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May 4, 2015

Top Beauty Hacks: How To Use Your Makeup In Multiple Ways!

Top Beauty Hacks: How To Use Your Makeup In Multiple Ways, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Looking pretty can sure cost a lot sometimes! But what if I told you, that some of the common makeup products have multiple uses.  Awesome, right? Plus, it can help you save money and time. Especially, if it’s one of those days you need to get out the door quickly, while still looking BEAUTYful! In addition to the many uses to save money, using these products correctly can also help you to save, by getting the most out of your products.  See below some of my top favorites beauty hacks, to use makeup in multiple ways…

White Eyeliner Beauty Hacks:
Using the color white near the inner corner of your eyes and your waterline will give the illusion of larger eyes. You can also use a white eyeliner as an illuminator or a white eyeshadow for that extra pop.  Additionally, apply as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose and brow bone.  Lastly, use it as a primer on your eyes, this will make the colors bold and darker.

Mascara Beauty Hacks:
This can be used to both your eyelashes and eyebrows, used as an eyeliner, as well as covering gray hairs.

Save money by making your mascara last longer:
  • Apply a non-waterproof mascara first, doing this will help with easy removal.
  • Place the waterproof mascara on top of the coat of non-waterproof.  
  • Combining the two will give you the benefits of having a great smear proof curled lash, which will last all day, with easy removal. 
 Mascara Beauty Hacks, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Lipstick Beauty Hacks:
Use lipstick as a blush, concealer and the apparent, on your lips!  Depending on the color, it can also be use on your eyes! 

While I don’t need to explain how to use your lipstick as a blush or as an eyeshadow.  I’m sure you're wondering how in the heck can I use lipstick as a concealer?!  Well, lipstick works wonders on getting rid of dark under eye circles.  Keep in mind you can’t use any color of lipstick; you need to consider your skin tone.  If you have darker skin, bright orange-red lipstick works best when trying to conceal. Why does this work?  Think of a color wheel, where colors can neutralize each other. Dark circles usually appear as blue or green.  Using a bright orange-red color, which is the opposite on a color wheel, helps to counteract the darkness, hence minimizing the appearance of dark circles. 

Lipstick Beauty Hacks, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Eyeliner Pencil:
Use this bad boy as an eyeliner, brow liner, eyeshadow for a smoking eye look and to contour your nose (use brown for the nose).   Eyeliner is also an excellent way to making your eyelashes appear thicker. By just applying some black eyeliner to the upper waterline.

Bronzer Beauty Hacks:
This one takes the cake! As it can be used as an eyeshadow, to contour and applied to your cheeks. The best one for bronzer is using it to make your eyelashes appear thicker. By dusting your lashes with it before applying your mascara. This will allow the mascara to adhere to the lashes, building thickness. This is an excellent DIY approach to the fiber formula mascaras! Just 90% cheaper!

Blush Beauty Hacks:
Aside from the obvious, which is applying to your cheekbones, this little beauty works wonders on your lips.  You can mix it with a gloss or even layer it with another color to create a shimmer lip color.  It also works fabulously as an eye shadow.

Blush Beauty Hacks, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Face Primer Beauty Hacks:
Primer allows your makeup to adhere better and last longer, with little transparency and minimal fading.  Also, if you have a terrific primer, it will prevent creasing and false wrinkles. Instead of purchasing many different primers, I use a face primer for my face, lips and eyes! 

Eyeshadow Beauty Hacks:
Depending on the color of the shadow, you can create a variety of looks with this.
  • Dark colors:
    • Can be used as an eyeliner
    • To hollow your cheeks
    • Fill in your eyebrows
    • Mix with a gloss for a lipstick
    • Blush (if it’s in the brown or pink family)
    • Contour cheeks
    • Add to clear nail polish to make a colored polish. 
    • Cover Grays
  • Light colors: A highlighter to both your cheekbone and brow bone

Eyeshadow Beauty Hacks, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Dry Shampoo Beauty Hacks:
This item is a must have in my hair arsenal! Not only does it absorb the oil in your hair, but it also gives your hair extra volume and lift.  The hack to getting the most of this is always to apply dry shampoo in the beginning when it is clean, at the roots.  Why wait till it’s dirty, this too gives you a few more days of hair.   Another use of dry shampoo, apply it to a bobby pin before your up-do, it will give it a better grip!

So you see, the possibilities are endless!

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