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March 7, 2022

International Women's Day Deals 2022

International Women's Day Deals 2022, Barbies Beauty Bits

There's nothing like carving out self-care time in your schedule to set yourself up for success, and Women's Day gives you a fantastic opportunity to slow down, feel relaxed, and take time for yourself!

Check out some of these great tips, beauty products, and more to treat yourself this International Women's Day, which is March 8th!

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Pamper Yourself With Some Great Skincare
This Acid-Duo Hibiscus Cream exfoliant from Wishtrend offers a gentle exfoliation as it contains ingredients such as...

Hibiscus Flower Extract
A powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging and reduces inflammation. It also contains AHA that helps exfoliate

LHA (Capryloyl Salicylic Acid)
Provides gentle exfoliation for softer, smoother skin

PHA (Gluconolactone)
Effectively exfoliates the skin without any irritation while giving hydration to the skin

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5 Tips To Pamper Yourself On International Women's Day

5 Tips To Pamper Yourself On International Women's Day
As Courtney with The Makeup Drawer says, "Self-care is Self-love!" And now you can do just that with these top 5 ways to pamper yourself on International Women's Day.

Women's Day gives you an excellent opportunity to cherish the moments of self-indulgence and an at-home spa day using The Makeup Drawers, self-beauty care box to help you relax, refresh, and reset.

This beauty box is a great way to pamper as it has everything you need to wind down, feel calm, and uplift your spirits. Get your selfcare kit here!


Get Younger Looking Skin In 5 Minutes With Pila From Heaven On Earth

Here is your chance to learn Instagram's hottest anti-aging skincare trend, Gua Sha, for firmer and younger-looking skin. This beauty tool, often referred to as the Botox/facelift of the East, is taking over the world, one contoured, firmer, lifted face at a time.

By the end of this facial, your complexion will look glowy, contoured, even tighter – almost as if you've gotten a facelift! (but in the comfort of your own home).

That's right, let the spa come to you with this 45-minute session, where I will teach you the proper way to Gua Sha to younger-looking skin. All you need is a hand, some oil, and if you have a Gua Sha tool, perfect.

Pila will also be donating all my proceeds to Direct Relief to aid Ukraine.

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  1. I do love a deal. I will have to check some of these out. I need to be pampered.

  2. Oh, nice! There's some really great stuff here, and I always enjoy scoring deals. Woo hoo!

  3. I had a lovely pampering day. Tomorrow I even have a hair appointment to complete everything.

  4. Happy International Women’s Day! I can’t wait check some of these out.

  5. Its a great day to celebrate women empowerment and pamper yourself with these products.

  6. Wow, Im going to have a lot of fun shopping today. I`d a love a good deal.

  7. There are lot of great stuff here, I am surely going to check this out! Happy International Womens Day!

  8. That selfcare kit, is so cute.

  9. Wine me, and spa me! That is what I need

  10. I had to work, but these are some great tips for a Self-care Sunday.

  11. I totally agree that self-care is self-love! Those are a lot of great deals that you offered in your post. Women should treat themselves special every day of the year. Even if treating themselves special is just a small thing each day.

    Pila will also be donating all my proceeds to Direct Relief to aid Ukraine.

    Pila will also be donating all my proceeds to Direct Relief to aid Ukraine.

  14. It is nice to think about doing some self care so that we can keep on doing what we do great! This sounds like a great list of products and I would love to try out a bunch of these.

  15. I love a good deal so thanks for sharing these details 😍

    Everything Enchanting <3

  16. These are great deals! I will be checking on these and I hope I can get some.

  17. These are really awesome deals. I am definitely going to check them out.


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