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April 21, 2022

How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable , Barbies Beauty Bits
Tips To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable With Barbie's Beauty Bits

I wanted to share a critical topic, which is sustainable, eco-conscious beauty routines in honor of Earth Day. With the increasing momentum across a wide range of businesses, the natural and eco-friendly beauty market continues to grow rapidly and consistently.

While it may not be feasible to purchase new eco-friendly products, making your current beauty routine more sustainable is possible, with minimal costs!  

So if you have been thinking about making some sustainable changes to your beauty routine, there’s no better time than Earth Day month to start adopting some of these tips!  
Why Is Sustainable Beauty Important?
For those of you reading this post by accident, this may not even be something that has crossed your mind. It does mine as one of my friends is ever so cautious of this and asked me to share some tips as one of the keys to making sustainable choices is understanding why these conscious decisions matter in the first place.

Sustainable beauty is important because it helps to conserve essential resources. From the plastic packaging and hard materials used in the packaging of beauty products to the ingredients used, they rely on available resources.

Making some sustainable changes in your beauty routine can help slow down the depletion of natural resources. 
sustainable beauty products, barbies beauty bits
Choose Products In Sustainable Packaging
When shopping for a deodorant or looking for a new moisturizer look for products contained in packaging that is either recycled or recyclable (or both).

Thanks to increased awareness in the industry, this shouldn’t be hard to do. Look for sustainable makeup and skincare that use glass rather than plastic or create their packaging from easily recycled materials.

Recycle Your Beauty Products
After switching to a recyclable product, make sure you recycle it. Look for schemes where you can return your empty products for free (or return them for reward points for a free product), or put the packaging into your recycling bin when you’re finished.

Reuse Your Beauty Packaging
Many brands now offer reusable packaging with refill packs available to top up rather than buying a whole new package.

Repurpose Your Beauty Products
Plenty of products can be used for other things after use. For example, cylinder packaging can be used to store your makeup brushes. Mascara wands can make a terrific eyebrow and eyelash brush. Or an old toothbrush can be used to tame wild hairs or as an exfoliating brush for your lips.
Sustainable beauty products, barbies beauty bits

Cut Back On Waste My Multitasking Your Beauty Products
Simplify your beauty routine and cut back on waste by using your beauty products in multiple ways.  Many everyday makeup products have numerous uses. For example:

Mascara Beauty Hacks:
You can use mascara on both your eyelashes and eyebrows, used as an eyeliner and cover gray hairs.

Lipstick Beauty Hacks:
Use lipstick as a blush, concealer, and the apparent, on your lips! Depending on the color, you can use it on your eyes!  

Eyeliner Pencil:
Use this bad boy as an eyeliner, brow liner, eyeshadow for a smoking eye look and to contour your nose (use brown for the nose). Eyeliner is also an excellent way to make your eyelashes appear thicker by applying some black eyeliner to the upper waterline.

Hair Conditioner Uses:
Asides from the hair on your head. You can also use conditioner as a body moisturizer, fabric softener, even to shave your legs!

Use A Shampoo Bar
It is a plastic-free alternative to a shampoo bottle. Shampoo bars are eco-friendly and highly concentrated. They’re often packaged in recyclable cardboard, reduce your waste, and keep your hair just as clean as a regular shampoo, lasting longer than the average bottle.

Makeup eraser best ecofriendly cleansing cloth, barbies beauty bits

Ditch The Disposable Makeup Remover Pads
Disposable products like makeup wipes and cotton pads are not suitable for the environment. Hence say hello to the MAKEUP ERASER. This incredible eco-friendly cloth removes ALL of your makeup, and the best part is it does it with only water!

The  Makeup Eraser is reusable. Unlike makeup wipes made up of materials like polyester and polypropylene, they also take years to break down in landfills as they don’t biodegrade. One MakeUp Eraser cloth delivers over 3,600 wipes. Washable and reusable for up to 5 years!

A bonus:
The backside can be used to exfoliate the skin, hence a multitasker for your skincare routine too!

Save On Water
Americans use about 100 gallons of water a day at home. And tons go to waste as many of us are yet to shake the bad habit of leaving the water running when we are washing our face or brushing our teeth, which leads to a lot of water going down the drain unused.

Switch Off The Running Water When:

  • Washing your face
  • Exfoliating your skin
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Washing your hair
  • Shaving your legs
  • Lathering your body wash
Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend
Are you washing your hair multiple times a week? This is another way to save on water by using dry shampoo for one or two of the washes.
Best biodegradable deodorant, barbies beauty bits
Choose Eco-Friendly Brands
One of the best ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable is to look for eco-friendly brands. Get in the habit of reading packaging and spend some time learning the logos that mean the products have been certified as being vegan, cruelty-free, clean, or bio-degradable like Pit-pouri biodegradable deodorant

There are many lists online to help you find the right brands and understand what you should be looking when shopping.
To Sum It Up
No matter how small some of the above suggestions may seem, we each play a role. Sadly for us, beauty lovers, the beauty industry and beauty companies are among the world’s largest polluters.

Billions of beauty and personal-care packaging are sold yearly much of which is never recycled, repurposed, or reused. They just end up in landfills. So do you part, no matter how small it may seem, as every bit counts!



  1. One of the reasons I don't wear makeup and don't shave is because it's more eco-friendly. So much plastic waste. I know there are alternatives, but they are expensive and I find natural to be more beautiful anyway.

  2. I love these tips for healthy skin. I will have to try many of them.

  3. Although I don't wear makeup, it makes me glad to see that there are environmentally friendly options. I need to try a shampoo bar!

  4. This is an important topic and these tips are so helpful! :)

  5. I really don't were makeup that must, I really appreciate these tips for healthy skin I would say this is an important topic that seems to be helpful too all.

  6. These are all really great and very helpful tips! I’m surely going to keep this in mind!

  7. I try my best to do my part. I recycle and reuse. Thank you for the tips! -LYNNDEE

  8. I've learned a lot from this post. I will be more careful with beauty products, what I can reuse and recycle.

  9. I personally don't wear make up unless its a special occasion. But I typically buy in bulk if I can on shampoo and conditioner.

  10. I am a huge fan of products that can be recycle, reused or repurposed! Its one of the main features of items I look for!


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