A Movie

Thinking of heading back to the movie theater? Check out the new comedy, Mack & Rita, starring Diane Keaton and the film debut of City Beauty's Multi-Action Sculpting Cream! And to celebrate, City Beauty is hosting a half price sale on that anti-aging cream that's one of Allison's faves! Get the deets on Never Say Die Beauty.

Tauts collagen supplement review, by barbies beauty bits

Try A Beauty Collagen Supplement
If you've ever searched for an anti-aging skincare product, there's no doubt you've heard of collagen, which is the foundation for radiant, youthful skin.

But did you know that research has shown that collagen production decreases by 1% every year after 20. So by the time you're a beauty over 40, your collagen production is only 60% of what it was when you were in your teens. WTH?!

This is where supplements come in! Skin-supportive supplements can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin by improving the health of your skin cells from the inside out!

And Taut's Premium Collagen Transformation System with drinkable collagen supplement to help you to produce new collagen again!  It's like a genie in a bottle, granting your wish for younger looking skin.



  1. I will have to keep these tips in mind. I have been curious about taking collagen.

  2. I need some fancy pjs as I tend to live in mine. I will have to go shopping.

  3. Ugh bad hair days are alot. Maybe I should look into more masks and such to help.

  4. I can't stand bad hair days! I typically love my hair when I curl it, which isn't that often because it takes too much time.

  5. I really need to go for a shopping! These are all really great tips and I’m surely going to keep this in mind!

  6. Paying attention to the key ingredients is so important.

  7. Oh this is great information. I want to switch up my routine so this has helped a ton!

  8. Such great tips! I agree, how my hair is really does affect confidence some days. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I definitely need to up the ante on collagen over here. I for sure do not get enough of it in my diet.

  10. I need to look at getting hair masks. I think my hair would benefit greatly.

  11. Thanks for the tips! I'll have to start brushing my hair before showering to see if that makes a difference.

  12. Looking glamorous in your pajamas has me curious about those options!

  13. A beauty party in pajamas sounds like a ton of fun! I need to do this with some friends.

  14. I've used a few of these tips, but there are also some I didn't know about. I'll be keeping these in mind for sure.

  15. wow! These are awesome ideas! I love the idea of treating myself with a movie and a skincare treatment. I need to organize a night of these with my best friend!

  16. Lots of good beauty advice in this post, thank u! I’ll definitely be using some of them!

    -Whitney Stewart

  17. I could use a pair of Fancy PJS to lounge around the house in. I agree that it is important to check out the ingredients of the products that you are putting in your hair. A bad product could potentially harm your beautiful hair.

  18. I will have to remember to take some collagen supplements. These are some good things to try out.


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