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August 12, 2021

End Of Summer Curly Hair Repair Guide

End Of Summer Curly Hair Repair Guide By Barbies Beauty Bits

 Barbie's End Of Summer Curly Hair Repair Guide For Your Curly Haired Beauties!

August is the hottest month out of the year and one of the worst months for curly hair. While many of us love August because it represents the last month of the summer. Those with curly hair will be singing a different tune. 

When it comes to the health of the hair, the month of August is a buildup of everything from sun damage, salt water, chlorine exposure, and of course let's not forget about the August humidity! Mix that all together and you've got the perfect storm for making those curls into a damaged, hot, frizzy mess.

But fret no more you curly hair beauties, as all your summer-related hair problems can fade away with our "End Of Summer Curly Hair Repair Guide!" From protecting and treating your sun dried, damaged hair, to washing, hydrating and a lot more, we have you and your curls covered.

Protect Your Curly Hair From The August Summer Heat
Any source of heat is going to burn your hair and the UV rays from the sun will do the same to your once beautiful curls. The scorching summer sun can also strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it more vulnerable to breakage. Luckily, we are here to help you restore your curly hair to its pre-summer glory, with these four simple steps.

  1. Use a good conditioner after you wash your hair. It should contain heat-protecting ingredients, for example, argan oil or coconut oil.
  2. Apply a leave-in hair moisturizer that will hydrate your curls and reduce frizziness.
  3. Use hair oils that contain fatty acids which can coat and seal the hair follicles to make them healthy and strong. Hair oils also work great for a nourishing mask for damaged hair.
  4. Use a thermal heat protector before styling your hair with a curling iron, straightener or blow dryer.

Use Hair Products Made For Curls
It's not to late to give your curls an extra layer of protection by using styling products designed for curls.  Start by using a creamy deep conditioner or a hair mask once a week. It will help retain moisture and prevent frizzy hair. Also, use a lightweight gel that will hydrate your hair while giving it hold - it's ideal for days when you want to achieve defined curls that aren't too tight or feel heavy on your hair.

Cut Your Hair With Texturizing Shears
If your hair gets weighed down easily, you can give it more body and bounce by trimming it with texturizing shears. What can texturizing shears do to your hair? It's a simple and inexpensive technique that will make your hair look healthier and less frizzy. You can get texturizing shears from any beauty supply store. Just remember to cut your hair when it's damp, and trim approximately one inch off from each strand.

Dry shampoo for curly hair By Barbies Beauty Bits

Use Dry Shampoo When Going Out In The Summer Heat
If you have to go out even though your hair isn't thoroughly dried, you can give it a little boost by using dry shampoo. It will absorb excess oil and grease and make your curls look bigger and bouncier. That way, you’ll be able to leave the house with your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Deep Condition Your Curly Hair Once A Week
A great summer hair recovery is deep conditioning your curls once or twice a week, this will ensure that they become sufficiently hydrated, soft and frizz-free from the summer heat. If your hair doesn't require frequent washing, apply a deep conditioner once every three days, and if you shower every day, do it once a week.

Washing curly hair tips By Barbies Beauty Bits

Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day
You may think that washing your hair more often would ensure that it stays clean and healthy, but it actually has the opposite effect. Curls tend to get weighed down easily, so washing them every day can cause hair breakage and loss.

Instead of doing it every day, wash your hair twice a week at most and use a mild shampoo - it will not weigh down your hair but still will get rid of excess oil and product buildup. If your hair is prone to frizziness, use a leave-in conditioner or a curl cream after shampoo.

Don't Rub Your Hair When Washing It
Rubbing your curls while washing them will only cause frizziness and breakage because your curls are very fragile when wet. Instead of rubbing them, massage your scalp with your fingertips to stimulate blood flow. Thus, you will not only maintain the overall good condition for your lock but will also promote healthy hair growth.

Ditch The Towel On Humid Days And Dry Your Hair With A T-shirt Instead
Something as simple as how you dry your hair can make a big difference for your curls when the humidity is high, and boy is it ever so high in my neck of the woods. A trick we use is ditching the towel and replacing it with a cotton t-shirt. The extra moisture will result in frizz as soon as your hair is exposed to the humidity and towels retain more moisture.

Another reason why using a t-shirt to dry your hair instead is it is flat with no roof edges, so the t-shirt will glide through your hair with less friction. Less friction equals less frizz and damage to your beautiful curls. 

Dry your curly hair with a tshirt by barbies beauty bits

Let Your Curls Air Dry Whenever Possible
If you want to have bouncy curls let them dry naturally as much as possible. You can do this by air drying or blow-drying your curls with a hair diffuser. This way, your curls will hold their shape longer afterward. However, if you want to use a hairdryer, always use a low heat setting and protect your locks with a thermal heat protector.

Final Note
It is essential to remember that the way you take care of your curly hair throughout all summer months will impact its overall condition. While the above tips are for end of summer curly hair repair, you can get a head start by implementing these summer hair-care tips in June, this way you will ensure that your curls look amazing even in the hottest month of summer!



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