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October 11, 2021

October Beauty Essentials

October Beauty Essentials By Barbies Beauty Bits

The last thing anyone wants is their skin as dry as leaves and the "Beauty Spotlight Team" is here to share some skincare must haves and more with October's Beauty Essentials Roundup!

Been eager to try Paula’s Choice iconic 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliator or fab C15 Super Booster? Now’s your chance. Enter the giveaway on Never Say Die Beauty blog! US only through 10/18!

Why do you need to add ItCosmetics Bye, Bye Serums to your skincare routine? Well, beauties, Barbie’s Beauty Bits is here to answer that question and more with her 411 On Face Serums And Itcosmetics Bye, Bye Serums developed by plastic surgeons.

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil moisturizes, brightens and offers the skin stunning luminosity. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is smitten with this multi-tasker and thinks that you might just love it too!

What is better than a skincare product that actually works plus gives 100% of its proceeds to BCA charity? Prime Beauty says you need to get The Better Skin Co’s Porefecter to find this amazing combination. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so the timing is perfect.

One of the trends for Autumn/Winter 2021-22 is the backpack. If you think this bag is only for very young women, think again! Angie at Your True Self Blog shows how to carry a backpack after a certain age. You’ll even see an elegant lady of 80 with a classy backpack showing how it’s done. Truly, age doesn’t matter when you’ve got style!

Is the base Ipsy Glam Bag subscription worth getting? Check out Cassie’s September Ipsy Glam Bag Unboxing over on Southeast by Midwest to see what she got to help you decide.



  1. I've been wanting to incorporate a nice facial oil into my skin care routine.

  2. I have used Paulas Choice face products before and I like them. This sounds like a product that I need to try.

  3. I love beauty products that give back. That's important to me!

  4. Thank you for this! I will have to pick up a lot of these.

  5. I need to try some of these products, I noticed that my skin is becoming drier with the cooler weather.

  6. Thanks for sharing these products. I love being updated always with beauty essentials.

  7. I've been wearing backpacks for years. Not the overly large ones, cutes ones that can hold my essentials.

  8. I'm loving these. I need to check some of them out. They sound wonderful.

  9. These are some wonderful october beauty essentials, I definitely need to try out more serums

  10. I've been looking to add some good serums to my skincare routine. I will definitely be trying these!

  11. Sounds like great products. I would love to check it out.

  12. I do love a good backpack but not sure if I'm too old to carry one. LOL. Great to know those tips! -LYNNDEE

  13. What a great post! I need to try that IT Cosmetics serum and that facial oil, they sound great 😍

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  14. I am glad to hear that the backpack is in style this season. I have been carrying them for years and love the ease of use and functionality.


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